Nike NFL Jersey: Uniforms Will Usher in New Era of Sportswear

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistApril 3, 2012

Courtesy of Nike
Courtesy of Nike

With the release of the long-awaited, much-anticipated Nike NFL Uniforms, the era of the old jersey is out. What we can look forward to is a new, sleeker way to wear our favorite player's number and all sportswear from here on out. 

It doesn't hurt that jersey sales reportedly dropped last year, in anticipation of the changes that Nike would bring to the table with its NFL jerseys. 

In October 2010, shortly after the company won the bidding rights to the jerseys, Nike President Charles Denson told Darren Rovell that there will not be specific changes to the design of the uniform, rather more subtle items. 

We plan on changing the NFL jersey dramatically just like we've done with the college programs, using new thinking and the greatest technology available. The NFL program hasn't had the same type of advancement in recent years.

Courtesy of Scott Kegley (via Twitter)
Courtesy of Scott Kegley (via Twitter)

Because the NFL and teams are so protective of the tradition attached to the design and logos, the changes he is talking about will be in the fabric and material that is used to make these uniforms. 

Considering there are only so many ways that you can make a new uniform year after year after year before fans start getting bored with it, the idea that Nike is going to avoid drastic changes to the actual logo is a smart move. 

Here are the new threads that Andrew Luck will be wearing, presuming the Indianapolis Colts don't lose their minds. (Via Paul Lukas of Uni Watch):

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Instead, by choosing to use new material that will be unlike anything else we have ever seen, these jerseys are going to be a staple not only of the NFL, but the entire fashion world for a long time to come. 

Courtesy of Nike
Courtesy of Nike

Innovation is king in this country. We are always looking to try new things that no one has done before, and the fact that the NFL jerseys have gotten this makeover is a very big deal. 

Sales should be off the charts and the ripple effect this has on sportswear in the future is going to be astronomical. 

Bravo to Nike and the NFL for ushering in this new era.