NFL Rumors: 5 Teams That Should Get a Massive Infusion of Talent This Offseason

Brett Lyons@@Brett__LyonsContributor IIIFebruary 15, 2012

NFL Rumors: 5 Teams That Should Get a Massive Infusion of Talent This Offseason

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    With NFL free agency just under a month away and approximately two months from the draft, the excitement is building around fanbases as to what each club is going to do to make a big splash and take one step closer to contending in the fall.

    Five teams in particular are in very interesting positions to make big moves, acquire star players and rework their rosters into those of contenders. 

    With combinations of high draft picks and loads of cash to spend against the salary cap, these teams have golden chances to redeem themselves. Here now are the five clubs that could really make noise this summer.

Cleveland Browns

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    The Cleveland Browns are in a good position for this year's NFL draft. After striking it rich with the Atlanta Falcons last year when the team traded down for Julio Jones, the Browns are rewarded with two first-round picks for this year's selection process.

    Cleveland has a big hole to fill at running back if Peyton Hillis can't work out a contract extension with the Browns. Likely, he's bound for the road, meaning the Browns could go out and get Trent Richardson from Alabama. Couple that with a big-name wide receiver in free agency and Colt McCoy could find himself with some weapons finally.

St. Louis Rams

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    St. Louis also has a decent chance to make a killing in the draft this year because of its positioning. There have already been talks about the Rams looking to trade down at No. 2 overall and land a handful of picks instead of choosing just one star player.

    That would certainly make the most sense for a franchise that needs tight end, wide receiver and defensive line help like no other. For the Rams, it's all about quantity, not necessarily quality. This team needs a boost.

Chicago Bears

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    The Chicago Bears are due for plenty of change as it is. The team has a new general manager, new offensive coordinator and a new outlook on how to construct a roster. With front office adjustments, teams are already likely to make roster changes galore. This is especially true for the Monsters of the Midway.

    Phil Emery, former the primary college scout for the Kansas City Chiefs, is the new GM for the franchise. With his hiring, the Bears hope to get back to a strong running attack built through the draft. With the Greg Olsen trade a year ago, the Bears have four picks in the first three rounds. This provides plenty of chances for Emery to be a hero and hit on early-round picks, something his predecessor Jerry Angelo could never do.

Washington Redskins

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    The Washington Redskins have never been shy about whipping out the checkbook and splurging in free agency. With the current state of this offense, it looks like team owner Daniel Snyder will have plenty of chances to do so with high-impact players.

    The Redskins could be potential suitors for Robert Griffin III in the draft with the sixth overall pick. If they decide to grab the former Baylor star quarterback, the team could also snatch a big-name free-agent wideout. With names like Vincent Jackson, Dwayne Bowe and Mike Wallace potentially up for new deals, the Redskins could make great strides in keeping up with the competition in the NFC East.

Denver Broncos

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    It will be interesting to see what the Tim Tebow effect from 2011 will do to make the Broncos look more attractive to free agents. Yes, he's a non-traditional quarterback with incredibly low numbers, but the Denver Broncos have a chance to really shine if they dedicate an entire offseason to building around his strengths.

    The Denver defense was the real reason the Broncos had such a turnabout last year. With stars like Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller, the defense is set. The Broncos could really benefit from an upgrade at receiver and running back to give Tebow the tools he needs to run a successful NFL option offense.