Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Leaked Ads Didn't Cause Super Armageddon

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 6, 2012

Those leaked commercials were supposed to destroy the Super Bowl. Instead, we were dealt the same amount of fun and frivolity that always comes from commercials worth millions and millions of dollars. 

The first one popped up in our inbox a week ago. You might have seen it off a website that indulges the latest and greatest from the land of the Internet, or you may have received an email from a buddy who wanted you to see the brief Ferris Bueller teaser

That "Oh, boy" feeling of anticipation soon melted after we got a glimpse of the full commercial a couple days later. I am not saying that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the full Ferris Bueller commercial, because I thought it was brilliant. 

I just didn't appreciate one Super Bowl spot after another being leaked out like a flood of overzealous ad agencies getting the most bang for their buck.

They were ripping us off, forcing us to sit through reruns during four-plus hours of football coverage. Well, the good days are still very much alive and well. 

We have to be as pragmatic as the companies that are hawking this stuff. They can't pay $3.5 million for a commercial and make it hilarious and poignant in 30 seconds. 

It shouldn't matter that we saw most of these commercials ahead of time. It gave us all the perfect opportunity to enjoy the game all the more. 

Instead of telling Uncle Talks A Lot to shut up because the commercials were on, we could sit back and dissect and savor all the best of the prior week's ads. 

And it wan't like there weren't a couple surprises mixed in. 

Clint Eastwood delivered the winner of emotional commercial of the day. Chrysler aptly measured the temperature in every single living room and gave us a dramatic and memorable spot that was one of the winners. 

We then had some M&M's give us a room-full of giggles when one drops shell and boogies. The game is only part of the promise of Super Bowl Sunday. 

I think we can all agree that the commercials are a crucial portion of the presentation. Having the commercials leak early was a scary proposition, but the end of the world did not commence. 

Save your whining and griping, Sunday worked on all counts, and that includes the commercials.