Super Bowl Snacks: Stadiums of Gluttony and Drinks You Must Have

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IJanuary 31, 2012

Photo credit: Busted Coverage
Photo credit: Busted Coverage

The Super Bowl has become known as an event that is as big as it gets. On Super Sunday, you have whatever you want, when you want, how you want it.

So it came as no surprise when a few of the greatest snack stadiums ever created were posted on Busted Coverage on Monday.

We here at Bleacher Report have broken down what you must have on Super Bowl Sunday. If you don't have these items at your Super Bowl party, you will be a downer and your friends will diss you.

It's a fact.


First of all, some sandwiches are nice to have handy. As displayed prominently in this snack stadium, you can never have too many sandwiches. It's also nice to have a few hundred pretzels available, too. The important thing to remember when you build a snack stadium like this is to make sure you take a picture before the party arrives, because before long that stadium will look like the Ancient Roman empire, once so powerful but destroyed by gluttony and greed.

Also make sure you stack up on hot dogs, chips and dip. If you don't have these at a Super Bowl party, people will begin questioning if you are a human being—you don't want that. You can also add your fair share of Cheetos and Rice Krispies treats.

Make sure you have some burgers to barbecue, too. There's nothing like sitting by the barbecue, getting cozy, watching that burger warm itself up for your enjoyment and then making a stadium out those burgers.

Last but not least, if you forget hot wings, people will most likely never talk to you again.


I'm not gonna lie, people drink beer during the Super Bowl—it's a fact of life. So to appease the drinkers at your party, make sure you stock up on a lot of cheap beer that won't empty your pockets but will still keep people happy and smiling. And if somebody complains that you don't have Stella Artois, tell them to go find a luxury box.

Also make sure you stock up on soda for the Big Game. Coca-Cola is usually pretty popular. Root Beer floats are pretty fun. Just don't buy orange soda, it confuses people. It tastes like orange, yet...it's not healthy at all.

Cool Ideas

There's the usual: play flag football, play tackle football, play two-hand touch. But don't forget that having a punting contest is fun, too, especially when people get crazy. Just line that ball up and kick it over the house into the neighbor's swimming pool. They won't be mad because they will have already had too many hot dogs to know what's going on.

You can also mute the commentators and use a commentate-by-committee approach to calling the game. One person will say, "Here they are down at the 20-yard line" while another person will yell "Touchdown!" Never gets old.

Other cool ideas include: who can eat the most burgers the fastest, who can drink soda the fastest, who can do both the fastest and who passes out the fastest. There are endless possibilities.

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