Comparing NHL Stars to 'Mighty Ducks' Movie Characters

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2012

Comparing NHL Stars to 'Mighty Ducks' Movie Characters

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    When it comes to sports movies, few can top the Mighty Ducks series.

    Armed with one of the most dynamic groups of characters, the trilogy of hockey movies gives you a new reason to watch with each installment of the series.

    While the Ducks' roster may be as unique as they come, I'm going to attempt to find the NHL counterparts of some of the major characters.

    Let's jump right into it.

Mike Yeo: Gordon Bombay

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    Gordan Bombay is known as the "Minnesota Miracle Man" in the Mighty Ducks movies, and is there a better way to describe Mike Yeo, the new coach of the Minnesota Wild?

    The young and energetic coach is a guy that players really rally around, much like Bombay.

Brendan Morrow: Charlie Conway

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    Is there anyone than can even compare to Charlie Conway's heart and hustle on the ice?

    Conway may not have been the most talented player on the ice, but the Ducks' captain was the heart and soul of the team, and was the clear-cut leader of the squad.

    Brendan Morrow may not be an elite NHL player, but he will be the captain of the Stars for the rest of his career in Dallas.

Sidney Crosby: Adam Banks

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    Adam Banks is the hot-shot player in the Mighty Ducks trilogy.

    He is brought in from another district, which we will compare to Sid the Kid being drafted, and is an instant impact on the team.

    While some question his heart initially, Banks proves to be a perfect complement to Charlie Conway and wins over his teammates.

Zdeno Chara: Fulton Reed

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    Fulton Reed has the most powerful slap shot on the Ducks. And despite his shy and reserved personality, Reed is always sticking up for his teammates as half of the "Bash Brothers."

    Zdeno Chara takes on similar characteristics as a member of the Boston Bruins.

Tim Thomas: Goldberg

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    Tim Thomas is a great comparison to Goldberg, and I mean that as no insult.

    At the beginning of the movies, Goldberg is not exactly the best goalie for the Ducks, but he always has a tremendous attitude and is a player teammates love.

    But later in the movies, Goldberg becomes a backstop the Ducks can rely on, before joining the team as a defenseman, of course.

    The Bruins saw a similar development from Tim Thomas. He went from being a hard-working, lovable starting goaltender, to being a hero and one of the players the team can rely on every game.

Shawn Thornton: Dean Portman

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    Shawn Thornton makes up the other half of the Bash Brothers.

    The louder of the two, Dean Portman, is strictly an enforcer for the Ducks, and is anyone going to argue that Shawn Thornton serves just that purpose for the Bruins? 

Marian Gaborik: Luis Mendoza

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    Luis Mendoza and Marian Gaborik both have speed to burn.

    Unlike Mendoza, however, Gaborik knows how to stop.

Pavel Datsyuk: Ken Wu

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    With each comparison, the guys on this list would probably be mildly offended, but the Ken Wu and Pavel Datsyuk comparison is not as far-fetched as it appears on the surface.

    Ken Wu has an insane amount of moves that set up the offense for the Ducks. That's no different than our friend Pavel Datsyuk.

Alexander Ovechkin: Dwayne Robertson

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    Dwayne Robertson is one of the goofballs of the team but also possesses an insane ability to stickhandle.

    He also has a tendency to show off a bit. Does that sound like a certain No. 8, Alexander Ovechkin?

Scott Hartnell: Dave Averman

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    Dave Averman is the trash-talker for the Mighty Ducks. He also is one of the big contributors to the team, although he doesn't exactly stack up physically to some of the opposing tough guys.

    For the Flyers, Scott Hartnell can always be found chirping opposing teams and consistently contributing points.

    However, he is not always the best match for a fight with the opposition's toughest player.

Nicklas Lidstrom: Guy Germaine

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    Guy Germaine is the perfect role model for the Mighty Ducks. Players on the team look up to him, but that is not his sole purpose. Germaine is also one of the team's top players.

    While nobody on the Detroit Red Wings would question the value of his leadership, most would agree that Nicklas Lidstrom's value as a defenseman is just as important to this team.