WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown, Jan. 13

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJanuary 13, 2012

WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown, Jan. 13

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    This is the 13th edition of Fantasy Friday Night SmackDown.

    For those who are not up to date yet, check out the 12th episode here.

    For those further behind, I will post a full list of episodes at the end of the article to help those who missed a week.

    Also, check out the newest PPV, this a Raw exclusive event, New Year's Revolution here.

    Remember to rate the show at the end out of 10, i.e. "8/10," as this is a competition of SmackDown (Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen and Michael Broughton). Also, there will be voting details at the end of the show that pertain to the next Fantasy PPV for those who have not yet voted.

    Again I have to give special thanks to Paul McIntyre who helped me with the show this week. The match he wrote up will be noted as such when it gets to the slide.

    Now, on to the show.

    The intro rolls, then we are treated to a recap for last week.

    Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk are facing off one on one for the WWE Championship with John Cena at ringside watching.

    Both men trade blows with serious shots and moments where either look dominant. On the outside, Ziggler hits a perfect superkick to Punk onto the steel post for a close count.

    Punk hits a roundhouse kick for another two count. Ziggler snaps on a sleeper and looks to win with a sudden smile over at Cena. It causes Cena to rise who gets on the apron.

    The distraction allows Punk to hit the GTS, but Ziggler kicks out with a close count. Both men stare down until Ziggler jumps out of ring attacking Cena.

    No one is sure what is going on as Punk retains by disqualification. Ziggler has to be taken off Cena by several security guards as confused looks are shown on Cena and Punk's faces.

    Ziggler has a sick smile on his face as he is being pushed to the back. Green Day then plays.

Opening Segment

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    As the show begins, John Cena takes little time to make his entrance. The crowd gives him a mixed reaction as he heads down to the ring. He looks annoyed.

    He grabs a microphone and thinks about heading into the ring. He pauses for a second and grabs a steel chair. He then gets into the ring with steel chair in hand.

    Cena: "Dolph, get out here now. Don't worry about the chair, just a precaution. I only want to talk."

    He stands there and waits. He paces back and forth, but nothing happens.

    Cena: "You were so gung-ho last week. Taking me on. What's changed? Come on, Dolph. Get out here... now."

    He continues to wait but much less time before he keeps talking.

    Cena: "Fine, I'll set down the chair. I just want to talk face to face, right now."

    He puts down the chair as a small reaction can be heard in the crowd. Cena is so focused upon the entrance ramp that he doesn't hear it. Suddenly, Ziggler dashes out of the crowd into the ring and attacks Cena from behind.

    He takes him out with the Zig Zag then grabs the steel chair. He bashes Cena across the back several times, and Cena looks motionless. Ziggler grabs the mic which has fallen to the ground, and he looks at the steel chair still in his hand. He shrugs, sets up the chair next to Cena, and sits down.

    Ziggler: "John Cena... John Cena... John Cena (each said with different inflections and pauses). Do you all know what name I hear more than any other in that locker room? It isn't CM Punk, the WWE Champion. It isn't the Miz, the number one contender. It's not mine. It's John Cena.

    "Seriously, I ask any of you to go back there and go an hour without hearing his name, hell half an hour. Doesn't matter where you are or who you're talking to. Everybody talks about John Cena. Don't they, John? Oh, you know. You understand how 'big' you are.

    "You understand that you've already taken the main event of WrestleMania away from everyone else. You understand that you hog the spotlight more than the rest of the locker room combined. You know all this, and you know what? It's okay with me.

    "So why do I keep attacking you? For everyone who has forgotten, I said it 11 weeks ago. I want the whole world to know... that I did not become a champion... because of a fluke. Over my tenure here, I've beaten everyone. Except you, John.

    "Until I can beat you, I won't stop. You and I will face in a match, or I will keep attacking you. Each week because I can't stand the sight of you walking around here getting everyone's attention whether positive or negative while everyone passes me over."

    Cena has been slowly gaining his senses over this time. He has finally managed to get a hand on the ropes, and he seems to be trying to say something. He mouths "any time, any where".

    Ziggler: "What was that, John? Tonight? No, I wouldn't want to face you injured. How about Royal Rumble? Before the big main event? You and I, one on one. Agreed?"

Opening Segment Continued

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    Cena pulls himself up enough to talk into the mic. He is hurting, and you can hear it in his voice.

    Cena: "I'll take you on any time, Ziggler. You want some, come get some."

    Ziggler: "Oh, but I have, and I will, John. It's official then."

    A voice comes from the back as he walks out to the entrance ramp.

    Michael Cole: "No, no, no, this will happen. You two will not be wrestling on my watch. Understand me? I will not have the few spots for SmackDown's matches taken up by you, Ziggler. You have been a nuisance since I started here, and I will not hand you a pay-per-view match like this.

    "With the way you two are acting, this would be a huge problem for my brand. You could hurt each other, and I cannot have John Cena be injured before WrestleMania. You could also hurt someone else in this insanity. Last week, one of those security guards I sent out to stop you was injured."

    Ziggler: "Oh, him. Sorry about that. I was a bit impassioned at the time. So what if I accidentally blind-sided the poor guy?"

    Cole: "After they had let you go, you hit him with a Zig Zag onto cement. That doesn't sound like an accident. So, as I was saying, this will not happen. This show will have order. Do you understand me?"

    By this time, Cena is slowly getting up in the far corner from Ziggler. He looks hurt and annoyed. Ziggler gets up from his chair and takes it in hand.

    Ziggler: "Fine. If you won't sanction it, I guess it won't happen. So, John, I am challenging you to an unsanctioned brawl at Royal Rumble. You and me, no rules, nobody to get in our way. All I want is to prove I can beat you."

    Ziggler with steel chair in hand walks over and hands Cena the mic. He grabs with force but doesn't attack Ziggler.

    Cena: "Fine, whatever will end this, Dolph. You want me at Royal Rumble? You're on."

    Cole is irate at the entrance ramp.

    Cole: "No! I will ban you both from entering the arena. Do you understand me? You will not under any circumstances be wrestling Scottrade Center on January 29th. Never!"

    Both men ignore him and stare each other down. Ziggler gets out of the ring first and looks contented. We head to commercial break.

Match 1: Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins vs. Zack Ryder and John Morrison

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    Zack Ryder come out to the ring as we return with John Morrison soon following. Both get good pops from the crowd. They await their opponents as a recap is shown of last week.

    Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks come out with Hawkins holding a microphone.

    Hawkins: "I've been hearing some... strange rumors going around lately. Some people seem to think that Hawkins and Reks are scared of Zack Ryder and his new buddy. That we turned tail and ran the moment we felt that you two had us on the ropes.

    "Well, the truth is that we didn't run away. We pick our spots. Last week, things just weren't... flowing properly. This week, we asked for this rematch, and, for once, we were granted what we wanted. You see Zack, I offered you a chance weeks ago, but, when I realized my folly, the only one who was going up was me.

    "Reks and I are the best tag team in this company, and, at the time, we are the premiere rising stars. Without anyone else's help, we have been on a tear. You may remember how we nearly won the battle royal a month ago. Do you know what is coming in sixteen days? The Royal Rumble.

    "If we can almost win one, we can certainly make an impact in the other. Reks and I are top class talent, and we will prove that on that Sunday. Tonight, all we are going to do is run through two jokes."

    Hawkins drops the mic as he enters the ring. Reks stays on the apron as Morrison backs up and lets Hawkins and Ryder start.

    The two lock up with Hawkins getting the advantage. He throws Ryder toward the ropes hitting a stiff shoulder block as Ryder comes back. He takes control by following up with spinning spinebuster. Hawkins works over Ryder trading off tags with Reks to keep the pressure on.

    Striker: "This is the original situation of this whole feud. Ryder and Hawkins. These two have been going at it for almost two months now."

    Matthews: "Yes, this all began as almost a jealousy problem. Hawkins was jealous that Ryder would get all this attention while he gets nothing."

    Striker: "And he had a right to be, Josh. Hawkins has only now finally been getting the respect and chances he as a competitor deserves."

    Matthews: "I don't know how much of Hawkins' success lies in his tag team partner Tyler Reks, though. Once these two began tagging together, they were awoken."

    Striker: "I wouldn't be surprised to see any of these four stars winning the Rumble. Though I have my own favorite in mind."

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins vs. Zack Ryder and John Morrison Continued

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    The action has intensified in the ring. Ryder reverses an inverted suplex attempt by Reks into a facebuster. He is crawling over to the corner and tags in Morrison who is all over both men. He takes Hawkins off the apron and lands a spinning heel kick to Reks for a quick two count.

    He then hits a clothesline that knocks Reks over the top rope to the floor below. He motions to Ryder who comes into the ring as Hawkins goes over to help Reks up. Morrison and Ryder simultaneously hit suicide dives on Reks and Hawkins respectively. We have to go to commercial break.

    Returning, Morrison is on the top rope and hits a diving crossbody on Reks for a two count. Morrison tries to keep Reks off balance with his stiff and fast paced offense. He pulls out a series of high flying moves using the ropes as a springboard culminating in a standing shooting star press, but he only gets two.

    Morrison drags Reks into the corner and tags in Ryder who has finally gotten back to his corner. Morrison holds Reks in position, and he and Ryder hit a double lifting DDT. Hawkins runs in to stop the count.

    The referee forces Hawkins back into the corner as Ryder tries to keep Reks down. The larger is having none of it as he pushes Ryder off of him. Ryder bounces off the ropes and comes back at Reks, hitting a flying forearm smash for two.

    Reks is up and reverses a hold by Ryder into a throw into the corner. He runs at Ryder only to take a double high knee. Ryder then gets on the top rope, hitting Reks with a big dropkick. After a close two count, he tags in Morrison.

    Morrison throws a series of kicks at Reks, but Reks catches one and throws Morrison knee first onto the mat. He then crawls over and tags in Hawkins. Hawkins goes right after the knee with a vicious half Boston crab.

    Hawkins turns the move around, so he can face Ryder, taunting Ryder while Morrison writhes in pain. Morrison finally makes it to the ropes, breaking the hold. Hawkins then waits and hits a twisting delayed scoop slam for a long two. Hawkins taunts the crowd calling for the end.

    He gets Morrison up going for the Taste of Pain, but Morrison reverses it into a standing moonsault side slam. He then crawls over toward Ryder. Reks runs into the ring as Hawkins gets up. He takes out Morrison before he can tag Ryder.

    Since Reks is not the legal man, the referee has to force him back. At the same time, Hawkins comes in and takes out Ryder. With Morrison isolated, he grabs Morrison and throws him toward Reks' corner. Morrison slams against the corner hard and goes down head first into the mat.

    Hawkins tags in Reks and grabs Morrison. Reks puts Morrison on his shoulder, and Hawkins goes for a neckbreaker. Morrison flips out of it, and he hits pele kick to Hawkins who tumbles out of the ring. Hawkins holding his head walks around the ring toward Ryder who greets him with a diving senton off the apron.

    In the ring, Morrison hits the Flying Chuck and sets up Starship Pain. He goes for the move, but Reks ducks it. Reks then grabs Morrison and throws him toward the ropes. Morrison uses his agility to stop himself and then jump up to the top rope.

    Reks comes at him only to be greeted by a diving crossbody. Reks, however, sees it coming. He catches Morrison and hits the Burning Hammer. He covers, and Ryder can;t make the save as Hawkins holds his leg down. It is three.

    Tony Chimel: "The winners of this match, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks." (Time of contest: 19:23)

    Matthews: "What a tag team contest! These two went out there and gave it their all."

    Striker: "Yes, but the only thing that mattered in the end was who had their hand raised. Tonight, that was Hawkins and Reks. This team is a force to be reckoned with."

Match 2: Sin Cara Negro vs. Richie Steamboat

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    Sin Cara Negro is standing in the ring as we return.

    Richie Steamboat enters to a relatively good reaction considering his short time with the company so far.

    Josh: “Fresh off a victory over fellow cruiserweight Justin Gabriel, Richie Steamboat has earned plaudits for his performances in recent weeks.”

    Matt: “Let me tell you, Josh, this boy shows unusual maturity in the ring. Against Justin Gabriel last week, Steamboat stuck to his strategy throughout.”

    Josh: “Indeed, and it was that awareness that allowed him to snatch victory with a quick roll up.”

    As Steamboat attempts to climb the apron, Sin Cara runs at him and attempts a baseball slide, which Steamboat barely dodges by leaping out the way.

    Both men land on their feet on the outside, and Sin Cara goes on the offensive with stiff kicks; responding with hard chops, Steamboat attempts an Irish whip. Countering, Sin Cara wrenches the arm and kicks it hard.

    Steamboat falls to his knees and cries out in pain, as do the crowd in sympathy.

    Josh: “Oh wow, that can’t be good for Steamboat. Sin Cara is going after that arm again just as he did last week with Trent Baretta.”

    Matt: “Even this early on, that there could be a decisive move.”

    Hearing the referee counting them out, Negro rolls into the ring while Steamboat holds his right shoulder in agony; when the referee reaches eight, he pulls himself into the ring with his good arm, only for Sin Cara to stomp away at him while he lies on the ground.

    Picking him up by the injured arm, Sin Cara again wrenches it, and drags Steamboat into the corner; leaping onto the middle rope, he executes a springboard arm drag and covers for a 1 count. Again dragging Steamboat by the arm, he is surprised when Steamboat manages to kick him in the gut.

    Trying to hook Negro arms for an underhook move, the pain in Steamboat’s shoulder forces him to let go; Negro capitalises with an armbreaker. Covering Steamboat, he makes sure to press down on the arm, but only gets a 2 count.

    Matt: “Steamboat can’t continue on in this condition. He’s in danger of a severe injury to that arm! Sin Cara is an intelligent adversary; he’s taking advantage of it at every opportunity.”

    Josh: “Why don’t you try telling him that, because to me he doesn’t look ready to quit.”

    Indeed, Steamboat staggers to his feet shortly after Negro; when the Mexican attempts a kick, Steamboat catches the leg and takes him down by sweeping the other one. He attempts to grab both legs, but again his arm lets him down.

    As Negro tries to scramble away, Steamboat stomps him in the stomach and with renewed determination, grabs both legs and catapults him into the ropes; Negro goes over them, but holds on and skins the cat.

    Checking Steamboat’s position, Negro goes for a Springboard move, but is hit in mid-air with a ferocious drop kick.

    Josh: “Oh, great improvisation from Steamboat there. He really needed to pull that out of the bag to stay in this match!”

Sin Cara Negro vs. Richie Steamboat Continued

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    Scrambling across, Steamboat hooks the Mexican's leg with his good arm, but gets only a 2.

    Taking time for a breather, Steamboat pulls himself up in the corner and leans against the turnbuckle, watching as Negro gets to his feet. When the luchador is steady, he runs over to hit a punch, only for Steamboat to duck under and deliver some chops in the corner.

    He tries to whip him into the opposite turnbuckle, but is reversed and sent clattering into himself, the bad arm thudding against the padding. Negro launches himself towards him and goes for a hurricanrana, but Steamboat, crying out in pain, holds on with both arms, lifts him up and hits a powerbomb. Again, only a two count as he is unable to hook the leg.

    Once more, Steamboat is forced to pull himself up on one arm, clinging to the ropes. Slowly climbing the top rope, he tries to hit a flying crossbody but Negro dodges. Staggering to his feet, he is unable to stop Negro running at him and hitting La Mistica.

    Screaming in agony as he is locked in an arm bar, it takes Steamboat nearly a minute to grab the ropes. Getting to his knees, Negro starts slapping him, and after a while goes to the top rope.

    In a show of disrespect, he stands and hits a flying crossbody, Steamboat’s own finishing move. However, Steamboat rolls through and hooks the leg, getting close to a 3 count. Both men stagger to their feet, and Negro runs the ropes only to be caught with an inverted atomic drop.

    Disoriented, he is suddenly grabbed by Steamboat, who despite great pain in his arm hits Jackhammer Elbow Drop and gets the three count.

    Justin Roberts: The winner of this match, Richie Steamboat! (Time of Contest: 11:03)

    Josh: “What a great victory for Steamboat! The young newcomer is certainly on a roll here!”

    Matt: “Josh, this young man is something special; not only did he overcome the odds in facing a more experienced opponent, he also overcame the limitations of his own body.”

    Josh: “Indeed, and hopefully our medical team will be able to deal with whatever injury Steamboat has suffered to his arm.”

    Steamboat is in pain, and the referee has trouble even getting him to his feet. Suddenly, Sin Cara attacks the victorious Steamboat. He hits a double axe handle to the back of the hand, sending Steamboat to the mat.

    Sin Cara reapplies an armbreaker to Steamboat who is screaming in pain.

    Matthews: “Get someone out here now. Sin Cara could rip the kid’s arm off.”

    Suddenly, Sin Cara Azul hits the ring. He runs straight down and attacks Negro, fighting him back with a series of punches and kicks. Negro bails from the ring. Azul slowly helps Steamboat to his feet and then raises the uninjured arm.

    Medics run down to the ring to check on Steamboat as we head to commercial break.

Backstage Segment: Christian

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    Christian is backstage when Michael Cole bumps into him.

    Cole looks annoyed, still fuming about the earlier exchange in the opening.

    Cole: "Christian, do you know what it means to run a brand? It takes hard work. It takes leadership. It requires an ability to separate emotions from business."

    Christian: "Of course, Michael. I know that. As a former World Champion, I have helped lead this brand at many times."

    Cole: "Yeah, yeah, well, I consider myself a good leader, and, as such, I need to do something business-wise right now. You are a Cruiserweight Champion. You have not defended your championship in 26 days.

    Therefore, you along with every other champion on SmackDown must defend your championships next week. Otherwise, I will forced as a business man to strip you of your title."

    Christian: "Don't worry, Michael. I've got it all under control. Nothing about next week. I'm going to a fighting champion and offer an open challenge to any cruiserweight in the back to fight me for this title tonight. See, no worries."

    Cole smiles a little, comforted by the fact that Christian was taking some weight off his shoulders. Christian walks off straight to the ring as we go to commercial break.

Match 3: Christian Open Challenge for Cruiserweight Championship

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    We return with Christian already in the ring. He is even running down the fans on the mic.

    Christian: "I hate Texas. I have been out here for over a minute with no one saving me from the bore that is this crowd. I am a World Champion. Yet you Americans still can't give me a decent reception. You should be on your feet. In fact, this challenge will not happen until every one of you give me a standing ovation."

    He stops and waits. The crowd continues to boo.

    Christian: "Fine, I guess I'll just wait another week. This crowd is obviously not worthy of my talents."

    Suddenly, Trent Barreta comes out to a decent pop from the crowd. He gets in the ring and asks Christian for the mic. Christian smirks and backs off, saying that this is his. Barreta shakes his head and is given one by Chimel from ringside.

    Barreta: "I don't get to use this very often so bare with me. You want a challenger. I'm your man. You and me, one on one for that belt tonight. Come on."

    Christian: "I said this crowd isn't worthy of my talent. What did you not understand about that? Are you deaf? Did your time "dudebusting" corrode your mind? Anyway, why are you even worth my time?"

    Barreta: "Are you scared? Worried I might actually beat you?"

    Christian: "Scared... of you? Let me put this in perspective for you: a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, a three-time Intercontinental Champion, and a nine-time tag team champion is scared of a star who has won less matches than I have title matches? Yeah, right."

    Barreta: "Sounds like a yes to me. Let's go."

    Christian concedes and drops his microphone. The referee gets both of the microphones out of the ring, and the match begins. Barreta immediately goes after Christian with a vicious series of punches forcing Christian into the corner. The referee breaks the two up.

    Barreta comes at the cornered Christian with a clothesline, but Christian kicks him in the gut. He then hits a DDT onto the mat. After a two count pin attempt, Christian begins working over Barreta. He does so for several minutes with no ability from Barreta to get out.

    Christian gets Barreta into the corner and hits a repeated group of hard shoulders to the chest. He then pulls Barreta out of the corner and goes to the second rope holding Barreta's head. He goes for a swinging DDT off his positioning, but Barreta pushes him off.

    Barreta then hits a few quick kick and a shining wizard for a long two count. When Christian has risen, Barreta comes at him for a running single leg high knee, but Christian catches him and hits a flapjack for a long two. We then have to go to commercial.

Christian vs. Trent Barreta Continued

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    As we return, Christian is in control with an extended armbar. He puts pressure on the arm by continually wrenching on the hold.

    Striker: "That is the same arm that Sin Cara Negro attacks last week. Smart work on the part of the veteran Christian not that that is any surprise."

    Barreta gets to the ropes forcing Christian to back off. Barreta gets up, and the two face off. Christian holding up his hand, and Barreta grasps it for a test of strength. They lock the other hand as well with neither man letting up.

    Barreta suddenly grabs Christian's arms and pulls him in with his legs up hitting Christian's chest. He flips Christian completely over onto his head. He then goes to the top rope for his diving corkscrew senton.

    Christian rolls out of the way before the jump, so Barreta gets down. Christian then gets up in the opposite corner. Barreta runs at him only to get hit with pendulum overhead kick. Christian goes to the top rope as Barreta is trying to get oriented.

    Christian goes for a dropkick only for Barreta to duck it. Christian lands on his feet with Barreta coming off the ropes with a springboard asai monsault which Christian catches. Christian grabs Barreta's head dropping Barreta down and hitting an inverted facelock backbreaker for two.

    Christian gets up and pulls Barreta up with him. He goes for a sitout inverted suplex slam, but Barreta fights out and hits a European uppercut. Christian is still standing and grabs Barreta's leg only to take an enzuigiri which takes him down.

    Barreta hits Christian with a running somersault senton for a long two count. He then goads Christian to his feet. Barreta grabs him and goes for the Dudebuster DDT. However, as he runs up the turnbuckle, Christian catches him and crotches him on the top rope.

    Christian then hits a big boot, sending Barreta to the outside. Christian follows him out throwing Barreta into the steel ring post. He then puts up Barreta on the apron and hits a running leg drop on Barreta. He rolls him into the ring and covers for a long two count.

    Christian calls for the Killswitch. When he goes for it, Barreta is ready, and he rolls it into a quick roll up for a long two count. Then Barreta hits a leg drop and goes to the top rope. Again, he tries for his diving corkscrew senton, but Christian catches him still on the top.

    Christian hits Barreta hard in the back then goes to the second rope. He sets Barreta up and executes the Killswitch off the top rope. He covers for three.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match and still Cruiserweight Champion, Christian." (Time of contest: 14:45)

    Christian is ecstatic as he grabs his title and heads toward the back. He holds it up to boos from the crowd as a disappointed Barreta looks on in the ring. We head to commercial.

In Ring Segment: Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes comes out to the ring after the commercial with purpose. He grabs a microphone and gets in the ring.

    Rhodes: "For the sake of those with a bad memory, last week, I came out here and demanded competition. As I understand it, I will not be competing tonight, and I am supposedly being forced to defend my Intercontinental Championship next week as I will be competing in the Royal Rumble.

    "I have no problem with that. The real problem is that no one is coming up as a real challenge. Seriously, I have never seen such a lack of talent as far as my challengers. How in only a couple months have I exhausted every possible challenger? It is embarrassing.

    "I beg someone... anyone to come out next week and face me. Sure, you won't win. In fact, you don't stand a chance, but it is a free opportunity at stardom. Take it or leave it. Your choice. As for me, I plan on catapulting myself to the top.

    "At the end of the month, we will be witness to the Royal Rumble. A match that I have never won. However, that will change. Last year, this mask was why I did compete. This year, even my facial scaring will not hamper me.

    "Seriously, can you possibly tell me any other superstar more talented? Any better champion? Any better competitor? I have exhausted all I can and will move on to begin my new quest to become WWE Champion. Perhaps once I am the undisputed champion on SmackDown, I can finally find some reason to keep competing here."

    Rhodes drops the mix and walks out of the ring. No one comes out to challenge as we cut to commercial break.

Match 4: Death Rey vs. Tamina

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    Death Rey comes out after the break to a decided negative reaction. She has Kharma at her side who glares over at the crowd, almost snarling. Rey gets into the ring and waits.

    Tamina comes out to a neutral crowd. She gets in the ring to meet a smiling Death Rey who shows no lack of confidence as she prepares to face Tamina.

    As the bell rings, the two lock up. Rey shoves Tamina down hard with a look of disgust. Rey then taunts Tamina, telling her to get up. As they lock up again, Tamina gets the advantage as she shoves Rey into a headlock. Rey struggles out of it eventually succeeding.

    Rey looks angrier now. Tamina gives a similar taunt, but she is not ready for Rey who comes at her full steam.She hits a high front kick to the chest which throws Tamina to the mat. She has no chance to rise as Rey comes at her with a series of stiff punches.

    The referee pulls Rey off only for her to come back picking up Tamina and executing a series German suplexes. She releases on the third and doesn't even give Tamina a moment to recoup. She grabs her hitting a release Tiger Suplex.

    Rey still looks annoyed, but her expression lightens. She taunts the crowd as Tamina rises. Rey turns around into a Superkick from Tamina which takes Death Rey to the mat. She then goes up to the top rope thinking of executing a diving splash.

    Rey is already up though and meets her on the top rope. She pounds on Tamina's back then getting in position launches off the top rope with a superplex. Rey smiles as she hits the mat. Again, she does not go for the cover.

    Instead, she grabs Tamina and, just as she did last week, hits the Royal Butterfly. Finally, she covers for the three count.

    Tony Chimel: "Here is your winner, Death Rey." (Time of contest: 5:50)

    Rey gets out of the ring and walks over to grab a microphone.

    Rey: "One each week. You come, and you fall. Who's next? Let the lamb come flocking to their slaughter."

    Rey and Kharma walks off to the back as we head to commercial break.

Match 5: Santino Marella vs. Ted DiBiase

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    We return as Ted DiBiase comes out first with Jack Swagger and Jimmy Uso. They all look confident.

    Matthews: "These three look more confident than usual."

    Striker: "Wouldn't you be? They have a tag team title match next week, and they have Santino tonight who has barely won a match in months."

    Santino Marella comes out with Big Show. He smiles and tries to box in the air, but Show tells him to stop. He relaxes and walks down to the ring getting into the ring.

    As the bell rings, DiBiase lackadaisically tries to lock up only for Santino to hit him with an arm drag. DiBiase looks confused. He comes at him again only for Santino to hit another arm drag. The crowd cheers as Santino taunts him to come at him.

    When he does, Santino hits another arm drag. Big Show yells at him to hit something else. Santino yells back that he has got this. He hits a charging DiBiase with a snap suplex which causes DiBiase to get out of the ring and try to recoup.

    Instead of celebrating, Santino is clear and focused. DiBiase comes into the ring and taunts Santino who he then hits with a dropkick. DiBiase then pressures the head of Santino with a strong headlock. He then transitions it into an armlock.

    Santino has trouble getting out taking a few minutes to get any offense in against DiBiase. Finally, a miscue by DiBiase gives Santino enough time to reverse spinebuster attempt into a DDT for a two count.

    Santino then hits a leg drop and waits for DiBiase to rise. He hits a jawbreaker for another two count. Santino goes to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline for another two. He pumps up the crowd, but he stops. He looks over at Big Show unsure what to do.

    Matthews: "Santino has been on fire so far tonight, so why is he stopping?"

    Striker: "Obviously it takes longer than one week to teach an old dog new tricks. Santino doesn't have a closer. Without the Cobra, he doesn't know how to beat DiBiase."

    As Santino and Show try to talk, DiBiase comes from behind and hits a half nelson backbreaker. Again he controls the action for several minutes with a series of moves including his father's trademark fist drops.

    He then seems poised to hit Dream Street when the music of Air Boom hits. DiBiase gets distracted long enough for Santino to go for a roll up from behind. He only gets two though which leads to Santino transitioning into a triangle choke.

    Show looks impressed by the move, and DiBiase is in trouble. He manages to just make it to the ropes as Air Boom is coming down the entrance ramp. DiBiase rolls out of the ring, and, seeing the team, he tells the group to move away.

    They hold up their hands as a showing of peace and move toward Show. DiBiase smirks and looks back just in time to see Santino flying at him with a suicide dive. The entire crowd pops for the move as no one has ever seen this from Santino.

    Show and Air Boom are cheering as Santino rises. He looks ready to play his trombone, but he stops and instead grabs DiBiase, rolling him into the ring. Santino follows suit and hits the rising DiBiase with an STO for two.

    However, he again is not sure what to do. He wants to go for the finish, but he just can't figure one out. He grabs DiBiase and goes for some kind of neckbreaker, but it looks awkward allowing DiBiase to reverse it into bridging belly to belly for two.

    DiBiase calls for Dream Street again. This time, Kofi gets on the apron. At the same time, Uso gets in telling the referee to watch out for Kofi. The referee yells at Uso to get down then goes over to Kofi. In all of the confusion, Santino reverses DiBiase into a roll up and steal away with the three count.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Santino Marella." (Time of contest: 9:20)

    Big Show gets in the ring to fend off the frustrated DiBiase who quickly exits the ring. The Fortunate Americans can't believe that they lost. Show is celebrating with Santino who is absolutely shocked. We go to commercial break.

Main Event: CM Punk vs. Kurt Angle

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    CM Punk comes out to the ring as we return with his Winged Eagle WWE Championship on his shoulder. He looks apprehensive as he gets a big reaction from the crowd. He doesn't go to the ring immediately but instead grabs a mic from near the announce table. He gets in the ring, looks out at the entrance ramp, and calls out Kurt Angle.

    Punk: "Look, Angle. I don't want to do this. This isn't fear or apprehension about facing you, but we need to fight when the time is right. I didn't attack Jeff Hardy, and I certainly would never attack Daniel Bryan. Why would I do that? I have this title to worry about. I don't have time for petty attacks.

    "So, come out here, Kurt. I want to speak to you, face to face."

    Punk waits in the ring. After about forty seconds, he looks ready to speak again when an EMT comes rushing out. He comes into the ring and talks with Punk without a microphone.

    The expression of Punk's face changes from one of confusion to outright horror. He gets out of the ring, and he begins making his way to the back.

    Suddenly, the Miz comes from the side as Punk gets to the top of the ramp and blindsides Punk with a clothesline. He grabs the WWE Title and slams it into Punk's skull then hits the Skull Crushing Finale on the steel grating.

    Punk is out, and Miz looks down and smiles. He notices that Punk took the microphone with him on his way up the ramp, and he grabs it.

    Miz: "Every time, it's the same. Whether it's R-Truth, John Cena, or CM Punk, no champion ever pays attention to me. I'm sick of it. Do you hear me now, Punk? I don't care about the three people you most likely put in the hospital. I don't care about your stupid stalker problem. All I care about is this championship."

    He takes the title in hand and shoves it in Punk's face who he lifts up by the hair. He then drops Punk and puts the title on his shoulder.

    Miz: "You know, I kind of like this old design. It fits me, don't you think? Of course, I make everyone look better. I said it last week, I have been saying it for months. I am the reason you people tune in each week. I am the star of this brand, yet Punk here is too concerned with his personal problems to give his biggest issues any thought.

    "You don't deserve this belt. You don't deserve to be champion. You are a disgrace to this business that I will promptly end. Royal Rumble is coming, and the last time we faced you had no ability to walk. This time, you won't be able to move at all.

    "I am no caged animal, but I know how to use a steel cage. Within those confines, there are no excuses, no phony finishes with a lucky hit. Just you and me with that belt ready for the last man standing.

    "Are you worried, Punk? As you writhe in pain on the ground? Well, you should be. Because I'm the Miz... and I'm... awesome."

    As he says his final words, Miz gets down right in Punk's face who is beginning to rise. Miz sets up one last shot, blasting Punk in the skull with the WWE Championship. He then stands over the champion as the show ends.

And the Credits Roll!

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    And that's the end.

    Tune in next week to see how things shape up heading into the end of the month and the Royal Rumble. Also, watch as both the Intercontinental and WWE Tag Team Championships will be defended.

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