Booking a Sasha Banks and Naomi Return to Triple H's WWE

Philip LindseyAugust 22, 2022

Photo credit: WWE.com

You would have to be living under a rock to miss the ongoing scuttlebutt around Sasha Banks and Naomi. The former WWE women’s tag team champions were at the center of one of the biggest stories of the year after reportedly walking out during the May 16 episode of Raw.

Although the two remained silent momentarily, they’ve been much more visible online lately. They made their first appearance together earlier this month at C2E2 in Chicago and recently walked the red carpet at the premiere of Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Banks has also released a few photoshoots on social media.

Nevertheless, their status with WWE is still unclear. Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc reported that the company had released The Legit Boss in June. However, recent reports claim that she and her tag team partner have reached an agreement to return. That would also line up with Giri’s original report, stating that WWE was attempting to “smooth things over.”

No one has been able to confirm anything yet, but their renewed presence online would seem to suggest they will be back on television soon.

Yes, that could be merely a coincidence, but the timing is interesting. After all, Triple H has been working to bring other Superstars back, and one would have to imagine Banks and Naomi are a priority.

If the new executive vice president of talent relations can make this happen, what would their return to WWE look like? When would be the right time for them to re-debut?

Patience Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Given their abrupt exit and the stories surrounding it, there is already so much positive buzz around Banks and Naomi.

The famed tag team will receive a raucous reaction no matter where they show up next, so, it would be smart to keep this ace up WWE's sleeve and let the anticipation continue to build.

It would’ve been nice if they showed up at SummerSlam, but everything actually panned out better for WWE. Banks and Naomi would’ve probably overshadowed Bayley’s long-awaited return, and she deserved the big moment and chance to establish her new stable.

To that end, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky look like the early favorites to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament. It may sound advantageous for the former champions to confront the winners. After all, Boss and Glow never lost the titles and this would be a great way to set their first feud.

However, the tournament winners should rack up some wins and develop into a credible threat first. The biggest issue facing the women’s tag division is a lack of established pairing. It would seem counterproductive to build up two competitors just for Banks and Naomi to challenge them immediately and undermine their win.

Instead, Kai and Sky should win the tournament and successfully defend the titles well into October. Give them a statement victory at Extreme Rules. Then, reintroduce Banks and Naomi ahead of Survivor Series, which will take place in The Boss' hometown of Boston.

Their return could set up this year’s five-on-five women’s elimination match. For the past two years, the annual matchup hasn’t felt like much of a grudge bout. That’s what used to make Survivor Series so compelling before the brand split.

Team Sasha vs. Team Bayley could change that and add some intrigue to the upcoming event. Banks and Naomi can challenge Sky and Kai later, giving WWE another big pay-per-view match.

What’s Next for Sasha Banks and Naomi

When Boss and Glow return, they will inevitably win the tag titles again, but there’s no rush to get to that point. They never lost the belts so they will always have a claim to a title show.

WWE needs to build a new tag division first. Otherwise, the same problem that stifled their reign before they left will rear its ugly head again.

Banks and Naomi’s second win together will be even more significant than the first because of the risks they took to leave the company. Therefore, there should be plans to make this reign more successful. Give them more teams to face and let them defend the titles at PPVs.

Fight the urge to give them a brief run and split them up. It may be tempting to turn The Boss into a heel again, but she and Naomi are way too marketable to pass up on this opportunity.

They should hold the title well into WrestleMania 39 season and return to the event as defending champions. Let them go to mainstream outlets together with the belts this time around.

Boss and Glow could arguably be the most high-profile team to hold the women’s tag titles because of their mainstream presence. WWE should take advantage of that and book them in a marquee match at The Grandest Stage of Them All.

A showdown with a team of legends like The Bella Twins or Trish Stratus and Lita could be a great way to elevate the tag titles. The Bellas would be the perfect feud for the former members of Team B.A.D. to revisit at SoFi Stadium in April.

It’s a bit strange that the stars of Total Divas haven’t challenged for the women’s tag titles yet. They even expressed interest in coming back to compete for them during an interview with Access Hollywood in 2020.

"This is what's hard for Nikki and I," Brie said. "When we left, all of a sudden the WWE women's tag titles came, and we're like, 'Wait a sec, that's for The Bella Twins.' We've been dying to have tag titles. So, she and I feel like we have one more run in us, so we really want to go for those titles."

This could be the best opportunity to grant their wish at WrestleMania 39. There are so many threads WWE could bring together to produce a strong story ahead of the match as well. If nothing else, it would be a nice callback to the three-team elimination bout from SummerSlam 2015.

After The Showcase of the Immortals, there are so many possibilities. Banks seems to be preparing for a jump to Hollywood, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Naomi a proper push as a singles competitor in 2023.

The Boss could also rekindle her rivalry with Charlotte Flair. WWE could finally give the fans the Fatal Four-Way featuring all four horsewomen we've been hoping to see. It would've been a shame if she didn't get a proper send-off.

So, the company should properly celebrate her career if she comes back, giving us as many dream matches as possible.


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