MLB Draft 2022: Scouting Reports for Top Prospects

Joe TanseyJuly 17, 2022

Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

One of the top prospects in the 2022 MLB draft class will join Gerrit Cole, Carlos Correa, Bryce Harper, Alex Rodriguez and others as No. 1 overall picks in the event's history.

The Baltimore Orioles are not set on which player to choose at No. 1 going into Sunday's selection process. The first round begins at 7 p.m. ET.

Baltimore has a few prospects in its sight, but the complications of the salary pool allotted to teams in the draft will make the decision more difficult than it may be on the surface.

Two sons of former MLB All-Stars, Druw Jones and Jackson Holliday, are in the mix for the top pick, as well as Georgia high school infielder TerMarr Johnson.

Jones is considered as the best player in the draft class, but he is not a lock at No. 1 because the Orioles could choose to land Holliday or Johnson to save some money to go after higher-quality prospects with their next few picks.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are scheduled to pick second, and they will land either Jones or Holliday. The Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals round out the top five.

Druw Jones, OF, Wesleyan HS (Georgia)

Druw Jones has been considered the top prospect in the 2022 MLB draft class for most of the predraft process.

The son of former MLB outfielder Andruw Jones has a tremendous bat and is one of the best fielders in the class as well.

The Athletic's Keith Law broke down some of the similarities between the potential No. 1 overall pick and his father.

"Jones is the son of Andruw Jones, and his game bears many resemblances to his father’s, not least in the outfield, where Druw is already a plus defender and could work his way up to an elite level with experience. At the plate, he shows 70 power thanks to the strength in his wrists and forearms, with more power possible as he fills out further," Law wrote.

Jones would be Baltimore's top selection based on talent, but the Orioles have a complicated decision in front of them because of the salary pool they possess going into the draft.

ESPN.com's Kiley McDaniel outlined the scenarios that Baltimore general manager Mike Elias has to weigh when making his call at No. 1:

"The two factors that will help dictate this decision for Elias are 1) what's the gap in his mind between Johnson and Jones and 2) who does he think he could land with that extra savings that may not be attainable otherwise?" McDaniel wrote.

Baltimore has $16.9 million available in slot money. The slot value for the No. 1 overall pick is $8.8 million, per MLB.com.

The Orioles could choose to pay Jones at the full slot value, or they could select Holliday or Johnson at a lower value and use more slot money on their next few picks. That could be dependent on which players are available.

At worst, Jones will be the No. 2 pick. Arizona would love to swoop up the best prospect available if Baltimore does not pick him.

Jackson Holliday, SS, Stillwater HS (Oklahoma)

Jackson Holliday is the other top prospect with MLB pedigree.

He is the son for former MLB outfielder Matt Holliday and will likely be the No. 2 overall pick if Jones goes first to Baltimore.

Law predicted that Holliday would be the No. 1 overall pick in his latest mock draft. The Athletic writer noted that the high school shortstop saw his stock rise throughout the spring.

"I’m not sure anyone has helped himself more than Holliday has this spring, notably during his team’s spring break trip to Arizona in March, where Holliday showed incredibly well in front of a lot of decision-makers in town for spring training. He has one of the best swings in the draft, even with a slight bat wrap, with strong plate coverage and above-average power, more likely to be a high-doubles guy with 15-20 homers than a 30-homer guy even at his peak," Law wrote.

Holliday would be a terrific consolation prize for the Diamondbacks at No. 2. He likely will not fall further than that based on every mock draft. The real intrigue around him is whether the Orioles go after him at No. 1.

TerMarr Johnson, 2B, Mays HS (Georgia)

TerMarr Johnson has been mentioned in mock drafts as a potential No. 1 pick so that Baltimore can save some its pool money to go after better prospects with its next three or four picks.

Johnson has a larger variety in where he is projected to land in mock drafts.

MLB.com's Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo have Johnson landing at No. 4 to the Pittsburgh Pirates, while McDaniel placed Johnson at No. 6 with the Miami Marlins.

Law wrote that Johnson has the "best pure hit tool in the draft class." That skill set makes him an intriguing pick for anyone in the top five or six selections.

If Johnson does not land with Baltimore, his fate will be decided by the preferences of teams in the top five.

Some squads could be after college bats, or other may prefer to develop high school players over three or four years.

The thing that is abundantly clear is most of the top five, or even 10, picks will be hitters with not a ton of pitching depth at the top of the draft class.


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