Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 14

Erik BeastonJuly 15, 2022

Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 14

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Masha Slamovich sought to continue her path of rage through the Knockouts division Thursday night on AXS TV as she battled Tenille Dashwood as part of a jam-packed Impact Wrestling card.

    Also on tap Thursday night was the latest in the rivalry between Honor No More and Bullet Club, a huge six-man tag team match featuring world champion Josh Alexander and a grudge match featuring Impact icon "Cowboy" James Storm.

    Find out what went down, what it means for the immediate future of the company and how each match and segment graded out with this recap of the July 14 broadcast.

Violent By Design vs. Motor City Machine Guns and Josh Alexander

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    It was apparent a week ago that Eric Young was not at all satisfied with the actions of Deaner and Joe Doering in his absence. Thursday night, he failed to accompany them to the ring for the advertised six-man tag team match at the top of the show, leaving them to go it alone against world champion Josh Alexander and the Motor City Machine Guns' Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.

    Young joined the heels just after the bell, further mind games played both with his partners and the opposition. Even the presence of the former world champion was not enough to deliver VBD the win it desperately needed to reverse its recent misfortune.

    Desperation on the part of Deaner to prove himself to Young doomed the heels as a late distraction allowed the Motor City Machine Guns to down the former and, eventually, Shelley and Alexander forced stereo submissions out of their bickering opponents.

    The match was a solid six-man tag that was more focused on the in-fighting of VBD than Alexander, Sabin and Shelley. That is, until afterward, when Sabin teased interest in a world title match with The Walking Weapon.

    That would undoubtedly be a hell of a match and would continue both men's string of superb in-ring performances thus far in 2022.

    As for the VBD story, it is nice to see the booking team trying different things with a heel faction that had grown stale. With that said, is it Young or Deaner that will assume the position of de facto babyface and, more importantly, is the group heading toward a split or will this hurdle ultimately make the faction stronger?


    Alexander, Sabin and Shelley defeated Young, Deaner and Doering via submission



    Top Moments

    • "Let's not forget: VBD are former two-time Impact world tag team champions. It's in this group to be efficient as a tag team, as a family, but for how long?" Tom Hannifan expertly told the story and planted the seeds for what is to come.
    • With both men trapped in stereo submissions, Deaner tapped out before VBD leader Young could. 
    • After the match, Sabin exchanged a look with Alexander as he handed him the Impact world title, not-so-subtly hinting at championship aspirations and a potential match between them for the top prize in the company.

Steve Maclin vs. James Storm

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    A week ago, "Cowboy" James Storm set off backstage in search of Moose, only to come face-to-face with Steve Maclin. Thursday night, the Impact legend and The Mercenary battled in a grudge match.

    Maclin controlled through the commercial break, showcasing the tenacity and focused attacks that have helped him emerge as one of the breakout stars of Impact Wrestling since his arrival in 2021.

    Storm attempted a comeback, but Maclin caught him in the Crosshairs, then escaped an attempt at the Eight Second Ride and cut his momentum off again. Storm, showing the resiliency that has always been part of his in-ring makeup, delivered a top-rope elbow drop for a near-fall.

    Maclin utilized an exposed turnbuckle to his advantage, though, and dropped the Cowboy with a DDT for the pinfall victory.

    This was a solid if unspectacular wrestling match, but the win is enormous for Maclin. The former Marine has been red-hot in recent months and has very clearly been positioned as one of the company's stars of the future. Wins like this build credibility while an on-screen partnership with Moose, and prospective rivalry with Sami Callihan, will only help establish his spot among the top stars in the promotion.


    Maclin defeated Storm



    Top Moments

    • Prior to the match, another vignette aired hyping the return of Killer Kelly. Her addition to the Knockouts Division will only help enhance a roster that is among the most impressive in any promotion in wrestling today.
    • The commentary team reminded fans of Maclin's assist of Moose at Against All Odds and questioned what the motive was behind it.
    • After the match, the arena went dark and Sami Callihan appeared in the center of the ring, only to find that Maclin out-thought him and escaped up the ramp. That eventual match could be a ton of fun between two hard-hitting badasses.

Chelsea Green vs. Mickie James

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    With Mia Yim and Deonna Purrazzo barred from ringside, Mickie James and Chelsea Green settled their difference in a personal grudge match.

    Green started the match with a kiss, hoping to catch her opponent off-guard. It was the last time the match would resemble "friendly" in the slightest.

    The Hot Mess dominated the action, disrespecting James along the way by referring to her as a "washed up legend." James fought back, hellbent to silence her rival, avenge her betrayal and prove she is anything but washed.

    The heel repeatedly attempted to cheat, but each time was either found out by the official or countered by James. That is, until the finish, which saw her roll James up and use the ropes for added leverage, thanks to her long legs. The referee did not see it and counted the fall, awarding the match to Green.

    This was a good, hard-fought match that was not quite as "brutal" as the commentary team tried to sell it as but was still physical nonetheless.

    Green winning was the right call, and the finish almost certainly sets up a rematch at some point. The question is whether Green should have won outright. Given the fact that we have a babyface Knockouts champion, the Canadian would have made for a perfect top contender.

    Winning against James, as clean and definitively as possible, would have been a step in that direction.


    Green pinned James



    Top Moments

    • "Oh! Shades of Stratus and James!" Tom Hannifan exclaimed after Green started the match with a manipulative kiss.
    • "Get the hell outta my ring!" Green ordered, disrespecting the future Hall of Famer.
    • Green again paid homage to James vs. Stratus, kicking James' knee out from under her, sending the former Knockouts champion face-first into the heel's own knee.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Masha Slamovich

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    Masha Slamovich made it abundantly clear to Tenille Dashwood that the Aussie was next on her list of Knockouts to dominate, then destroy on her path to championship gold.

    Accompanied by Madison Rayne and Gisele Shaw Thursday, the former Knockouts tag champion appeared to be more of a lamb led to slaughter than a confident and elite competitor.

    The match lasted as long as one might expect. Slamovich destroyed Dashwood in short order, putting her away with the Snow Plow, while Shaw's actions at ringside reflected someone in denial of Slamovich's focus being on her and her associates.

    There was plenty of reason to be concerned with Slamovich's recent appearances on Impact, with crowds failing to really care for anything she has done. After this, it is apparent that the apathy was the result of too many squash matches against too many unnamed competitors.

    The minute Slamovich targeted The Influence, the crowd bought into her character and the idea of her dominating the opposition. Dashwood was first, but it is clear the story is building to a showdown between the Russian and Shaw, who has been positioned as a breakout star.

    Slamovich should win that, but if the company can make her pursuit of a one-on-one dismantling of Shaw compelling, it will go a long way in ensuring the dominant Knockout further establishes that all-important connection with the audience.


    Slamovich squashed Dashwood


    A; it was exactly what it should have been

    Top Moments

    • Prior to the match, a video package aired featuring Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie's search for Havok. In her place, they found a smiling Jessicka, presumably her alter-ego.
    • The chants of "Masha's gonna kill you" were a step in the right direction for the unbeaten Russian. The Impact crowds have been quieter for her squash matches, but now that she is confronted by legitimate competition, they are buying into her act.
    • Backstage, Gia Miller attempted to get a word with Mickie James, but the legendary competitor said she was only as good as her last match and was "going home." 

Honor No More vs. Bullet Club

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    Credit: Impact Wrestling

    The rivalry between Honor No More and Bullet Club wrote its latest chapter Thursday as Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Kenny King and Eddie Edwards battled Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, Chris Bey and Ace Austin in an Eight-Man Tag Team Match.

    The Ring of Honor alumni set the pace of the match, utilizing ringside distractions to seize and retain control of the bout. A hot tag to Anderson, following by a furious and energetic explosion by Gallows, had Bullet Club rolling late.

    Taven's Aurora Borealis frog splash to Gallows allowed Honor No More to weather the onslaught and secure the win. More importantly, it set Taven and Bennett up to challenge The Good Brothers for the Impact World Tag Team Championship.

    Any time a collection of talent such as this is present in one match, it is destined to be both very good and a ton of fun. That was the case here as Honor No More and Bullet Club once again showcased considerable in-ring chemistry while giving fans something new in the process.

    Taven picking up the win was a huge moment for him because he, more than anyone, has been somewhat neglected by creative. A former world champion and the lifeblood of Ring of Honor alongside Jay Lethal and the Briscoes in the company's waning days, he should probably be more spotlighted than he has been.

    This was a nice way to change that. Give him and OGK teammate Bennett the opportunity to run with the tag titles, and the result will be a rejuvenated division.


    Honor No More defeated Bullet Club (Taven pinned Gallows)



    Top Moments

    • Heath continued his vendetta against Honor No More by dropping Vincent on the stage before the match.
    • The commentary team put over the history between Bennett, Taven and The Good Brothers. It was a nice touch and added gravity to what is already a star-studded main event.

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