Notre Dame Football: 5 Most Likley Bowl Games Awaiting the Irish

Jayson LoveCorrespondent INovember 13, 2011

Notre Dame Football: 5 Most Likley Bowl Games Awaiting the Irish

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    All is right in the world. Coach Kelly's Notre Dame Fighting Irish are bowl eligible.

    Notre Dame is even in the hunt for a BCS game with a very real opportunity at the BCS should it win out and get to nine wins.

    Before you book your plane tickets and hotel room, read this article.  But then, also wait for official announcements.

    The Irish get their Big East bowl ties through the Big East and through other BCS conferences that fail to meet their requisite bowl allocations.

    The Irish have a chance to attend some pretty desirable bowl games, but may be left wishing they had a conference affiliation should they miss out on the BCS and second-tier bowl games.

    The last two games will go a long way towards deciding where the Irish land, but here are Notre Dame's five most likely destinations for the holiday season.

    I have put them in order from least likely to most likely.

Orange Bowl

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    This is the least likely scenario for the Irish, but if you are a Notre Dame fan, dream big!

    Can this team get to the requisite nine wins? 

    It will get its eighth win this weekend when it hosts a bad Boston College team next weekend, but will need to beat Stanford at Stanford on Thanksgiving weekend.

    Stanford showed weakness on defense against faster players against the pass and specifically the run—something Notre Dame has in abundance with Floyd at wide receiver, and Cierre Wood and C.J. Gray in the backfield.

New Mexico Bowl

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    Here is where it begins to get fun, not so much for the Notre Dame fan, but it's where you look for conference who are missing enough bowl-eligible teams that Notre Dame could slip in and replace.

    The last time this scenario occurred, the Irish chose to stay home for the holidays.

    The Pac-12 has seven eligible teams in terms of wins, but USC cannot go to a bowl because of their NCAA violations.

    This is a bowl that Notre Dame may be invited to attend. 

Liberty Bowl

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    The SEC currently has six bowl eligible teams, the Liberty takes the eighth or ninth from the SEC,.

    This is a bowl that would love to get Notre Dame and it has just enough history and staying power to possibly lure Notre Dame to attend. 

Pinstripe Bowl

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    Yankee Stadium would love to get Notre Dame.

    Notre Dame played Army there last season, and it was the hottest ticket in town.

    Should Notre Dame not get the Champs Sports Bowl or a BCS bowl game, this is a likely landing spot for the Irish.  It would be a desirable game against a BCS opponent from the Big XII, and a desirable location in New York City.

Champs Sports Bowl

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    This is the best bowl associated with the Big East that is not part of the BCS.

    Notre Dame gets their bowl ties through the Big East so should UND miss the Orange, this is the most likely landing spot for Kelly's team.

    Non-BCS Notre Dame teams used to land the Gator Bowl on New Year's day, the Champs is now that level of bowl game for the Big East as the Gator now selects from the SEC and Big Ten. 


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