VVS: Very Very Special Indeed

sri harshaCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

Maybe it is a curse to be born as Vangirapu Venkata Sai Laxman. One failure was all that required to drop him. All the good work done before goes unnoticed. If the pitch supports the bowlers, he had to make ay for a bowler. He plays in the same era and team consisting Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly who grab the spotlight and leave him in the backdrop. Maybe it is a curse to be born as V.V.S Laxman.

V.V.S Laxman, however, is a true gentleman cricketer. Never did he show his frustration. Everytime he was dropped, he kept his emotions under control and only came stronger and better. Even though he was a superior performer thn many others, he was one got the axe. The reason for Laxman being dropped at the expense of Dinesh Mongia for the 2003 world cup will always remain as mystery. Gilchrist once commented that he was surprised that every time Laxman plays Aussies he weaves magic but only to be dropped after the series. Probably he was a toy in the hands of those confused Indian selectors. He never talked, he only performed.

The Renaissance Man of Indian Cricket

Many believe that Laxman’s 281 against Aussies in 2000-01 was the renaissance of Indian cricket. India beat the world champions who came with into the  match with 16 consecutive victories in tests. That gave India a lot of strength and faith an confidence. Against the best team in the world, Laxman gets his best. His batting is all about and style. Steve Waugh said that Laxman is potentially as good as Tendulkar. And he meant every bit of it.

He has always contributed his everything to Indian cricket. His two innings against NZ at Mohali saved the match for India. His 69 against Australia at Mumbai in 2004  help India secure a close win. Then there is the Adelaide win and many more.

He has done so much to Indian cricket and world cricket for all this he shall remain the most underrated and underutilized cricketer in the history of World cricket.

Probably it is a blessing to be born as V.V.S Laxman. God created him and style defines him. He has the best wrist work in cricket. Not many would stay as focused even after many humiliations. Not many would have been rated as a equal to Sachin Tendulkar. Not many cricketers would play 100 tests for their country and not fall into any controversy. He plays in the same era and team consisting of the greats like Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly. He, along with them forms the FAB FOUR. Not many would be so fortunate. Probably it is a blessing to be born as Very Very Special Laxman. Indeed.