NFL Roster Cuts 2011: Carolina Panthers That Are Cleaning out Their Lockers

George Anderson@BigChow73Analyst IISeptember 2, 2011

NFL Roster Cuts 2011: Carolina Panthers That Are Cleaning out Their Lockers

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    There is only a matter of days left before Week 1 at the Arizona Cardinals, and the Carolina Panthers have a long way to go to reach the 53-man roster limit.

    This is a tough time for the coaches and the team as the coaches are looking for the players who can help the team win, but at the same time there are no loyalties with the new coaching staff and very few players can really feel safe.

    What is even worse is that the Panthers have been unable to stay healthy this preseason, so it is looking like whoever is still standing will have a good chance of making the team.

    Whether the player was physically unable or just was not the right fit, here is the updated list of roster cuts for the Panthers.

Injured Reserve/Injury-Related Release

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    September 3:

    CB Brandon Hogan and FB Tony Fiammetta

    Hogan has been placed on the PUP list while recovering from an ACL tear last season. Fiammetta could fit on both slides. He was meant to be the next Brad Hoover but never came close. His injury gave the Panthers an excuse to finally cut him.

    OL Gary Williams

    Williams is another blow to a depleted line. His placement on the IR now leaves about 6 linemen from last year. Williams decided to be original and fracture his ankle. OL Geoff Hangartner was recently released, maybe he could make a return appearance in Carolina?

    August 30: WR David Gettis, TE Gary Barnidge, C Zach Williams, RG Geoff Schwartz, G Duke Robinson and QB Tony Pike

    This list is painful already with defensive tackle Ron Edwards on the injured reserve, but now Gettis, Barnidge, Williams and Schwartz all join him.

    Gettis was a favorite to win the No.2 receiver position with his deep speed. Barnidge was looking sharp in the preseason and had a chance to excel with an offense that actually uses tight ends.

    Williams is probably the least important of everyone, as he was just a backup center from the sixth round.

    Schwartz is by far the worst loss as he was expected to start at right guard, but no one knew how bad his hip really was.

    Robinson and Pike continue in the deduction of the last couple drafts of John Fox. Robinson was a monstrous guard who was thought to be a steal in the fifth round, but his inability to keep in shape and stay healthy ended his career in Carolina. Pike was released because of an injured shoulder, but let’s face it: the mascot got more playing time.

Just Not Good Enough

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    September 4: Everette Brown

    It was a long time coming and it finally happened. The guy the Panthers traded a future 1st for has been released because he could not play at the NFL level. Brown was undersized coming in, but the potential was there. Chalk this up as another second round failure.

    September 3:

    WR's Wallace Wright and Charly Martin, CB Chevis Jackson, S Michael Greco, RB Josh Vaughn, and TE Greg Smith

    The Panthers finally announced the last of their cuts and none are shockers. Martina and Wright were never in the receiver debate, and Vaughan though a fan favorite with Sutton, just plays the wrong position to stay in Carolina.

    LB Lawrence Wilson and CB Robert McClain

    Two more late round picks, with McClain being another cast-off from Fox's last season. Wilson couldn't hack it against the Panthers' deep linebacker corps. I'm so glad that there wasn't a certain beast linebacker out of Michigan State that would have been a better pick.

    CB C.J. Wilson and OL Ryan Pugh

    Wilson was one of the few veterans left, but his sole contributions came on special teams coverage. Look for the Panthers to take an interest at corner back, especially Joselio Hanson who was recently released by the Eagles

    DT's Corvey Irvin, Nick Hayden and Deljuan Robinson, CB Kendric Burney, OL John Gianninoto, WR Darvin Adams, and DE Malcolm Tatum

    The Panthers are down to 70 players, but tough cuts have already been made. 

    Irvin was a recent third round pick that never even showed he belonged in the NFL. Hayden was never big or even very good, but he had a good motor and heart.

    Burney is a bit of a surprise as the Panthers aren't exactly deep at the corner position, but I expect to see Burney return later on.

    Adams was given a chance to prove himself against a group of unproven receivers, but he is not ready yet. I would not be surprised if he is another practice squad invitee.

    RB Tyrell Sutton

    The Panthers have made another surprising move as they have waived Tyrell Sutton, running back from Northwestern. Sutton had always proven to be a reliable back as he ran with good power, displayed good hands, and he even filled in at fullback on occasion. This is not a case of Sutton not being good enough, but more the Panthers are very deep at the running back position and the Panthers feel Sutton would have a better chance to play with another team.

    September 1: DT Kentwan Balmer

    The first-round pick was never even given a chance to play and the defensive tackle is still the Texas-sized bullseye of the defense.

    August 31: FB Rashawn Jackson

    Jackson was given another chance at the fullback position, but Tony Fiammetta has the position on lock. Look for Jackson to be a practice-squad guy later on.

    August 27: P Anthony Santella, WR Trent Guy, DTs Louis Ellis and Tommie Duhart

    No surprises here. Guy was the only one with a real chance on special teams, but Mike Goodson has proven to be dynamite as a return man and Armanti Edwards is slowly excelling at the position. 

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