Stanley Cup: 16 Craziest Things Ever Done with the Stanley Cup

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2011

Stanley Cup: 16 Craziest Things Ever Done with the Stanley Cup

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    There is very little debate that the Stanley Cup is the greatest trophy in all of sports but, what's more, no trophy in the world can create the party or the type of attention that this piece of hardware can.

    Players work their entire career towards hoisting that trophy, and when their team is finally successful, everyone gets a day with the Cup. And boy, do these guys make the most of it.

    With just 24 hours with the trophy, players don't hold back, making the Cup a part of the daily routine, and even doing headline-worthy stuff with the thing.

    Let's take a look at the craziest things that have ever been done to the world's finest piece of hardware.

Mark Messier Parties Hard with the Cup

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    Back in 1987, Mark Messier was a huge part of the reason the Oilers won the Stanley Cup. Thus, the superstar took the Cup out clubbing and partied with the fans. 

    Unfortunately, the Cup was damaged during the course of the evening and had to receive repairs as a result.

The Stars Toss the Cup

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    Now, there are conflicting reports about the validity of this next story, but the rumors alone are enough to make this list.

    After the Stars won the Cup in 1999, there was a huge pool party at Craig Ludwig's house. Well, apparently, Guy Carbonneau decided that tossing the Stanley Cup off of the deck of the house and into the pool would be a fun time for all involved.

    Due to some bad luck, the Cup didn't reach the pool. Instead, it hit the lip of the pool and suffered serious damage. No league source has confirmed this incident, but how else does a dent like that get there?

Kris Draper's Child Uses the Cup as a Diaper

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    The Stanley Cup has been put through a lot of nasty things. None, however, are as nasty as what Kris Draper put the Cup through following Detroit's victory in 1998.

    Draper put his daughter in the Stanley Cup, which is a cute idea until, of course, the baby soils it by using it as a toilet.

    Don't worry, Draper cleaned it and drank out of it later that day. 

Kentucky Derby Winners Gets the Cup

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    After winning the 1994 Stanley Cup, members of the New York Rangers wanted to share the experience with another champion.

    So, the guys took the Cup to Belmont Park and fed Kentucky Derby winner Go for Gin out of the top. That's some creativity right there.

Lemieux and Roy Take the Cup Swimming

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    Apparently, Patrick Roy did not learn much from Mario Lemieux. Despite the Penguins captain unsuccessfully taking the Stanley Cup swimming follow the victory in 1991, Roy decided to do the same in 1993.

    Both players were left with a Cup on the bottom of their pool, and an angry league official in their ear. 

Red Kelly's Son Has an Accident

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    Red Kelly was trying to have a nice family moment with the Stanley Cup, posing for pictures with his son inside the trophy.

    The moment turned humorous when Kelly's son was removed from the Cup, leaving only urine behind.

Richard Chips a Tooth

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    Maybe it's not the craziest thing ever done with the Cup, but back in 1957 the trophy inflicted physical damage on one of the winners.

    If you ever thought it was dangerous to drink out of such a heavy object, you should have warned Rocket Richard, who chipped two teeth drinking out of it after winning in '57.

Dog Bowl

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    What better way to celebrate winning the Stanley Cup than with man's best friend?

    That's what Clark Gillies was thinking, as he filled the Cup with dog food and let his dog eat out of it. Canines have to have some fun too, right?

The Cup Heads over Seas

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    It's tough to believe that the Stanley Cup did not leave North America until 1996. But it took that long before a European-born player used his day with the Cup to bring it back home.

    When the Avalanche won it all in '96, Peter Forsberg became the first to bring Lord Stanley's hardware overseas.

A Holy Celebration

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    Everyone parties in different ways. For Sylvain Lefebvre, combining two celebrations was the way to go.

    After winning the 1996 Stanley Cup, Sylvain Lefebvre used his day with the Cup to have his daughter baptized in it. That's clever thinking.

The Cup as an Actor

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    Who says inanimate objects can't act?

    The Stanley Cup is such a prominent figure that it has appeared on several T.V. shows, including Boston Legal and 30 Rock. 

The Cup as a Soccer Ball

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    As it turns out, even a hundred years ago people were foolish.

    The 1905 Stanley Cup Champion Ottawa Senators had quite the celebration in their hometown. Things got so rowdy that one player decided to drop kick the trophy into the canal. Of course, he neglected the fact that the canal was frozen.

Leaving the Cup Behind

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    The Canadiens have won the Cup so many times that they don't even remember if they have it with them.

    In 1924, the team was on its way to celebrate the victory when they got a flat tire. The team repaired the tire and went on their way. Once they got to the party, though, they realized that they had left the Cup on the side of the road.

Celebratory Bonfire

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    In 1962, the Toronto Maple Leafs were on top of the hockey world.

    During the celebratory bonfire, the club mistakenly used the Stanley Cup as fire wood, dropping the hardware into the fire. The Leafs had to pay for the significant damage done to the Cup in the process.

The Cup Goes Hollywood

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    The Stanley Cup has seen its fair share of Hollywood. Luc Robitaille took it to the Hollywood sign, it has ridden a ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, and even participated in the Rose Bowl Parade in 2008 after the Anaheim Ducks claimed hockey's top prize.

Paying off the Mortgage

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    The 1940-1941 season was a big one for the New York Rangers. In addition to winning the Stanley Cup, the club paid off the mortgage on the Madison Square Garden.

    To celebrate, the Rangers lit the mortgage on fire while it was in the Cup, causing the Cup to light on fire. Not to worry, though, the players put out the fire with their urine.

    Some say that's the reason why the team had to wait until 1994 to win the Stanley Cup again.


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