NHL Power Rankings: Broad Street Bullies and the Toughest Teams in NHL History

Eric CaspersonCorrespondent IIAugust 2, 2011

NHL Power Rankings: Broad Street Bullies and the Toughest Teams in NHL History

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    Since the NHL came back from their lockout in 2005, the game has changed a great deal.

    Teams now have to become faster and swifter on their skates, instead of just physically overpowering their opposition. Stricter rules have limited fighting and have created more one or two men advantages per game.

    Still, we see spurts of old style play. This year's Boston Bruins showed that a physical team can still win the Stanley Cup.

    With that in mind, here are the toughest teams in NHL history.

    Feel free to comment and add teams of your choice.

6. 2000 New Jersey Devils

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    Scott Stevens led the New Jersey Devils to multiple division championships and a Stanley Cup.

    He, along with Brian Rafalski and Scott Niedermayer manned perhaps one of the best defensive groups in NHL history.

    All fans have to remember is Stevens' hit on Eric Lindros that pretty much ended his career.

5. Bruins of the Early 90s

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    Cam Neely finally got his Stanley Cup as a non-player, but man did he and the Bruins deserve one from 1988-1991.

    Any team that Neely was on had to be one pretty tough, physical team. The dynamic Neely was not just a hard hitter. He was a superstar that scored 50 goals a season.

4. 2011 Boston Bruins

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    In this new age of hockey, the 2011 Bruins proved that a tough, physical team can still hoist Lord Stanley's Cup.

    The Bruins won the Cup mostly due to their stellar defense and outstanding goaltending.

    Zdeno Chara led the team with his big body, punishing oncomers constantly into the glass.

3. Montreal Candiens of The1970s

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    One of the most fearless players in NHL history, Larry Robinson, paired with Serge Savard and Guy Lapointe, formed the "Big Three."

    The physical defensemen also led the Canadiens to being one of the best ever teams in NHL history.

2. The Big Bad Bruins of the 70s

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    One of the most famous players taking one of the most famous leaps in NHL history.

    Bobby Orr and the Big Bad Bruins of the early 70s paved the way for a team like the Broad Street Bullies to even exist.

    This team was one of the first teams to instill fear in the eyes of the opponents.

1. 1970s Philadelphia Flyers

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    The Broad Street Bullies did not just instill fear of their physical play amongst their opponents. The orange and black scared opponents because of their combination of physicality and raw skill.

    Dave Schultz and Co. provided the fighting and disruption, while Bobby Clarke and Bill Barber provided the scoring.

    All of them led the team to two Stanley Cups.