7 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Athletes in NFL History

Will ToberAnalyst IJuly 24, 2011

7 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Athletes in NFL History

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    Ever since NFL athletes began making a ton of money, there have been players who have spent it on some absurd items.

    Now, while players in the NFL often make purchases the average American could never make, there are some purchases that are outlandish even by NFL standards.

    Whether it be a house, car, boat, or even a pet, there is really nothing players aren't willing to spend their money on.

    Here are the seven most ridiculous purchases made by NFL players.

Chad Ochocinco: Semi Truck

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    The only person in the NFL who could buy a $100,000 semi truck and not draw much shock or awe is Chad Ochocinco.

    The guy lives for attention, and what better way to get it than by purchasing a big, loud, gas-guzzling truck for his 32nd birthday.

    Ochocinco drove the truck—complete with an engraving of his name near the door— to his game against the New York Jets in 2010, which made for quite the entrance.

Bryant McKinnie: Bar Tab

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    Sometimes, even when NFL players are being advised to be frugal with their money, they manage to make some of the most ludicrous expenditures possible.

    Such was the case with Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie, who in the midst of an NFL Lockout spent $100,000 on a—wait for it—bar tab. To be fair, McKinnie has since called the story "exaggerated."

    The purchases were made at the My House nightclub during the NBA All-Star Kickoff Party. Included in the tab were 15 bottles of expensive champagne.

Darnell Dockett: Pet Aligator

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    While some purchases are outrageously expensive, others are ridiculously bizarre.

    Such is the case for Darnell Dockett. 

    The Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle also utilized social networking (Twitter) to publicize his purchase. 

    Dockett even tweeted that he wanted to bring his pet gator, Nino, to work, but I'm guessing the Cardinals weren't exactly excited about that idea.

Joe Namath: Fur Coat

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    "Broadway" Joe Namath is one of the most iconic players to ever pass through the National Football League.

    Few images have contributed more to Namath's iconic status than the quarterback wearing his fur coat on the bench beside other Jets players.

    To buy a fur coat as extravagant as the one Namath purchased is ridiculous enough, but to wear it on the sidelines of an NFL game...Well, that's just Broadway Joe being Broadway Joe.

Michael Vick: Fish Pond

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    When Michael Vick was just a young member of the Atlanta Falcons he made his fair share of mistakes. One of them—although nowhere near his biggest mistake—was buying an $85,000 fish pond.

    Since going to prison, Vick's life seems to have changed for the better and this type of lavish spending doesn't seem to be part of who he is anymore.

Fred Smoot: Love Boat

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    Fred Smoot wins the award for most controversial purchase.

    Smoot and Lance Johnstone were allegedly the ringleaders of a group of former Vikings players who purchased a cruise ship used for orgies.

    More than 90 players and just as many prostitutes were reportedly aboard the boat, and several players, including Smoot, faced penalties for the incident.

    Maybe Smoot was just trying to recreate his version of "The Love Boat"?

Chad Ochocinco: Pet Tiger

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    No one should be surprised that Chad Ochocinco made this list twice. After all, there's not much the star wide receiver does that isn't ridiculous.

    Can we blame him on this one, though?

    If you're a player on the Cincinnati Bengals, don't you kind of have to go out and buy a pet Bengal?

    Probably not, but still.