NHL: Some Things That Are Annoying

Cory Ducey@@duceycoAnalyst IIIJuly 15, 2011

NHL: Some Things That Are Annoying

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    So, there are a few things that annoy folks in sports, and there are some common ones across the board.

    I asked a few friends both at home and online: What annoys you the most in the NHL?

    The head office? The coaches? The media? The fans? I made this slideshow to create some dialogue, as I am sure that there are many things that annoy folks on the topic of the NHL. And quite frankly, I have a life, a job and a family that needs more time than I can spend writing every single aspect of what annoys folks on the NHL.

    Let's see what some said.

Habs Fans' Ole Ole Chant

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    Among the top of the list of hockey fans.  

    Even some Habs fans I have spoken to, who followed their beloved Bleu, Blanc et Rouge are getting annoyed with the use of the Ole Ole Chant.

    In the past, it wasn't annoying to today's degree because it was used as a signal that the game is done and the Habs are going to win.

    Today, it is used when they are tied in the second period. Not one when they are losing, of course.

    Some Habs fans hate it because they know that a determined opposing team will step up and put in the extra effort, and that seems to have happened several times in the recent past.

    Basically, it went from dreaded to annoying, and it has lost its meaning in today's games.

Bandwagon Jumpers

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    Probably the most annoying thing to witness.

    During the Bruins' Stanley Cup Duckboat Parade, there were the "Pink Hats." Ladies walking around cheering on the Bruins wearing the pink Boston Bruin ball caps.

    They were interviewed, and when asked about players...no clue.

    You will see this in virtually every city that wins a championship.

City Smashers

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    No, not slickers...smashers.

    Throughout history, there are sore losers, and nothing exemplifies this more than when you see fans virtually destroy neighborhoods and businesses because their team lost. And in some cases...even when they won.

    Vancouver has the auspicious distinction of doing it twice in '94 and in 2010 when their team lost to an Original Six team in seven games.

    Montreal did a number to their city when it their team WON the Cup in '93.

    There were other riots from other sports, of course, but here are the memorable ones from the NHL. 

The Media

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    Probably the worst we have seen in recent years, the media loves to take some statements, stir the pot and see what they come up with.

    With sensationalism, the mass media will stoop to new lows just to create "controversy," or they will actually take unconfirmed reports and treat them like gospel using words like "allegedly," or "reportedly" in order to get the story in, and then they let the sheep run with it to throw things completely out of proportion.

Agitators and Pests: Depending on Your Point of View

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    Agitators. Hate them when they are aginst your team...love them when they are on your team.

    Pests. They are generally not liked by both sides of the fence.

    Sean Avery and Dan Carcillo are the two top Pests that I personally cannot stand. Why? They bring little to the game of hockey.


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    As a Bruins fan, I love a physical game of hockey. Goonery is a physical game over the edge.

    I will freely admit that the Bruins tend to stray over that edge from time to time, but there are individuals out there that will freely take your head off with impunity.

    Chris Simon is one that comes to mind that will go as far as stomp on a player's leg with his skate. That is a step too far.

    The definition of a hockey goon is someone who will consistently play dirty hockey game in and game out and disrespect the opposing players with their actions. They bring little to the game of hockey other than violence and cheap shots.

    The fans will disagree on who goons are, and then there are the obvious players that are.

    Some with say Chara is a goon. But he doesn't play that type of game or make those types of plays that would give him that moniker.

    The same went for Tie Domi. He was a player that was on the edge, but goon-like status wasn't befitting of him in my opinion.

    Carcillo can be considered a goon, and Simon most definitely.

    One of the glaring examples of a Goon Squad were the Broad Street Bullies of the Philadelphia Flyers. Goonery at its finest. 

Gary Bettman

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    What? You're surprised he is in here?

    If you are, you don't know hockey.

    It's a very common response that Bettman is one of the things that annoy fans about the NHL.

    I will give him one credit. The cap system is genius. This has prevented teams with deep pockets from getting all the talent and giving small market teams a fair shot at the Cup.

    After that, there really isn't much. A lot of folks loathe Bettman for many reasons, but the loathing is there. Ask the Vancouver fans at the Cup presentation.

    When he stepped on the ice, I have not heard more boos for him...ever...


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    Fans. Not all fans, but fanatics...the very term that the word fans comes from.

    You got the fans that love their teams...then you got the fans that LOVE their teams.

    Every team has them. The glaring examples that I have seen are Montreal, Toronto, and Boston.

    Don't get me wrong. You have fans from other teams that are just as annoying, but the shear numbers on the example I have provided are staggering compared to other teams.

    A big reason being that these are among the oldest teams in the league, so the following is much deeper rooted.

    Even here at B/R, I have written articles that opened the gates of hell because I mentioned some individuals that happened to be associated with their team, which they apparently took as an attack. Even though I have stated (many times and in a few different forms) that this was not about their team, but the individual, they repeated that I was attacking their team.

    The result? A whole lot of laughter on my part. I made some people really mad over words that do not apply to them or their team (although, I tried to tell them that). I was amazed at the mentality of what I believe are productive citizens that would stoop so low, resorting to childish banter.

    Then there are the one-on-one folks that would just grate on your nerves.

    I recall one incident where a Habs fan was telling me how the Habs "destroyed" the Bruins in a game...a game that went to OT. I chuckled and gave him that "really?" look and walked away. Funny, I have not heard from him since...or many Habs fans for that matter.

    You can't paint all fans with the same brush. I have many Habs fans that I can discuss hockey in a good, intelligent, unheated manner, and we enjoy our rivalry. (Even though I hung a Bruins flag in front of my house, one of those fans did ask me when I was going to take it down...not any time soon, Alan.)

    But to the fans that are fans to a fault? Yeah...you are annoying.

CBC Sports Commentators

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    More than anything...it's what I have heard from fans near and far.  

    Glen Healy actually surpassed Bob Cole in the annoying commentator department. I was shocked at first, but then I had the misfortune of having to listen to this guy during the playoffs when CBC covered it.

    I can slightly (VERY slightly) understand a commentator from a national station such as CBC, and I have never heard such bias—not from one, but three commentators.

    Bob Cole is a long time Habs fan, and he would present such emotion when a Canadian franchise would score but would show little emotion when an American franchise would score...even though the American franchise would have more Canadian players in the roster.

    Glen Healy?  He is taking up a notch or two and would just be blatant in his comments.  Talking about Mike Milbury's ego back in Dec 18th on the Hotstove (about 6 minutes in) when his more than challenges it.  Very unprofessional.

    Jim Hughson? Bob Elliot? Not so much, but it's still obvious.

    Yes, Don "Grapes" Cherry is a complete Bruins nut but the man played the game, was a coach of the Bruins, and has been in the media long enough so that at least more than three-fourths of what he says rings the truth.

    More than I can say for Healy, who was a backup goalie (and a bad one at that), has not coached, and is horrible at his current trade.

    By the way, I'm a Canadian, just in case I get that "Just like an arrogant, stupid American" comment. Bet I'll get them anyway.

    Consider this: When Doc Emrick calls the game, he produces the same emotion for each goal scored. Sure he called for the Devils and is American born, but I have to give credit where credit is due. He is one announcer that even if he is biased, you rarely hear it in his play-by-play (with the exception of the American/Canadian games in the Olympics when Kesler scored on the empty net).

    Jack Edwards is Boston through and through. But when it came down to the play-by-play, he was fair, and when an opposing team scored, he would apply the same high emotion.  

    One glaring example of bias on his part was when the Bruins scored the OT winner in Game 7, and he then ranted about the Tea Party comparison in regards to Montreal's attitude towards other teams in the NHL.  

    I thought it was over the top. A little funny...but over the top. 

And There Ya Have It!

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    I welcome your thoughts on what annoys you about the NHL.

    Feel free to send questions, comments, and nasty remarks, but let's keep it civil, folks.

    After all. It's only a game.

    This is Cory Ducey saying "Hit Hard, But Keep It Clean."