Top 10: Most Memorable Quotes in Philadelphia Sports History

Bryn Swartz@eaglescentralSenior Writer IIIOctober 21, 2008

10) Danny Ozark, former Phillies manager: “Half this game is ninety percent mental.”

Wait, what?

9) Matt Stairs quote #1: “I'm not going to lie... I try to hit home runs and that's it.”

How to make an entire city love you forever: Hit a game-winning home run in the NLCS and then tell the entire city that all you want to do is hit home runs. Even better was when Stairs admitted that he's not going to hit a single and steal second base. Philly is okay with homers, Matt.

8) Matt Stairs quote #2: “When you get that nice celebration coming into the dugout and you're getting your ass hammered by guys—there's no better feeling that to have that done.”

Obviously, Matt's never been in prison.

7) Shawn Bradley: “The problem with Philadelphia fans is that they want you to play every game like it's your last one.”

This sums up your career in Philadelphia. One hundred percent sums it up.

6) Drew Rosenhaus: “Next question.” (Times 13)

Thank you for everything you did for us, Drew. One reporter asked it best: “What have you done for T.O., besides getting him suspended?” Next question.

5) Ricky Watters: “For who? For what?”

First game of his career with the Eagles, he goes across the middle and short-arms a pass to avoid getting popped. When asked about his cowardness after the game, he responded, “For who? For what?” It was probably the worst thing he could possibly say and Philly phans will never let him forget it. Nor will we ever forget it.

4) Allen Iverson: “Practice?! We're talkin 'bout practice! Not a game! Practice!”

Guess what, Allen? You actually CAN make your teammates better by practicing. But I guess your individual statistics are more important.

3) Aaron Rowand: “For who? My teammates. For what? To win.”

I love this. Right back at ya, Ricky Watters. After his game-saving catch, in which he broke his nose and bloodied his face, Rowand helped right a wrong in Philadelphia, by giving us a proper version of the “For who? For what?” incident.

2) Freddie Mitchell: “I'd like to thank my hands for being so great.”

Yup, fourth and 26 was awesome. And you did good in the 2004 playoffs also. Until you trash-talked Rodney Harrison and then did absolutely nothing in the Super Bowl. Then we released you and you failed in tryouts with the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and the Dallas Cowboys again.

Then you caught a summer school job as a substitute teacher, until you tried to have sex with a 15-year-old girl and got fired.

This was all ten years after you intentionally identified the first President of the United States as Benjamin Franklin in a Jay Leno “man on the street” interview, knowing that your answer was more likely to be aired on the show if it it was incorrect.

By the way, you were a history major...Now you have been contacting NFL teams, telling them that you think you can still play, even though you're 29 years old and haven't caught a pass in the NFL in four years. Best of luck to you and your marvelous hands.

1) Jimmy Rollins, 2007 National League MVP: “We're the team to beat in the NL East.”

You know, it's a stretch, but one could argue that the Phillies would never have made the World Series in 2008 if Rollins hadn't opened his mouth in January of 2007.

JRoll is a competitor and his words were exactly what Philly needed as motivation to win the National League East in 2007, and then the pennant in 2008.


Michael Strahan:Philly fans are great. Everybody complains about them being the meanest. That may be true. But, at the same time, they're great because it does get you into the game."

"They love their teams. I can respect that about them. They know their sports and they love their teams and they come out and support them every week, good or bad."

It's the only place where you pull up on the bus and you've got the grandfather, the grandmother, the kids and the grandkids—everybody's flicking you off. At other stadiums, they give you the thumbs-down. Here, they give you the middle finger.

That really says it all. We really do have the greatest phans in the entire world.


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