2011 Kentucky Derby: Top 10 Hats at Churchill Downs

Bennett SpectorSocial Media StaffMay 9, 2011

2011 Kentucky Derby: Top 10 Hats at Churchill Downs

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    Kentucky Derby hats are known for their vivacious colors and wildly extravagant size. "The bigger, the better" often seems to be the mantra for women parading the grandstand at Churchill Downs.

    Baby blue, blush pink, bright green, dandelion yellow, tangerine and lipstick red are just some of colors you can expect to see atop the heads of the southern belles at the derby.

    At the 137th Running of the Roses in Louisville, Kentucky, thousands of women came dressed to impress with their lavishly exotic Derby hats propped atop their done-up hair.  

    Only the best of the best have been showcased—here are the top 10 hats from race weekend at the Kentucky Derby!

No. 10: Rain Forest

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    A little rain forest flair goes a long way. Feathers were everywhere during derby weekend but originality of color choice warranted this hat a spot in the top 10.

No. 9: Spring Special

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    This spring gem was a real winner. Florals are huge at the Derby and this pink, green and cream number really highlighted the popular color scheme.

No. 8: Shaggy Dog

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    I call this hat the shaggy dog because it made me want to walk up and give it a nice pet. 

No. 7: Blue Beauty

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    The magnificent size of this hat caught my eye. The eye-popping blue detail was unlike anything else from Derby weekend. 

No. 6: Baby Top Hat

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    No clue what the history is behind this one but it makes me laugh every time. Small hats on grown ups... classic!

No. 5: More Than a Hat

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    Black, white and pink all over. This hat featured some one-of-a-kind design. The bright ribbon really set it off.

No. 4: Sunflower

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    Simply stunning sunflower. Yellow and orange hats were rarities at the Derby. This one stood out for all of the right reasons.

No. 3: Pretty in Pink

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    This southern belle really stole the show. The foot-long feathers gave her Derby cap just the kick it needed to crack the top three.

No. 2: Twin Spires

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    The twin spires at Churchill Downs are one of the most iconic symbols from all of Derby weekend. You get the feeling this guy's seen a Derby or two in his day.

No. 1: Peacock

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    Winner, winner, peacock dinner! The feathers on this hat were unlike anything seen at the Downs this Derby weekend. The eye-popping blue dress was a perfect complement to this outrageous Derby masterpiece.  

Hats Off to the 10 Best Hats

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    The 137th Running of the Roses was one for the ages. My incredible experience at Churchill Downs never would have been possible if it werent for the gracious people at Ram Trucks and their ongoing partnership with the Kentucky Derby. 

    Here's to the best hats from Derby weekend, and I'll see y'all next year for the 138th running from Lousiville, Kentucky!