What's with All the Hate for Bob Cole?

KP Wee@kpwee1Senior Writer ISeptember 26, 2008

Jared Smith made a great point right here on Bleacher Report about how fans overreact on announcers making little mistakes such as missing a player's name.

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Smith's sentiments.

Out on the West Coast, you have all kinds of hockey fans taking shots at Hockey Night in Canada legend Bob Cole.

He misses players' names or mispronounces them, he's a Leaf homer despite being on the CBC national broadcast, he mistakes shots for passes, he's lost a few steps...Cole this, Cole that, and on and on.

When it was reported recently that Cole's role on HNIC was being shrunk and he'd be replaced by Jim Hughson, I'm sure a lot of people out there enjoyed the news.

Even the hosts on a local sports talk radio in the city I live in take shots at Cole every chance they get, always complaining that their buddy Hughson should be the lead man on HNIC.

I mean, come on. All those Bob Cole bashers should just give it a rest.

To me, Bob Cole is an icon, a true legend in broadcasting. I grew up watching the Stanley Cup Finals every year with Cole calling great games. I remember Cole doing all those classic Boston Bruins-Montreal Canadiens playoff contests from the old Adams Division in the early 1990s.

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Classic. Great voice. Great calls.

I'm sure there are lots of Cole fans out there, too, who no doubt have, over the years, enjoyed such calls as "Oh, baby!" or "Scores!"

This one here is a personal bias because I rooted for the Bruins then, but one of the most memorable calls I remember came from the 1992 Adams Division Finals. The Bruins were leading the Habs, 1-0, in Game Four, looking to sweep Montreal right out of the playoffs.

And when Peter Douris scored in the empty net, Cole simply cried, "OVER!" as the Boston Garden erupted.

Yes, a simple call, but a memorable one in the one of the sweetest Bruins playoff victories ever.

Bob Cole, a legend in broadcasting. He deserves more respect and credit than hockey fans give him.

Yes, yes, all those KP bashers are going to write in and say "Do you even watch hockey?" or "Do you even listen to his calls?" and all that nonsense.

You know what? Give it a rest. You can rip me, but let's not rip a true Canadian icon, one who's been involved in so many classics for decades.

So, Bryan Thiel and Ken Armer, co-Community Leaders for the NHL section, any thoughts on Colesy?

Every hockey writer on Bleacher, here's your chance to tell me I'm wrong or tell me you think Cole has been getting ripped undeservedly.

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