Tim Tebow: Is There Room for One More on the Bandwagon?

Daniel BogaardCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2011

When it comes to becoming a "real" fan, I'm as excited as Tebow is right here.
When it comes to becoming a "real" fan, I'm as excited as Tebow is right here.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As the Tim Tebow bandwagon continues to increase in its size, while every other player on the team with the exception of Champ Bailey’s dwindles to nothing, it is time to pose the question: is there room for one more?

That’s right my fellow Tebow brethren, I am on board.  Go, tell it on the moun-tain, because the conversion is happening. 

Having always been critical of Tebow, the error in this thinking has been made readily apparent and it has been decided that it was an exercise in futility to even attempt to resist. 

Tebow is just too darn good. 

Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

It is hard to be certain when this sudden change came to be. 

Maybe it started after receiving the Dave Ramsey tickets in the mail for his show in Colorado Springs this month with special guest speaker Lou Dobbs. 

On the other hand, it could have been after watching Tebow's “Year of the Quarterback” special again on ESPN2 (which has since been DVR'd). 

No, now that it has become clearer, it must have been after continuing to read the countless articles on b/r about him. 

I have learned that at any time when I feel down in the dumps, and you can imagine how my life was pre-Tebow, I can now look to inspiration from those articles and know that everything is going to be okay. 

The Broncos may stink next year, but if Tebow is running the show, that is enough reason to smile. 

I truly thought that I had a decent understanding of Denver Broncos football, having been a fan for over 30 years and following them devoutly.

Yet getting the perspective from the devoted Tebow fan base (not the normal ones who would actually carry on a logical conversation, but the cool crazy ones who would insult your wife if you said anything bad about Tebow) has really allowed me to see what the Broncos should be all about. 

Observing the way that the fellow brethren interact with one another, the sense of community that is felt, and the sincere mutual connection and admiration—not for each other—but for Tebow, really set my soul on fire and I find it truly awe-inspiring. 

Was Blind, But Now I See

The only question is, how was I so blind to this before?

After all, Tim Tebow is the greatest college football player ever.  I read it in an article entitled, How Much Does God Love Tim Tebow? More Than He Loves You.  

When he broke his leg but still scored that TD in high school, and after the loss to Mississippi State when he stood up on the podium and promised it would never happen again...yep, should have been hooked.

Then, to top it all off, he wins the Heisman in his sophomore year?!?!  And a finalist three times?  That is unheard of!  No wonder why people started to like him the way that they did—and still do.

But he already had a huge following by then.  Most fans of Tebow started liking him before colleges ever tried to get him to sign the letter of intent.

Had to Stop the “Hater” Ways

Not me though.  I was too naïve and resistant to the fact that Tebow is destined to do great things.  In hindsight, I guess I should have been really excited when Denver drafted him instead of harboring the resentment that I did. 

I kept thinking, “Maybe we should have used the pick on something else, like a defensive player or something.”

Instead, I should have been thinking what the die-hards have thought, no knew, all along—Tebow is a winner. 

Everything is going to be okay. 

I shouldn’t have concerned myself with all of the questions about Tebow being able to play quarterback at the NFL level.  And now I know why—because he is Tim Tebow. 

To believe against that is like believing there is no wind; both are inevitable and will happen.

We can forget about Kyle Orton and I have figured out the reason for that, too.  Simply put, Tebow had better college stats than Orton—even better than Peyton Manning. 

The only college stat of Tebow's that is irrelevant is the fact that he did not run a pro-style offense. 

What he has done in the pros thus far has absolutely zero bearing on what his future in the NFL will look like.

Tebow the Visionary

In being made privy to this valuable insight, it is now concluded that in the same way Moses led the Israelites through the desert during the Exodus and into the promised land, I believe Tim Tebow is going to lead the Denver Broncos to the promised land as well. 

Instead of parting the Red Sea and getting water from a stone, he will be parting defenses and getting water out of a Gatorade bottle.  Only this one really counts.

Instead of receiving manna from heaven, we will receive victories from Tebow. 

And if there is ever a dissenter among us, and I mean us, they will be exiled, called an idiot and “programmed” to think otherwise. 

There have been thoughts shared to suggest that we should play the “wait and see” card with Tebow.  In hindsight, that really does not make sense anymore.

What is the benefit in doing that?  All it does is delay the inevitable. 

The fans get grumpy, too. 

Get rid of Orton, get rid of Quinn, just give Tebow a defense and a decent running game and watch him do his thing.  With Tebow, it really is that simple.

Tebow or Bust (Tebow’s Bust Will Come When He is a First-Ballot Hall of Famer)

Tim Tebow is going to be the starter. 

According to one of the many convincing articles that all of us have had the pleasure of reading, neither John Elway nor John Fox ruled out the possibility that Tebow starts next season—which really means—Tebow starts.    

So, the question now isn’t whether he is going to start, but how many consecutive games he will win and NFL records he will break in the process.

Of course, that may not go over well with the conniver Elway.  Elway doesn’t like to share the limelight with anyone, which is probably why they would trade Tebow...if they were ever crazy enough to do so. 

Nonetheless, jealousy makes you do crazy things. 

To finalize the news of this recent conversion, I cannot emphasize enough how much I am looking forward to sharing in the greatness that is Tebow with the "real" Tebow fans. 

Thanks for allowing me to hop on your bandwagon!

I even bought the Florida Gators video from Sports Illustrated.  They won the national championship, right?  Oh, it doesn't matter, I am just a Tebow fan anyway.

And I’ve got some catching up to do!

Here’s to Tebow.  May he continue to bless us and give the fans in Denver something they have never had—a true winner finally supported by real fans.


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