Super Bowl Snacks: The Top 10 Snacks We Love on Game Day

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2011

Super Bowl Snacks: The Top 10 Snacks We Love on Game Day

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    It's almost Super Bowl Sunday, and I know everyone is looking forward to the football, food, friends and commercials.  Since it's almost time for the big game, I figured it was time to go through some good old snack foods for the Super Bowl.  

    Without some of these foods, I know I would be lighter, but hey, you only live once right?

    So here they are, the top 10 Super Bowl snacks.


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    Well, of course every Super Bowl party needs chips.  Whether you are into Lays or Doritos, you are sure to find something in a bag to munch on during the big game.

    You can even get some tortilla chips and dip it in salsa. Yum!


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    If you have yet to try this delicious dip, you are missing out big time!  If you love bacon and unhealthy food, you will love this dip.  Look yourself up a recipe today to make for the big game tomorrow!

Bean Dip

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    Would it really be a Super Bowl without some bean dip?  I mean, the people around you might not enjoy it, but it sure tastes delicious. Grab some bean dip today!


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    I mean, this is a classic.  Although, you always have that really annoying guy at the party who just loves guacamole, but loves making jokes about it even more.

    Who's ready to Guac and Roll?


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    This is a classic, and very different from your normal cheese dip.  Queso has that special blend of cheeses that just make your taste buds sizzle.

    Whether you like it hot or mild, this is definitely a must have at your party.

Buffalo Dip

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    Buffalo dip is a favorite around our house.  This dip that features buffalo sauce, cream cheese, chicken and ranch dressing is like eating a wing without the mess.

    This is a definite must have for the chicken fans out there.

Buffalo Wings

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    If you are going to have anything, you have to have some wings.  Boneless or bone in, wings are the perfect treat for you at your Super Bowl Bonanza. 


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    After you have indulged in all the saltiness of snack foods, you will be in the mood for something sweet. What better than some cookies to make that happen?

    Everyone likes cookies.


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    It's hard to go wrong with pizza.  Get it from your favorite place or get some frozen pizza.  It's America's food, but not as American as the next item on this list.


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    Although this kid won't be partaking in any beer drinking, I know a lot of you will be. Every beer's a sandwhich? Right?

    So get your buddies a keg or a case and have a blast!