The 20 Worst Criminals in NFL History

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IJanuary 26, 2011

The 20 Worst Criminals in NFL History

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    LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 5:  O.J. Simpson arrives at the Clark County Regional Justice Center December 5, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Simpson and co-defendant Clarence 'C.J.' Stewart were sentenced on 12 charges, including felony kidnapping, armed robbery and
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    NFL football is a violent sport. It requires players to play with reckless abandon and little regard for the safety of the human body. Those who can do that the best are handsomely rewarded with large contracts and huge fanbases.

    As anyone who has ever had a job can tell you, it is important to not bring you work home with you. This is easier said than done. Unfortunately, this is true for NFL players.

    The dark side of NFL history reveals players that have failed to leave that violence on the field. Here are the 20 worst criminals in NFL history.

No. 20: Adam "Pac-Man" Jones

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    Jones worked hard to make this list. His crimes largely involve, but are not limited to, activities taking place around strip clubs. He has beat up strippers, bodyguards (his own) and other patrons of the club.

    The most intense of his strip club incidents ended in a gun fight that left one man paralyzed.

No. 19: Lawrence Taylor

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    In the immortal words of Rick James, "Cocaine is a helluva drug." It also seems to be the source of the majority of Lawrence Taylor's numerous run-ins with the law.

    His latest run-in with the law was the most serious. Taylor was charged with statutory rape involving an incident with a 16-year-old call girl. He ended up pleading guilty to one count of patronizing a prostitute and one count of sexual misconduct.

No. 18: Justin Strzelczyk

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    Strzelczyk has far from the longest rap sheet on this list. In fact, his placement revolves around one night. Strzelczyk was involved in an accident and fled the scene.

    He then led cops on a 40-mile chase. During the chase he allegedly threw beer bottles at the officers and flipped them off. The chase ended when Strzelczyk crashed head-on into a semi truck carrying flammable liquids, resulting in the pictured aftermath and his death.

No. 17: Cecil Collins

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    21 Aug 1999:  Cecil Collins #34 of the Miami Dolphins moves with the ball during the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. The Dolphins defeated the Chargers 13-10. Mandatory Credit: Tom Hauck  /Allsport
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    Cecil Collins is currently serving a 15-year burglary sentence. He broke into the home of a married woman he knew from the gym.

    Collins admitted that he broke in to watch the woman sleep.

No. 16: Donte Stallworth

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    Donte Stallworth pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter charges. Stallworth admitted to being under the influence at the time of the accident.

    Stallworth ended up serving 24 days in prison and serving a one-year suspension from the NFL. For his part, Stallworth has kept his nose clean since and as Stallworth says, "[He's] become a better decision-maker."

No. 15: Jim Brown

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    Brown has been arrested and served time on numerous occasions throughout his life for assaulting and threatening women.

No. 14: Barret Robbins

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    Barret Robbins missed the Super Bowl due to a bipolar-fueled alcohol binge to Mexico the night before the game. Things went downhill for Robbins from there.

    Robbins was charged with three counts of attempted felony murder after police were called due to his trespassing. Robbins was reportedly found crouching in a woman's bathroom. He charged the officers, who shot him twice, with one bullet piercing his heart.

    This was not enough to instantly subdue Robbins, as he slapped away the gun and knocked the officer, who shot him, to the ground.

No. 13: Michael Vick

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    Michael Vick did things so horrible to dogs that it has earned him a spot on this list ahead of people whose actions resulted in the loss of human lives.

    I'm sure you know the story, but the quick version is Michael Vick earned himself a 23-month jail sentence for his role in funding, promoting and facilitating a dog-fighting ring and his subsequent abuse and murder of his dogs.

No. 12: Lawrence Phillips

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    Lawrence Phillips may be the poster boy for anger control problems. He has been convicted several times of assaulting women. The most notable probably came into college when he broke into his ex's dorm and then dragged her by the hair down three flights of stairs.

    Philips is currently serving a 30-year sentence after he tried to run over a group of teens after they got into an argument during a pick-up football game.

No. 11: Dwayne Goodrich

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    Goodrich is currently serving time for a conviction on vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run charges.

    These charges stemmed from an incident where Goodrich's truck struck and killed two people who were trying to rescue a man from a burning vehicle. Goodrich's vehicle then fled the scene.

No. 10: Leonard Little

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    NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 13: Leonard Litte #91 of the St. Louis Rams looks on from the bench late in the game against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field on December 13, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Titans defeated the Rams 47-7. (Photo by Joe Robbins/G
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    Leonard Little was driving drunk, ran a red light and crashed into a mother of two and killed her.

    Little is certainly not alone in the NFL vehicular manslaughter charges, but what places him higher is that a few years later, he was again arrested for a DUI after he failed three field sobriety tests.

No. 9: Gene Atkins

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    11 Dec 1988:  Defensive back Gene Atkins of the New Orleans Saints moves the ball during a game against the Los Angeles Rams at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, California.  The Saints won the game, 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Mike Powell  /Allsport
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    Gene Atkins has a unique and diverse rap sheet. He was charged and later acquitted of firebombing a business associate.

    He later was arrested after his wife called the police claiming Atkins had pushed her against a wall, beat her with a remote control and bit her. The police arrived to find him barricaded in his house. When told he was under arrest, Atkins disagreed by saying, "No, I am not," and then punching the officer in the throat.

No. 8: Ray Lewis

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    KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 09:  Linebacker Ray Lewis #52 of the Baltimore Ravens reads the play in 2011 AFC wild card playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on January 9, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/G
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    Ray Lewis was arrested for two counts of first-degree murder after he was involved in a brawl that led to the stabbing and death of one of the people involved. Lewis ended up pleading guilty to obstruction of justice and the charges were dropped.

    He admitted to misleading police with his statements and the suit he was wearing during the fight was never found. Lewis ended up settling for an undisclosed amount with the victim's family.

No. 7: Alonzo Spellman

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    3 Nov 1996:  Defensive lineman Alonzo Spellman of the Chicago Bears looks on during a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.  The Bears won the game, 13-10. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel  /Allsport
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    Spellman is another member on this list who suffers from repeat anger management issues.

    His temper has led to an emergency landing of a flight after allegedly, among other things, Spellman told the pilot he was about to rip his throat out.

    He also has faced weapons charges and was involved in a standoff with police while barricaded in his publicist's home.

No. 6: Darryl Henley

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    13 Nov 1994: Defensive end Darryl Henley of the Los Angeles Rams scowls on the field during their 20-17 loss to the the Los Angeles Raiders at Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim, California.
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    Henley was convicted of trafficking cocaine, a charge in and of itself serious enough to warrant consideration for this list.

    Henley, however, went above and beyond that, and while on trial he was found to have contacted people to kill the judge presiding over his trafficking case.

    Henley received a 41-year sentence for these crimes.

No. 5: Jim Dunaway

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    Jim Dunway's ex-wife was found dead in a swimming pool. Autopsy reports indicated that she died from a fractured skull prior to be being placed in the pool.

    Dunaway was charged with murder, but not indicted. He later was found guilty in a wrongful death suit filed by his children.

No. 4: O.J. Simpson

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    LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 05:  O.J. Simpson smiles as he arrives in court for his sentencing hearing at the Clark County Regional Justice Center December 5, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Simpson and co-defendant Clarence 'C.J.' Stewart were sentenced on 12 charge
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    You know the story, right? O.J. was accused of murdering his wife and her lover. He was found not guilty, but later was found guilty in a wrongful death suit filed by the victim's family.

    O.J. is currently in prison for his role in an armed robbery and kidnapping case. Simpson and his accomplices broke into the hotel room of the victims and attempted to take sports memorabilia at gunpoint.

No. 3: Rae Carruth

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    21 May 1997:  Rae Carruth #84 of the Carolina Panthers at the L.A. Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. Mandatory Credit: Elsa Hasch  /Allsport
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    Rae Carruth's girlfriend, the woman carrying his baby, was shot four times in a drive-by shooting. She survived long enough to call 9-1-1.

    She described to the dispatchers that Carruth pulled up in front of her and stopped his car so that she could not move. The assailants soon drove up next to her and shot her. Carruth received an 18-24 year sentence for his involvement in the crime.

No. 2: Tommy Kane

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    Tommy Kane is currently serving time after pleading guilty to second-degree murder. The charges stem from the murder of his wife.

    The allegations were that Kane and his wife got into an argument after she said she wanted a divorce. They then say he grabbed her by the hair, dragged her into the kitchen, smashed her head against the floor and stabbed her in the neck.

No. 1: Robert Rozier

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    After his playing career, Rozier did time for a series of petty crimes. After his release he found Yahweh ben Yahweh's "Temple of Love." 

    From there, Rozier went on to join Yahweh's secret group, "The Brotherhood." To gain entrance into this group, applicants had to murder a "white devil" and return with a body part to prove it.

    Rozier admitted to killing not one, but seven "white devils."