2010 NFL MVP: Michael Vick and Tom Brady Making It a Two-Man Race

Matt FaulconerFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2010

Michael Vick
Michael VickJim McIsaac/Getty Images


With 14 weeks of the NFL season in the books and kickoff of Week 15 getting ready to start up, the MVP debate is heating up. With only three weeks remaining in the season, Michael Vick and Tom Brady appear to be the most likely candidates to take home the honor.

Starting with Michael Vick, we all know the story. From franchise cornerstone in Atlanta to a life behind bars, Vick has definitely made the most of his second chance.

When Kevin Kolb went down with a concussion in Week 1, it was Vick’s time to shine. Then, against the Redskins, it looked like disaster struck when he went down with a rib injury, but he was able to recover and has returned in brilliant form.

Vick will certainly be the NFL comeback player of the year, making us question whether it’s 2010 or 2002. However, Vick winning MVP honors and a Super Bowl would make his storybook ending come true.

Vick by the numbers:

2,513 Passing Yards, 17 TDs

483 Rushing Yards, 7 TDs

2996 Total Yards, 24 TDs

332 Yards Per Game, 2.6 TDs per game (counting the Redskins and Packers game as half games)

104.3 Passer Rating

Tom Brady seems to find himself in the MVP discussions every season, and this season is no exception. This season, the Patriots decided to cut ties with Brady’s biggest weapon, Randy Moss, and bring back Brady’s favorite target from 2005, Deion Branch.

Brady hasn’t seemed to lose a step without Moss around, utilizing other weapons from Wes Welker to Rob Gronkowski to Danny Woodhead.

Brady by the numbers:

3398 Passing Yards, 29 TDs

17 Rushing Yards, 1 TD

3415 Total Yards, 30 TDs

262.7 Yards Per Game, 2.31 TDs per game

109.9 Passer Rating

As a team, both the Eagles and the Patriots are having strong seasons and both are Super Bowl contenders. The Eagles are 9-4, but are 7-1 in games that Vick plays the entire game, his only loss coming against the Chicago Bears. Four of Vick’s seven wins this season have been against teams that are above .500.

The Patriots are 11-2 and eight of those eleven wins have been against above .500 teams.

After watching Tom Brady dismantle the New York Jets on Monday Night Football, I found myself believing that Brady was, and should be, the Most Valuable Player. However, the Eagles have been pretty much unbeatable with Michael Vick, and he made the Redskins defense look like a high school football team.

My verdict:

No matter who wins, both of these players deserve to be the MVP, but I believe that Tom Brady will be the NFL MVP. It will be a close race, but the Patriots will be the No. 1 seed in the AFC, and the Eagles will be in a battle just to win the NFC East.

The eight wins that the Patriots have against above .500 teams only makes Brady’s season much more impressive. Another key factor to consider is that Vick has a much stronger running back to help carry the load in LeSean McCoy.

While Green-Ellis and Woodhead are having productive seasons, they are not the game-changing type player that McCoy has been this season.

With all that being said, there are still three weeks to play and this race is still very close. May the best man win.


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