Is the WWE finally pulling the plug on The Nexus?

SlamZillaContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

Oh what a difference a summer can make.  In less than four months The Nexus has gone from seven men terrorizing the RAW locker room and threatening to take over, to five guys whose futures rest on the shoulders of a lone figure: Wade Barrett.

As we all found out on RAW last week, he will be facing-off against John Cena in an all- or-nothing, Hell In A Cell Match.  Should Barrett win, then Cena must join Nexus. Should he lose, then his merry band of misfits are done.

Now I am not a betting man, but if I were I would be inclined to put my money on Cena.  And not simply because he is “Super Cena” who always rises to the occasion and defeats the bad guy, but because the writing has been on the wall for The Nexus for a while now.

Last month I talked about how weak the group looked and predicted that perhaps only four members would still be around a year after it formed; it is now down to five. The simple fact of the matter is that not all of these guys were ready to be on RAW.

Darren Young (whom I predicted would be dropped) was the first person to go, and unfortunately Skip Sheffield (whom I guessed would stay) is out due to injury. 

Of the five who remain, it's clear that Barrett is going to be a keeper.  With the storyline of him facing Cena and the future of his team so uncertain, the WWE has given itself the escape clause it needed to be rid of the group finally.

Aside from not being ready, there is one other small reason why the WWE might want to put Nexus out of its misery, and it's the one thing that Vince McMahon understands: money.

Recent reports say that a company source has stated that Nexus t-shirt sales have been a huge flop and that McMahon was “mortified”  when he was shown the latest merchandising report on them.  And we all know if something isn’t making money, Vince will drop it like a hot potato.

So what will happen if The Nexus comes to an end at Hell In A Cell?  Well, I really don’t think that the remaining four members will disappear.  Perhaps they will keep one or two and repackage them.  The others will go back to developmental or Smackdown.  Either way, there will be no more Nexus.

But what if Cena loses?  Even though I don’t think this will happen, it would make for a very interesting storyline if done correctly.  The WWE missed this same opportunity when Rey Mysterio might have been forced to join the S.E.S for losing a match to C.M. Punk.  Having a top face character do the bidding of a heel group as a stipulation for a loss could be very entertaining.  This would be one way to attempt to cast John Cena in a heel role, something many people want to see. It might also illustrate the "higher purpose” that The Nexus was designed to have. 

I guess for now we will just have to wait and see what happens at Hell In A Cell.