Alberto Del Rio: No Heat Whatsoever !!

Atobe KeigoContributor IISeptember 27, 2010

"My name is Alberto Del Rio, but you already know that." How many times has he already said that, I kind of lost count after the billionth. What does he say every Friday except "I beat up that little puro, that little Chihuahua Rey Mysterio" yeah you did and got no heat from it whatsoever.

I expected better things from Alberto after his match with Rey Mysterio but right now he is going completely no where. He does that to Christian and Rey Mysterio and gets no heat from it, either he actually didn't do anything to them or he has no clue how to make the fans boo him while talking.

Also since I watched Friday Night Smackdown I heard that Rey Mysterio was coming back next week. What did Alberto say about that "I don't want to fight my little friend Rey Mysterio. Instead I'm going to give him a kiss... right on the cheek." or something like that and I'm thinking like that's how you insult someone by giving them a kiss and a couple of weeks ago he told Christian that he likes him in a weird way. People are going to get the wrong thought about Alberto.

His only good part on Smackdown was when he beat Rey Mysterio and then he hurt him. I was like ok he is gonna get huge because he just made WWE's biggest guy for Hispanic views tap out to an Armbar. Then the same thing for Christian, I'm like they aren't going to make this guy the next JBL because John Bradshaw Layfield could get massive heat without even saying a word. They are going to make him this Summer's flop of a storyline The Nexus, they glow hard at the beginning but soon fade out because they are so predictable.

If I could meet Alberto Del Rio I would tell him: first of all say things that will get the fans pissed at you, secondly don't ever insult an adversary by threatening to kiss him, third bring unpredictability to what you do to hurt opponents don't do "The Nexus Beat Up", and fourth bring a non submission or better submission move than the Armbar to your arsenal.

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So this is basically it, I know most of it isn't Alberto's fault its mostly how creative is using him but I will destroy the WWE creative team in a different article.

All comments are welcome.

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