Top 10 ESPN Shows

Brahim SekaliContributor IAugust 30, 2010

Top 10 ESPN Shows

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    Whether you tune in once in a while, or whether this is the only channel you watch, ESPN has provided sports fans more than enough.

    For the sports geeks, ESPN is heaven.

    For the ladies, ESPN is what your man leaves you for.

    For the parents, ESPN is where your athletic son and daughter wish they could appear on.

    Here's a look at the Top 10 ESPN shows....

10. E:60

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    We all know the basics behind a steroid bust or a team failing to accomplish what every fan in America expected them to do, but what about the details, the actual interesting facts that gets us sports fans excited.

    As a team of sports journalists, consisting of different sports writers, analysts, and reporters, E:60 has one job and one job only: to investigate.

    Investigation is important in crime scenes, drug busts, and other news stories that appear on TV every night, yet this kind of investigation has a different twist to it, a twist that makes us wonder if all these sports stars are important figures.

9. Monday Night Countdown

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    Football fans, Sunday is the best day of the week, right?

    Well not necessarily if your team is playing on a Monday Night!

    Everyone in America gets excited for each Sunday of the football season; there are previews, pregames, and many more to expane on each game of the afternoon.

    Yet what about the Monday game?

    Don't worry, Monday Night Countdown has that covered. As a show that appears each Monday during the football season, MNC provides viewers a pregame special of the Monday night game appearing on ESPN.

    Hosted by Chris Berman and joined by Coach Ditka, Keyshawn Johnson, and many more, Monday Night Countdown includes humor along with football knowledge.

8. World Series of Poker

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    Lets get a little creative here.

    The question of why is poker shown on ESPN, shouldn't be answered at this time.

    Just appreciate it, and let them do what they love to do.

    From the money, to the excitment, to the girls, to winning, the World Series of Poker has shown interest on TV, and it's not stopping anytime soon.

    Whether you wish it was your money, or whether it's just to learn a few techniques, tuning in once in a while wouldn't hurt.

7. NBA Shootaround

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    Similar to many pregame shows, NBA Shootaround has aired during the NBA season since 2003.

    As a way to get involved in the game airing on ESPN, Jon Barry, Jalen Rose, and Stuart Scott go deeper into the season and provide highlights, scores, and much more for fans to enjoy.

6. Mike and Mike in the Morning

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    Mike and Mike in the Morning is a sports-talk radio show hosted by Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg on ESPN radio and simulcast on televesion.

    The show primarily focuses on the day's biggest sports topics and the humorous banter between the Mikes.

    Whether you just listen or watch, this show is incredible. Golic and Greenberg play off of each other so well. Their arguments are interesting yet honest, and they have a good understanding of everything they talk about.

    Each day, they have several guests on the show, all big names with lots to say.

    They're funny without being desperate and most of the laughs come naturally.

    Whether it's Greenberg making fun of Golic for his weight or Greenberg cracking on himself for being feminine, everything they do is done in positive ways.

    These two make you feel comfortable, and by bringing up the same jokes again and again, you feel almost like you're in the show.

5. Pardon the Interruption

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    "Welcome to PTI boys and girls."

    The title describes it all. They argue, interrupt each other, and talk sports non stop.

    Hosted by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, who discuss and frequently argue over the top stories of the day in sports.

    Not only do Wilbon and Kornheiser make great insights and humor into sports, but they also find a way to include pop culture, entertainment and politics into the show.

    It is very refreshing to see two intelligent people be able to offer reasonable opinions about sports and differ on them. It is also hilarious to watch them bounce off each other and even scream at each other.

    When one of the normal hosts is sick or on vacation, PTI welcomes a guest host, usually another prominent sportswriter.

    J.A Adande, Dan Le Batard, and Bob Ryan are known to fill in when needed.

4. SportsNation

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    As a way to get fans involved, share their opinions, and comment on what's been happening in the sports media, SportsNation does it all.

    From polls, tweets, videos, and calls, sports fans have a way to know what others are thinking around them.

    Hosted by Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle, two unique people, SportsNation has rasied viewers for ESPN and made their website more famous.

    The Best: Three Cheers/Jeers/Tears, Game Time, Pulse of the Nation, Fake Calls From Real Fans

    The Worst: Lock Em' Up, World Wide Web

3. Baseball Tonight

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    Baseball fans, you made it to the top three.

    Baseball Tonight, a show that usually appears nightly on ESPN throughout the baseball season, includes highlights, game recaps, predictions, rumors, breaking news, and many more interesting segments for the fans.

    With many experienced analysts and reporters, Baseball Tonight has different segments that let the fans into the game and explains in details on what's going on in a player's mind.

    The Best: Extra Bases, Inside Pitch, Stat of the Night, That's Nasty, Touch 'Em All, Web Gems

    The Worst: Diamond Cuts, On The Phone

2. Around the Horn

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    For us sports buffs, there's nothing more fun and entertaining to watch than Around the Horn.

    As a 30 minute show that appears daily on weekdays, Around the Horn has increased its ratings every year since it premiered in 2002.

    With four sports writers, each from different time zones in the U.S, the main focus of the show is to "knowledge" the fans and "win" the game by getting the most points.

    Tony Reali, the host of the show, is in charge of giving out points depending on how good/bad the answers and comments are given by the columnists.

    The only issue that keeps this show from being on top, is how ignorant and stupid Woody Paige and Jay Mariotti act when they're on the show.

    If you're looking for entertainment, tune in when Paige and Mariotti are on.

    If you're looking for insightful sports knowledge from smart people steer clear for J.A. Adande, Tim Cowlishaw, Michael Smith, and Bob Ryan.

    The Best: Introduction, The First Word, Buy or Sell, The Paper Toss

    The Worst: Out of Bounds, Showdown

1. SportsCenter

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    This shouldn't be a suprise!

    Missed a game? Heard rumors? Watch highlights? SportsCenter has it all.

    As a daily sports news television show, SportsCenter has been on air since 1979, providing fans breaking news, highlights, and many more.

    SportsCenter is shown 12 times a day, including replays of the show at night.

    As part of covering major sports, SportCenter has limits on what to show during highlights, each depending on leagues' commissioners.

    The Best: Bud Light Freeze FrameCoors Light Cold Hard Facts, Did You Know? Not Top Ten, Top Ten, Who Said That?

    The Worst: Chris Berman's 2-Minute Drill, Good Call Bad Call


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