Philadelphia Eagles 2010 Offensive Sheme: Expect More Of The Same

Dan Pennwyn@@WeBleedingGreenCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2010

The Philadelphia Eagles have designated a lot of time recruiting multiple backs during this past offseason, either through free agency (Mike Bell) or the draft (Charles Scott).

Because of the size of the acquired backs, and the deadly skill set young LeSean McCoy brings, it is leading many fans to believe the Birds are going to a more evenly split offensive scheme under first year starting QB Kevin Kolb for the 2010 season.

It is undeniable that the Eagles have the man-power in the backfield to create havoc with second year man LeSean McCoy heading the crew, Mike Bell who is here to help take some of the load off McCoy, and the bruising rookie out of LSU Charles Scott—who just might be more of a contributor than some believe.

It is very easy, from a fan perspective, to get excited about the fact the the Eagles now have the sub-human blend of speed, talent, and power to shift the focus of the offensive scheme from a passing offense to more of an evenly split ratio of the run and passing game.

Lets not forget that FB Leonard Weaver, who was a 2009 Pro Bowl selection, must also be factored in to be a contributor on this offense in 2010.

So with all these skilled running backs currently on the roster, and I do expect that all three (McCoy, Bell, Scott) will make the team, where does that leave all the phenomenal threats at the receiving position ?

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The same place as 2009!

It is true, the Eagles do in fact have a fleet of capable backs to become team that strives on the run game, but with players like WRs DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, and any of the rookies that has what it takes along with TEs Brent Celek and Cornelius Ingram, who should see significant playing time as long as he can remain healthy.

What can I say about DeSean that hasn’t already been said, he’s a Pro Bowlific type player that has razzled and dazzled his way into Philly since the day he was born in the nest, Jeremy Maclin had a very productive rookie campaign and looks to become more of a focal point in the Eagles offense, as well as Jason “the tax-payer” Avant who has, in his own right, silently become one of the Eagles unsung heroes in 2009.

Tight End Brent Celek was on the verge of having his first Pro Bowl berth in a division with studs at the position and Cornelius Ingram—he’s that guy who last year in training camp actually pushed Celek for the starting job until he suffered his knee injury.

Having two tight ends simultaneously capable of making a big play at any time on the field will be extremely tough for any defense to cover.

Mix that with the fact that every one of the backs on offense can catch the ball out of the backfield and I don’t expect the run/pass ratio to change in the upcoming season.

In fact, with the addition of so many players capable of catching a football this past off season, I would expect nothing less than the traditional 60/40 ratio the Eagles have utilized under head coach Andy Reid's tenure with the organization.

The days of having a veteran player on the team who shoulders the blame, like former QB Donovan McNabb was expected to, when players make mistakes, fumble the ball, or run an incorrect route, are gone.

What the Eagles have done is create an every man for himself type atmosphere—if a player makes a mistake, they are the one that is held responsible.

The 2010 Philadelphia Eagles is a young but explosively talented team with skilled players capable of doing multiple things.

The Birds have loaded up on running backs and the fans have called for an offensive scheme that is more of a run based power house. To those fans I would say expect more of the same but look for better execution.

Training Camp is now just a couple of short weeks away before we get a real good look at what to expect from these young birds learning to take flight but something tells me they are bright and they will be soaring in no time!

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