Want Fries With That?: Edmonton Oilers Get Big Mac Back

Alex ThomasContributor IJuly 3, 2010

EDMONTON, CANADA - October 18: Brandon Prust #29 of the Calgary Flames and Steve MacIntyre #33 of the Edmonton Oilers throw punches in an altercation during their NHL game on October 18, 2008 at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Dale MacMillan/Getty Images)
Dale MacMillan/Getty Images

The Edmonton Oilers search for a tough guy is over.

The Oilers have signed forward Steve MacIntyre to a one year deal. MacIntyre played parts of two seasons with the Oilers before being waived early on in the 2009-2010 season.

The Oilers need a tough guy who can fight in order to protect the young kids coming up this season in Edmonton. The best part about Mac is that not only can he fight, but he can play hockey.

Mac is a guy that will give an honest effort and hit everyone not in an Oilers jersey out there on the ice. Mac will most likely play on the 4th line this coming season. He is a character guy who can hit, fight, and be a stand up guy in the locker room.

Welcome back Big Mac!

With Steve MacIntyre signed, the Oilers also made a move on defense. The Oilers re-signed defender Jason Strudwick to a one-year contract. This will be Jason's third season in Edmonton.

The Oilers had to fill the role of a seventh defender and that is exactly what Strudwick is. He is a stand up vet and isn't afraid to drop the gloves. He won't be scoring many (If any) goals this coming season, but he knows how to play defense at the NHL level and he is a guy that can draw in and play a solid game anytime you need him to.

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Strudwick could be wearing an "A" this season as the Oilers management loves him and thinks he is a great leader in the locker room.

Now this signing also means that Aaron Johnson will probably not be back next season. Johnson was traded to Edmonton from the Calgary Flames at the trade deadline this past March. It's still possible the Oil bring him back, but I highly doubt he will be an Oiler in October.

Oilers fans expected to see a tough guy signed and to see Strudwick locked in, what they didn't expect is Sheldon Souray waived. That's right not traded, but put on waivers.

The Oilers tried to trade Souray, but there was not much interest in the defender. Souray can be claimed by any team in the NHL. If he is not claimed within 24 hours, well I have no idea what the Oilers plan on doing with him.

Steve Tambellini has said that the Oilers will probably not be using re-entry waivers. I get the sense that Tambellini doesn't want Souray in Edmonton either next season, so I think a trade might still happen. Putting him on waivers might just be a way of attempting to get interest in Souray, but if the interest isn't there already, I don't see it happening.

Lets hope he gets picked up and is gone tomorrow. If Souray isn't claimed, then I would expect/hope for a trade within 48 hours. The buy-out period has ended, so that is not an option for the Oilers.

It should be interesting to see how this ends.

The Oilers could be in the market for a goalie soon also.

We will find out very soon if Khabibulin will have to serve jail time for his DUI in Arizona. If he has to serve time and can't report to camp, the Oilers would be able to get out of the contract, making Khabibulin a UFA.

If that happens I would expect the Oilers to sign a vet goalie to a one or two year contract to help Dubynk or JDD develop. That situation is another one to keep your eyes on.

The Oilers will be making moves over the next couple of days, and we can expect to see some AHL players signed to help out OKC.

We can also expect to see another forward signed too for NHL 3rd or 4th line purposes, and a trade of Andrew Cogliano seems like it could come very soon.

Don't forget that RFA's have to get signed too! It's going to be a fun summer to be an Oilers fan! Again, if anything happens I will have a blog up about it, and you can follow me on twitter for up to the second Oilers and NHL news @AToilfan83.

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