Bellator XXII Live Play-By-Play From Kansas City P&L District

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent IJune 17, 2010

Jason Schielke and Robert Gardner are live at the Power and Light District in Kansas City, MO!  Be sure to refresh often as we will be updating this coverage round-by-round.  We're just about ready to get off and running!

Fight 1 - Jared Downing vs. Chad Vandenberg (Bantamweight)

Round 1

Downing finally engages and connects with a left hook.  Downing comes in again and lands a 1-2.  Vandenberg seems a little hesistant to get off.  Downing is working hard to get a takedown and gets Vandenberg on his back.  Downing is working some ground and pound, but Vandenberg is defending nicely.  Vandenberg is looking for a triangle, but Downing is able to get out.  Vandenberg gets in a armbar, but Vandenberg somehow excapes.  Downing is still working the top, landing some nice punches.  Vandenberg goes for another armbar.  Downing is defending well and gets out.  Downing is trying to get something done from inside of Vandenberg's guard, but Vandenberg is defending nicely.  It's pretty much a chess game on the ground as they jockey for position.  Downing gets north south and works some punches, gets in Vandenbergs guard again, works some punches and the round ends.

Jason's Score - 10-9 Downing.  Even though Vandenberg worked some submissions, Downing worked better with his ground and pound

Round 2

Downing presses Vandenberg up against the fence and Vandenberg gets in a guillitine, but Downing excapes.  Vandenberg gets in a DEEP armbar, but Downing is somehow able to get out of it.  Downing is back to working inside Vandenberg's guard.  Vandenberg keeps throwing his legs up looking for a triangle or armbar.  Downing gets side mount with Vandenberg up against the fence.  Downing is working just enough to keep the ref from standing them up.  Vandenberg goes for another armbar as the round comes to an end.

Jason's Score - 10-9 Downing.  Vandenberg worked the submissions again, but Downing was doing more damage with his ground and pound.

Round 3

Downing gets a take down and gets Vandenberg's back.  Downing lands some nice uppercut style punches to Vandenberg.  Downing has one hook in and is working hard to get the second and he gets it.  Downing lands some punches, sinks in the RNC, Vandenberg taps and the fight is over.

Jared Downing wins via tapout at 1:35 of the 3rd round.

Fight 2 - John Orr vs. Cole Konrad (Heavyweight)

Round 1

Orr comes out throuwing a few punches and lands a nice outside leg kick.  I guess Konrad didn't like it, as he quickly takes Orr down to the mat.  Konrad lands some hard lefts to Orr's mid section.  Konrad tried for a kimura, but it didn't last very long.  Orr gives up his back, Konrad goes for the RNC, but Orr is able to excape.  Konrad is going for a reverse rear nakes choke, if that's what you want to call it.  Konrad pins Orr up against the cage and lands some heavy leather to Orr's face.  He goes for the kimura again, but he doesn't have it and the ref stands them up.  Konrad goes for a shot, but Orr is able to defend against it.  Orr lands a nice, stiff jab to Konrad's face.  Konrad answers with an inside leg kick and Orr answers with a right.  Konrad lands a front kick that pushes Orr down as the round ends.

Jason's Score - 10-9 Konrad.  Konrad dominated the fight on the ground.  Orr had his moments standing, but they were too few to consider giving him the round. 

Round 2

Konrad clinches and lands a couple of nice knees to Orr's face.  Orr goes for a body kick, but Konrad catches it and takes Orr down.  Orr gives up his back somehow gets back up, but not for long as Konrad takes him back down and is in half guard.  Not much action on the ground.  Just as I type that Konrad gets the mount, but isn't doing anything with it.  Orr is able to escape and they're back standing.  Konrad lands a few good punches.  They both look like they're slowing down a bit, but Orr seems the fresher of the two.

Jason's Score - 10-9 Konrad.  See round one scoring details.

Round 3

Orr opens the round landing a few strong punches and taking a shot to the "cash and prizes".  Orr goes for a body kick (why?) and Konrad gets the takedown.  Konrad is working from the side mount and landing some good knees to the body.  And more knees...and more knees...Orr is doing a very good job defending against Konrad's punches and the ref stands then up.  Some more good punches land for Orr.  Konrad goes for a body kick but gets mostly air.  Orr goes for yet another body kick (I thought he'd learn by now) and Konrad takes him down.  Once again, Konrad is working from the side mount, and quickly gets the mount.  Konrad tries to land some punches, but they don't have much behind them.  Konrad is going for some sort of choke as the round ends

Jason's Score - 10-9 Konrad.  Orr landed the better strikes on the feet (again) but Konrad completely dominated the ground game (again)

Judge's Scores - 30-27 X 3 for Konrad.  Cole Konrad wins via unanimous decision.

Fight 3 - Demetrius Richards vs. Raphael Davis (Light Heavyweight)

Round 1

Richargs goes for a 1-2 and Davis take him to the mat.  Richards gives up his back and Davis gets the hooks in and flatens him out.  Davis is pounding away at Richards' head with punches and elbows.  Davis loses one of the hooks, but is still pounding away on Richards.  Davis moves to the side, then gets back mount.  Davis looks for a RNC breifly before teeing off on Richard's head again.  Davis tries to get up and eats a pair of knees to the body for his efforts.  A few more punches from Davis and Richards taps out.

Raphael Davis wins by tapout due to strikes at 2:51 of Round 1

Fight 4 -Jose Vega vs. Jarrod Card (140lb Catchweight)

Wow, crowd is going ape s*** for Vega, the KC boy.  But on to the action...

Chant of "JOSE!!"  is filling the place.  Vega is pressing forward and lands a leg kick then LANDS A LEFT HOOK FROM HELL!!!  CARD IS KTFO'ED!!!!  HOLY S***!!!  THIS PLACE IS SO LOUD I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK!

I seriously rank that up in the top 5 knockouts I've even been in person to see.  Look for this video to be linked tomorrow.

Jose Vega wins via KTFO at :39 of Round 1

Fight 5 - Dan Hornbuckle vs. Ben Askren (Welterweight Tournament Final)

Round 1 -

Askren comes out and take the middle of the cage.  He shoots, gets a leg, Hornbuckle fights it but Askren gets the takedown.  Asken stands and tries to come down with a punch but misses.  Askren is working Hornbuckle's back and landing some nice hammerfists and knees to the body.  Hornbuckly is controlling Askren's hands, but eats some more knees.  Askren is working from Hornbuckle's guard and lands some heavy leather.  Askren moves to side control, Hornbuckle gives up his back and is doing everything possible to get the fight standing.  Askren gets the back, Hornbuckle stands, but Askren falls and works an arm triangle.  Now working from the mount, Askren lands some heavy punches, but Hornbuckly is able to stand up.  But it didn't last long as Askren shoots in quickly and gets the takedown, lands a few shots and the round is over.

Jason's Score - 10-9 Askren.  This was very close to being 10-8, but Hornbuckle did defend himself well and landed a few shots of his own.

Round 2

Askren shoots in quickly and gets the takedown.  Askren quickly gets the mount and starts teeing off on Hornbuckle again, but Hornbuckle is able to flip Ben.  But it doesn't last long as Askren get's Hornbuckle's back again.  Askren is getting some points for riding time.  Hornbuckle gives up his back again and Askren lands some elbows and hammerfists.  Hornbuckle is able to stand back up, and Askren gets another takedown.  Askren eats an upkick and falls right into a triangle, but he is able to get out of it.  Askren moves to Hornbuckle's back again and lands with some hammerfists and elbows to the body.  Hornbuckle is trying everything he can to get up, but Askren is just completely controlling Hornbuckle on the ground.  More and more and more punches land for Askren and the round is over.

Jason's Score - 10-9 Askren.  Another round that could have been a 10-8, but Hornbuckle tried to end the fight with the triangle.  That's about all the offence he mounted

Round 3

Askren shoots (again) and gets the takedown (again).  Askren lands some heavy hamerfist to Dan's face from his guard.  Hornbuckle tries to flip Askren, but he's not having it.  Hornbuckle goes for a kimura, flips Askren and he's on Askren's back working a RNC.  Askren quickly gets out of it and is back in side control.  Hornbuckle gives up his back again, and Askren is landing more punches.  Hornbuckle tries to flip Askren off his back, but once again he's not having any of it.  2 points for a roll for Askren.  Askren is still working his back.  With :15 seconds left, I think it's safe to say we're going to see Askren vs. Good for the Welterweight Championship

Jason's Score - 10-9 Askren.  Nothing much that hasn't been said already to say here.  Askren used his superior wrestling and completely owned Hornbuckle

Jason's Final Score - 30-27 Askren

Judge's Scores - 30-27 x 3 for Askren.  Ben Askren wins by lopsided unanimous decision.

Fight 6 - Stephanie Fraustro vs. Lisa Ward (You never ask a woman how much she weighs)

Round 1

Fraustro comes out working some solid kickboxing.  Too bad Ward is the much better wrestler.  Ward is just pounding away on Fraustro's face.  Ward takes the back and is working for a RNC.  Fraustro is defending it well by controlling Ward's wrist.  But Fraustro didn't do a good enough job and she's out cold via RNC.

Lisa Ward wins via Rear Naked Choke at 2:01 of the first round.

Fight 7 -Brian Green vs. Rudy Bears (180 lb Catch Weight)

Bears throws a high kick that is counters by a left from Green.  Bears lands a nice right and nearly lands a high kick to the noggin.  Bears clips Green's chin with a hich kick.  Bears lands an inside high kick that sends Green down for a breif moment.  Bears starts teeing off on Green, but he seems to be defending it well.  Bears lands a left uppercut that puts Green down.  Bears follows up with some punches, takes the back, and sinks in the RNC.  Game over.

Hometown Boy Rudy Bears wins via tapout at 3:49 of the first round.

Fight 8 - Lenardo Pechana vs. Tyler Stinson (Welterweight)

Round 1

Pechana leads off with a hard straight.  Stinson throw a couple of half hearted leg kicks.  Stinson lands a right that puts Pechana down breifly.  More leg kicks followed by a hard left by Pechana and Pechana gets the takewosn.  Stinson flips im and they're standing.  Stinson lands a HARD left, jumps on him, lands a few more shots and it's over

Tyler Stinson wins via Rear Naked Choke in the first round.

Well that does it for the live play by play coverage.  Be sure to check out Bellator.com for the post-fight press conference.  I'm sure Robert and I will have a few questions to ask!


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