Top 5 Reasons Why Hockey Is The Most Exciting Sport

Matt HunterCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

I've been following hockey for a very long time, and I cannot understand why people do not enjoy watching it as much as I do.  I go to school in the south, and the majority of people down here do not watch hockey or do not know names like Lemieux or Gretzky (it's a shame I know). 

This past spring break though I took my roommate back up to Pennsylvania with me, and it was right near the end of the regular season.  He got to experience what real hockey fans are like, and also he got to watch a lot of hockey in that week, including youth hockey. 

All people need to do is watch a few games or hangout with some true hockey fans, and I believe that they will understand why hockey is the most exciting sport to watch. 

Now for the Top 5 reasons why hockey is the most exciting sport

5.  Non-stop action. Hockey is the only sport that is non-stop. Yes, there are whistles here and there, but the game picks right up again. 

Also if you watched any of the Stanley Cup finals games, you were able to see 7-9 minutes of whistle free great fast hockey.  No other sport can give you this.  Football takes a 40 second break after every play, basketball the last 20 seconds of a game could take 15 minutes with all the timeouts, and baseball, we all know why baseball is slow.

4.  Hits.  Nothing gets you going like a teammate giving another teammate a buddy pass in the middle of the neutral zone, and a defenseman catching him clean in the chin with his shoulder.  Football has more hitting yes, but hockey has some of the most explosive hits I have ever seen.

3.  Playoffs.  Come the season opener this year the majority of hockey fans are already predicting if their team will be in the running for Lord Stanley's Cup in April.  Playoffs are a completely different type of hockey as well. 

It is quicker, harder hitting, and the atmosphere in the cities and arenas makes it some of the most exciting games to watch.  The top reason why this is No. 3 on the list is because everybody loves the playoff beards. 

Nothing like watching Sidney Crosby try to grow a mustache/Go-T/?  It is just fun to watch all the young players and older ones growing jungles on their face. 

Plus I do the same thing, and finally this year I could actually say that I had a beard, it was great moment let me tell you when people actually acknowledged it as one too.

2.  The Moves.  "Ooohhh he juked a guy out of his shoes."

Who cares football, it does not beat a toe drag back through the skates to split the D, and score a goal. 

Even if you do not watch hockey, and you see on a top-10 plays list some player pull one of those moves, and score you can't tell me that you do not say to yourself, "Holy s**t that was amazing!" 

What makes the moves even better is that they are being done at full speed, and not just with one part of the body like football, but with their feet, hands, legs, and about 15 other body parts.

1. GOALS GOALS GOALS.  I have seen some of the sickest goals growing up. 

My favorite would have to be Lemieux's first ever goal in his first game on his first shift.  Now I was not yet here on Earth, but I have seen tape of it, and every time I watch it I get chills. 

Now there have been a lot of other sweet goals, like Rick Nash's goal last season when he split the two defenders with about four toe drags and then kicked it back off his foot and scored.  Even though I will never write about this player because I do not like him at all, I will give him props for his goal, and that is Ovechkins sliding one handed whatever you want to call it. 

Do not forget Crosby's goal against the Panthers when he just blew by them, fell and scored. Also his amazing backhand against the Coyotes where he was falling down (go and try this sometime, and you will realize just how much strength it takes to lift a shot with speed and accuracy with not help from you legs). 

Goals are what make the NHL fun to watch, and goals are what are going to keep people coming back for more. There will always be amazing goals that will make even the non-fans of hockey appreciate the sport, and what these guys do.

Now that is the top 5 reasons why hockey is the most exciting sport in all of sports.  Do you still disagree, and think that your sport is? 

Well sorry but your wrong, and you just have to come to terms with yourself that you are wrong.  So if you have friends that do not like the sport, or choose not to watch it, make them watch it. 

I do not care if you have to duct tape them to the wall, or trick them into it. The moment they watch a game, and see just how exciting it is they will be hooked. They will thank you for having them stuck to a wall for three hours while they got to see some great hockey.


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