Cristiano Ronaldo Complete Translation in Punto Pelota Interview

Derbya AnabellaContributor IIMay 12, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo shares everything on the Punto Pelota Interview, including his passion with mirror and hair gel. Check out his team-mates comments about him off the pitch....

Josep: Are you more than a footballer? ... Do you feel like it?
Cristiano: Maybe some times. I know that people have different ways to see me but I'm used to it.
Josep: Do people like you more when the get to meet you?
Cristiano: It can be sometimes. People that really know me, they adore me.
J: Adore you?
Cristiano: Yeah sure. The people that live with me, aren’t that many. But the people I work with have a very good impression of me for sure, because of how I am.
J: What is left of that boy, who grew up in Madeira, is there anything left from that kid? It was a happy childhood?

C: Yes, I did have a happy childhood but it was different in a way, since I left my family when I was 11 years old. And left my family with only 11 years old it was very painful but it was worth the sacrifice to be where I’m today.
J: Your father would be very proud of you.
C: I'm sure he will.
J: Do you remember any phrase or advice from you father?
C: Many of them. He gave me a lot of advices and I remember most of them. I only feel sorry that he wasn’t here when I won all the awards, neither team awards nor individual ones, because I know that he was sure that I was going to win them since he believed in me and knew the sin that he had but sometimes things happen for a reason. But I'm very proud of him, including my mother, my sisters and brother and all the people that loves me and that I love.

J: Do you listen to your mother? Is she the most critical one?
C: No, my brother and sisters are more critical than my mother, but I like it because at the end I know I can be better and do better. I'm talking about the football. My mother doesn’t, she's more calm and understands me.
J: I read in some interviews that when you where 11 you cried a lot. You don’t have any tears left.
C: I have many tears left.
J: Really?

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C: Yeah, because it’s good to cry. But it's not just me. Any one who goes through bad times, it's because you have to be used to all the type of circumstances.
J: Football doesn’t make you cry, you cry for more important things than football, or doesn’t football make cry.
C:I have cried a lot. People that know me or work with me knows, I don’t want to say that I'm bad at losing, but when a person gets angry, it's normal. The last time I cry was when I won the champions. It was one of the best moments in my life.
J: You just said it, you are bad at losing. You don’t want to lose, you don’t like to lose. But you lose sometimes in life, so you can't think that you can win everything
C: It’s true, it’s a part of life, especially in my work. But I’m sure that I’m a winner person. I’m sure that I win more than lose.

J: You will never play in barca?
C: I don’t like to use that word, never, because in this life we don’t know what is going to happen. At this time my house and the club that I like the most is Madrid but you can’t ever say from this fountain I won’t drink. I’m very happy in Madrid.
J: It was hard to fall at the 8th final? (Champions league)
C: It was a hard time, because I thought we could have got much farther that we did. But it happened because the team players are mostly new, aswell as the coach, so the team was in process. Success can’t be done perfectly, it takes it time. I remember my first two years in Manchester I didn’t won anything, and then I saw the most important things.

J: You don’t regret signed in for Madrid ?
C: Of course not, it was a dream for me. My family and I are very happy that I made my dream. Because like I said before this club is my face.
J: Your face? Because it's a winning club ?
C: Exactly
J: That game Sporting Lisbon Vs Manchester United was the beginning of you journey to England. Because it was Ferguson that like you the must but it was Van Nistelrooy who told Ferguson “sign this kid”.
C: I really don’t know the true story, Ferguson told me that the player told him “you have to sigh that kid”
J: Your leaving Manchester for Madrid was a little bit tragic. Do you still have a good relationship with him?

C: Amazing relationship. I talk to him sometimes on the phone. Because friendship cant end just because you change your life everything have a cycle and I had an amazing cycle on machester. He knew what I wanted, that I wanted to play in Madrid. I spoke with him and told him what I wanted and he told me I can go.
J: And example of what happen around you on you presentation. That had been amazing for you. You liked that people call you the most expensive player in the world I would be prettified.

C: I love it.. ohh it’s more pressure more responsibility but that part of it. If I wasn’t the most expensive player of the world I still would have the same responsibility but I really like it
J: The 1, 2, 3 Hala Madrid. Did you thought about that the night before?
C: Not really. To be honest, I had a little speech of what I was going to say, but when I was on the stairs and heard the noise I said “it's not going to be easy” and when I came out I got shocked cause I didn’t know what to say so I said the first thing that came to my mind.
J: We had a camera on the entrance, and people got so excited that a women lost her child there. I know you haven’t seen the video, but lets see the ivideo again, what Cristiano Ronaldo is.

(After the images)
J: This is football, this is you
C: She found the kid, that's the most important.
J: The game against Mallorca was your best one this season?
C: I don’t think so
J: Is Madrid going to win la liga?
C: I hope so. We can win La Liga, it is possible we have to see what happen with barca.
After a video of the two faces of Ronaldo
J: Are those your two faces?
C: For the people that I love I only have one face but for some people we cant have one face.
J: Are you shy?
C: I was more before. But sometimes to ...
J: Shyness sometimes makes us put a mask on. Are you like that?
C: No. What people sees is who I am.
J: When people scream at you “that Portuguese #@#%$#”
C: No.. no... it's “that Portuguese how good is he”
J: do you understand that you provoke that on the stadiums.
C: Sometimes I don’t. Because people before the matches wants pictures and autographs and then at the game they insulted me.

J: Do people made you understand that you don’t have to fall in temptation?
C: No, I’m a smart guy and I know I shouldn't do that. I don’t need anyone to tell me “Cristiano you cant do that”
J: Raúl was on Crack BBVA and some of the kids ask him aboutwhether you listen to what he said.
After the video

J: Nice isn’t it?
C: Really nice, I can say the same thing about him. Raul for me is and example of one of the best professional I have ever played with and I like to work with him.
J: Arbeloa and Dudek talk about you lets see

Arbeloa: I hope that you stay in shape during the summer so you can come back and finally beat me at the gym.

Dudek : How many hours does Cristiano stay in the gym? Hmm 40 minutes

J: Do you exercise more at home?
C: We need to rest there.
J: Last summer everyone was excited when Ronaldo was in the tabloid. The press were all excited. You don’t go out, no one sees you, you don’t go to the cinema. How’s your life? Are you happy?

C: In a way people were expecting something else but those people doesn’t know me. During the holidays people can say whatever they want. During the season you are working and when you are in holidays you need to rest and do whatever you want with your family, you girlfriend, wife or whatever. I enjoy been on holidays because you can do whatever you want and people can’t say anything to you.
J: let's see the advice that Pablo gave you when you just sign for Madrid.

Pablo: I hope that he falls in love here in Madrid quickly so he can have more stability.

J: hopefully he will fall in love quickly in Madrid. He said
C: I’m in love with Madrid
J: He was talking about something else
C: what he was saying I didn’t understand him.
J: that you'll get a girlfriend.
C: Ahh.... a Gf. That's OK there isn’t a problem

Questions from the fans
Q: Would you like to be one the the captain of Madrid?
C: Be a captain? I got here a year ago, you never know I’m Portugal’s team captain but it would be a priviledge to be Madrid's.
Q: Who is better, messi or you?
C: Both are good
Q: Who is your old time favourite RM player?
C: It'ss not right to say only one I have maybe ones that I like
Q: If Raul leaves Madrid would you like to be #7 again?
C: I want raul to stay with us, but in the future if he leaves I would like to use the number 7

Q: which player is better for your style Pellegrini or Mourinho?
C: at this moment Pellegrini
Q: would you think about leaving Madrid if the keep insulting you in some stadiums in Spain?
C: No, keep insulting me is ok
Q: what do you eat at breakfast to have so much energy?
C: well I can tell you that... I go to Valdebebas, eat my breakfast there. Sometimes I eat Milk with cheese and bread sometimes I eat cereal with cereal nothing else
Q: what do you do before you go to sleep?
C: before I go to sleep? Uhh I can’t tell you that (joke) that private I cant answer that.
Q: would you like to finish your career in Madrid?
C: yes is would like to.

J: we have to players that talks about your hair: Pepe and Sergio Ramos lest see

Pepe: the gel that he uses in his hair is really good and that's why he has a good hairstyles
Journalist: Is it a special gel?
Pepe: I think so, because I try to buy it here in Madrid and Portugal and I can't find it and he always have a bottle to give to me.
Sergio Ramos: Well Cris I wanted to say something to you. I hope that you did your hair nice and that you put on a lot of gel

J: it’s a big deal the gel thing
C: It's because my hair is very strong and without it, it's imbarassing.
J: lets see Albiol

Albiol: Well Cris told the boss that he should place some mirror there so he can see himself during the interview and a couple of weight
Journalist: He enjoys watching himself?
Albiol: Well it’s normal with that body

J: That we place mirror, we didn’t place any. Did you know he was going to say that?
C: No, I thought he would have said something different
J: What?
C: What he said the other day when I did the Armani campaign he said “that's not true I see him in the dressing room and I haven’t seen that.
J: let's see Guti

Guti: I just wanted to congratulate for this season he did, and because he is more than a player he is amazing and that’s what makes him as a reference and that I wish him all the success in the world.

J: Now just to finish I'm going to tell you a name of some of the players and you got to tell me what you think of them. Higuain
C: I like to play with him
J: Benzema
C: Also a great person a great player. His adaptation wasn’t easy as mine but he will turn out to show that he’s a great player
J: Kaka
C: He is a great friend of mine and Kaka just like the rest of teams, that wants to show that he is a great player and I'm sure that he is going to succeed in this club .

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