The 10 Biggest Draft Busts In Arizona Cardinals History

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IApril 19, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 28:  Alan Branch #78 of the Arizona Cardinals rests on the sidelines during the game against the New York Jets on September 28, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Jets won 56-35. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

* Before I start, a minor disclaimer: these draft "busts" will be from the time the team moved to Arizona in 1988 until now. 

So, the NFL Draft is this week. 


There are some people that just don't properly understand the hype. I've heard comments such as "I just can't sit there and watch the NFL Draft" from my friends. 

Well, I definitely can. And you are probably going to as well, if you're reading this article. 

But along with all the hopes and dreams of draft day comes a harsh reality—not every pick pans out as planned. 

That has certainly been the case, unfortunately, several times for the Arizona Cardinals

All we can hope is that it won't happen this year. 

Let's look at some very big disappointments for Cardinals fans. 

10. Alan Branch, DT (selected 33rd overall in the 2007 Draft)

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The jury is still out on this one. 

But when a team trades up to get you, in the second-round no less, you'd think he'd be special. 

Two sacks in three years ain't special. Hopefully something will finally trigger with Alan Branch this year.

9. Johnny Rutledge, LB (selected 51st overall in the 1999 Draft)

The former Florida Gator had an illustrious NFL career. 

In five seasons, he started three games for a total of 13 tackles, and absolutely zero sacks.

Wow. I think even I could pull that off. 

8. Eric Green, CB (selected 75th overall in the 2005 Draft)

Eric Green. Just the name gets me angry. 

Now, granted, he's not a big "bust." After all, he went in the third-round. 

But for a guy who started numerous games in a Cardinals uniform, you know what his stats are? 

Two interceptions. 

I'm pretty sure Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie got more his rookie season...in like two games.

7. Levar Fisher, LB (Selected 49th overall in 2002 Draft)

2002 wasn't a good draft for the Arizona Cardinals (as you'll see later). 

Fisher, to his credit, did start 15 games in 2003. He even defended off three passes. 

He also only had 58 tackles.


He was out of the league the next year.

6. Anthony Thompson, RB (Selected 31st overall in 1990 Draft)

The Cardinals did not have the best of luck in selecting RBs early (Thomas Jones an exception). 

Thompson had 851 yards...in five years. He actually had almost as many fumbles (4) in his career as TDs (6). 

Thompson fizzled out with the Rams to end his career after four seasons. 

5. Chuck Levy, RB (Selected 38th overall in 1994 Draft)

This one is sad actually. I really wanted to see Levy succeed, even at eight-years-old, because I loved watching him at U of A. 

But Levy did not succeed. He had three total carries with the Cards in two years and only lasted five years in the NFL. 

This is a bad trend for the Cards in the second-round, wouldn't you say?

4. Tony Geffery, RB (Selected 38th overall in 1988 Draft)

Speaking of which...

We're going way back on this one. In fact, I was like two-years-old when this pick occurred. 

But even a two-year-old knows a draft bust when he sees it: 

Three carries. Eight yards.

That was Geffery's stats...for his entire career. 


3. Tony Sacca, QB (Selected 46th overall in 1992 Draft)

You knew Sacca was going to be here Cardinals fans. 

He was simply the biggest waste of an early pick on a QB for the Arizona Cardinals.


The stats tell the whole story: Four career completions, two career interceptions. 

The Cardinals did redeem themselves several years later, however, by taking Jake Plummer in the second-round. 

2. Wendell Bryant (Selected 12th overall in 2002 NFL Draft)

The defensive tackle from Wisconsin started nine games in his brief career as an Arizona Cardinal.

And recorded 1.5 sacks. 


1. Andre Wadsworth (Selected 3rd overall in 1998 draft)

Not even close on this one. Ladies and gentlemen, you're biggest draft bust in Arizona Cardinal history by a long shot.

The third pick of the 1998 draft had eight sacks—for his career.

That should offer some hope for this years draftees. At least you can't do that bad. 

Let's truly hope the Cardinals can avoid players like these this year. 

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