2010 NFL Draft: How a Walter Jones Return Can Change the First Round

Daniel WolfSenior Writer IApril 9, 2010

Seattle Seahawks left tackle Walter Jones has been talking about retiring for some time now, mostly due to his knees and recent surgery to them, but now it has been rumored that Jones may come back for the 2010 season.

"Hey twitter world what's going on," tweeted Jones.

Then quarterback Matt Hasselbeck responded, "He's back," via his Twitter.

Does this mean Jones is back on Twitter? Or Jones is back with the team since minicamp is about to start for the Seahawks?

It's all just speculation right now, but SI.com thinks Jones may make a come back in 2010.

And a Jones return would change a lot.

His would open the door for new options in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft since the Seahawks have two picks in the top 14.

First there's the Donovan McNabb trade that shook up the first round last week. Now if Jones returns, the first round will change once again.

Granted this is Jones tweet can have different meanings and if his knees cannot hold up to the pounded an NFL lineman takes then a return could do more damage to Jones' body.

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If this is a risk he is willing to take, the Seattle would be more than willing to accept him back onto their offensive line to protect the blindside.

The impact that Jones' return would have in the first round would be massive and perhaps on a larger scale than the McNabb trade was.

All experts and analysts currently have the Seahawks picking a replacement left tackle for Jones with one of their first two picks, and a Jones return means that the Seahawks can change their position focus to another direction in the first.

A replacement left tackle may still be chosen in this draft, but probably not until the later rounds, so whoever is picked can spend the 2010 season learning under Jones to be his eventual replacement.

With their No. 6 pick, the Sehawks could go in a number of directions. They could pick safety Eric Berry if he is still available, or one of the two top defensive linemen if they slide down, or even grab C.J. Spiller.

Spiller may be a reach, but some mock drafts already have Seattle picking the explosive running back at No. 6 anyway.

As far as their No. 14 pick is concerned, Seattle could just pick the best player who is available and on top if their draft board. Whether it's Dez Bryant, Joe Haden, Earl Thomas (if they don't pick Berry earlier of course), Derrick Morgan, or whoever is there.

Since the Seahawks are rebuilding, they have a number of positions that need filled and depth is an issue too.

A Jones return would give the front office some flexibility to still find a replacement left tackle later in the draft, since Jones can spend a year mentoring the rookie, but add playmakers in the first round to help either on offense or defense.

Seahawks fans should really hope that Jones' doctors can give him good news about his knees, because a return would not only help the team, but allow them to select the "sexier" picks in the first round as well.

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