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February 8, 2010

Los Angeles, CA - UCLA Campus Spaulding Field

Trevor Theriot is accustomed to taking hits, off the field and on.  The UCLA Bruin Football graduate, two degrees earned at UCLA prior to the start of the 2009 season, was a heralded and highly decorated tailback/linebacker out of the vaunted Newport Harbor High School Football program 2004, Newport Beach, CA.  Theriot, known as the "moose" since age 8 because of his enormous strength and speed, earned every high school football honored conceived, including 2005 Shrine Game MVP at linebacker for the public school team.  At 218 pounds running 4.6 in HS (Nike Combine USC), 4.0 GPA, and a family history deep in world class sports (father an ex world class runner and former UCLA NCAA Champion), a Wendy's National Heisman Winner - lots of full ride offers?  Not so.  Theriot quickly walked on to UCLA and was just as quickly awarded a full ride by Coach Rick Neuheisel.  CRN apparently asked the question many pondered: "How is our starting fullback for an entire season not on scholarship?"

Theriot started for the Bruins as a soph, then junior  year a starter again til injury after the BYU massacre, then his Sr. Year confounded trainers with a quick comeback from knee injury - leads the Bruins is overall strength, banks a comeback 4.6 and change in the 40, and regains his stature as the Bruins strongest man, with the history of breaking Mo Drew's freshman squat record. 

NFL days sit ahead.  Theriot now heralded as possibly being the "secret find" of the NFL 2010 Draft as a potential fullback, key special teams player, and some scouts are pondering a return to middle backer on a gamble. 

Recently, Theriot signed with specialty agent and on the rise http://www.ksmgsports.com/about.htm headed by Tom Kaufman.  Just last week Theriot was booming away in training for the combines at TC Boost a world class training facility in Chicago with Theriot now returning to California and intense training at Velocity in Redondo Beach, CA joining former Bruin Captain and Tight End Logan Paulsen.

Theriot is a noted blocker and pass catcher with extreme abilities in all facets of the NFL game, rigors, and challenges.  His ball carrying skills have yet to be tested but with a track record of 1,300 yards rushing as a tailback in HS, pundits are speculating what just might be.  Carrying number 31 for the Bruins in his career, Theriot is viewed by trainers as top of his category in speed and strength plus the wow factor of "character".  Theriot was never flagged in his college career, All PAC 10 Academic Team 3 years running, and carried a reputation of being "the" hardest training athlete in the PAC 10.

Trevor "Moose" Theriot is my pick for the gem of the NFL 2010 Draft, in some way, shape or form.


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