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Joe EverettContributor IJanuary 28, 2010

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 28: Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears is sacked by Brian Robison #96 of the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field on December 28, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Vikings 36-30 in overtime. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

“Nothing is over until we say it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? ”

Hell no!

I guess Ladianian Tomlinson is apparently upset with his role in the Chargers' offense. I’m thinking he should be grateful for the chance to play on a winning team last season and I don’t think he’s going to be so fortunate next year. Not only are the days of LT2 being an every week starter over in Fantasy, but I think the same can be said on the NFL level as well.

Well guess who’s a hot commodity now? Michael Vick is now on the radar for a lot of NFL teams and I think it’s very justifiable when you consider the lack of good options out there. Teams like Buffalo, St. Louis, Cleveland, and even Carolina should be getting involved in the Vick sweepstakes this off-season.

There are actually rumors out there that the Eagles are going to part ways with Donovan McNabb via trade, so they can go with the younger Kevin Kolb, who the team used a second-round pick on back in the 2007 draft. I can’t begin to tell you how ridiculous this is, but I’ll try. Not only have we not seen enough of Kolb to know if he can cut it as a regular starter, it’s way too early to give up on an all-pro player like McNabb. If the Eagles deal McNabb, they’ll be regretting it in a big way.

Sorry, New Orleans Saints' fans, but it looks like you’re the most recent victims of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Last week it was the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Jets featured in a split cover. This week, Saints’ QB Drew Brees is posted on the cover with a large caption reading; “Who Dat! ” Who Dat gonna jinx the team with no chance in hell at winning this game.

Florida QB Tim Tebow has been looking pretty rough in Senior Bowl practice thus far. Most scouts think he falls out of the first-round and I’m right there with them. I just don’t see a traditional throwing motion and he may well be stuck with some really bad habits/mechanics that will be a problem for his whole career. Check out what position I think Tebow fits best in over at RookieDraft.com

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Finally, give us a shout-out Wednesday Night 9 PM EST over at The Fantasy Exchange podcast for live advice, news/notes, playoff talk, and Super Bowl predictions. We’ll be talking more and more NFL Draft, as the combine approaches.

Well, instead of talking about the Joke Bowl (Pro Bowl) and what a disaster it has become, or dwelling on the redundant Brett Favre talk that will forever plague us this time of year, this week I wanted to put it out there and tell you all some things I know that I know in 2010. . .

QB Jay Cutler - Chicago Bears

This guy has one of the worst reputations in the NFL thanks to his bitter parting with the Denver Broncos and his league-leading 26 interceptions in 2009. What a lot of people fail to realize is that Jay Cutler also threw more TDs, 27, than he has in his entire career.

What we saw this season was the absolute floor of production in my opinion and I’m convinced that Cutler will be a top-10 QB in all scoring formats this coming season. The Bears will bring in another WR, they’ll add more linemen, and the defense will also bring back its all-pro LB Brian Urlacher.

QB Matt Stafford - Detroit Lions

I love people knocking this kid and I’ll continue to let them do it because that will almost ensure I’ll get him as a backup QB in my fantasy league. Why do I want the Detroit Lions' QB? Because I’m smart like a fox and there’s going to be another Paper Lion on this list.

Detroit’s defense won’t be able to get off the field and the team will be playing a ton of games from behind. Matt Stafford was actually very impressive considering his age and I see him developing into a top-10 QB in any format. Yes, right it down, take a picture, and do what you’ve got to do because I’m standing by this.

RB Felix Jones - Dallas Cowboys

I know this pick is becoming more and more of a fad now that Felix Jones has shown flashes in the playoffs, but I’m banking on a big season from this kid. I really think Jones has a shot to be a top-10 back in almost all formats because of his phenomenal big play ability.

Not only does Felix catch the ball well, but he can also be very dangerous running outside and beating defenders to the corner. If the Cowboys make improvements on their offensive line, look for a big improvement Jones next season.

WR Calvin Johnson - Detroit Lions

All hail Lord Megatron! I know you folks out there are just as mad as I am about Calvin Johnson disappointing us in 2009, but 67 receptions and 985 yards wasn’t that bad considering that he missed the majority of four games during the year. His five TDs are not the norm, and I expect a top-five WR year from Megatron in 2010. Not a doubt in my mind he rebounds in a big way!

Miami Defense

Team defense!?! I know but look who the Dolphins just signed and what he did in Denver. With Mike Nolan now coaching up the defense, I expect Miami to drastically improve upon its meager interception total form 2009 (15). The Dolphins were one of the best in the league with 44 team sacks, and with two very talented young corners in Sean Smith and Vontae Davis, Miami has a lot going for it in 2010.

Avoid Over-Valued Tight Ends

I hate you Greg Olsen! Seriously though, for the folks who invested in Chris Cooley, Greg Olsen, and John Carlson, I’m sorry. I fell for them as well, especially with Olsen and Carlson. Not only did they get out-performed by the other elite tight ends, there always seem to be younger and more unheralded TEs coming out of the wood-work each year.

With guys like Visanthe Shiancoe, Brent Celek, and JerMichael Finley blowing up this year, I’m just not going to invest in anybody unless it’s Gates, Clark, or Jason Witten. After that, they all just seem to fall into a very similar category...“Not Antonio Gates”

Thanks for reading folks and if you’ve got any comments, questions, or complaints please bang them out below and you can also send ‘em my way to thefantasyexchange@gmail.com

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