Fantasy Football 2020: Creative Team Names to Bring Excitement to Your League

Theo SalaunContributor IIIAugust 19, 2020

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd (83) stretched for a touchdown as Miami Dolphins defensive back Nik Needham (40) is unable to defend, during the second half at an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 22, 2019, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)
Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press

As fantasy football managers, we have to deal with important branding decisions that NFL general managers are not encumbered with. The most important of all is your team name. 

As draft day nears, maybe you're realizing that the "Le'Veon on a Prayer" name is feeling a little stale, or maybe you're leaning away from an R-Rated team name.

Whatever the case, you're likely intent on bringing some juice to your team, some young knees for your hopeful dynasty. Or, if you're starting a new team altogether, maybe you're just looking to get off on the right foot. 

We've got pro bono branding consultancy inspiration available, with an emphasis on team names that haven't been overdone and bringing some flavor to the new season.



Beggars Can't Be Minshewsers


JoeJoe's Bizarre Adventure

Joe Exotic

Kyler Durden's Fight Club

Lamborghini Mercy

Rum Ham Newton

Sherlock Mahomes 

The Tagovailorian

Too Prescott to Handle


At quarterback, the rookies give a lot of new room to work with. While you can most certainly capitalize on 2020 pop culture by invoking Dak Prescott for a Too Hot to Handle reference, if you're a late-round drafter, then Joe Burrow may be your guy.

Burrow has a high pedigree, a bunch of offensive weapons and a name built for branding. From anime culture's "JoeJoe's Bizarre Adventures" to Netflix's "Joe Exotic," the Heisman winner has fantasy teams covered. Conversely, Tua Tagovailoa helps us reference everyone's favorite Star Wars mercenary show: The Mandalorian.


Running Back

Chevrolet Kamara

CinnaMontgomery Toast Crunch

The Fresh Prince of Helaire

The D'Raheem Team

Henrything Is Possible

Ketchup and Mostert

Mixoncut Gems

Once Saquon a Time in Hollywood

Return of the Mack

TGS: The Gurley Show


At running back the Derrick Henry-based "Henrything Is Possible" will always be a tremendous option, but you can get much more topical by invoking recent films like Uncut Gems and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with top running backs like Joe Mixon ("Mixoncut Gems") and Saquon Barkley ("Once Saquon a Time in Hollywood").


Wide Receiver

Call of Jeudy: Warzone

Chark Tank

Chillin' at the Golladay Inn

Classy, Jeudy, Ratchet

Keenan: Masters of the Universe

McLaurin F1

No Diggsity

Now You See 'Dee, Now You Don't

Scary Terry

SpongeBoyd RareHands


At receiver, another rookie has broken the door off the hinge with potential. Jerry Jeudy was the top-ranked receiver in this draft class by many, and they may not have even realized how critical his name can be for fantasy football.

"Call of Jeudy: Warzone" references the year's biggest game (until it is usurped by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout) while "Classy, Jeudy, Ratchet" references one of TikTok's biggest songs. Another rookie, CeeDee Lamb, allows us to get funky with a "Now You See 'Dee, Now You Don't" team name, but the Cincinnati Bengals' Tyler Boyd offers us the ultimate, timeless option: "SpongeBoyd RareHands."