Patriots Fan Stole 27 Giants Super Bowl Rings, Thought They Didn't Deserve Them

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2020

Steve Mara, center left, and Steve Tisch, center right, owners of the Giants football team smile as they ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange after their victory at Super Bowl XLII, Tuesday, Feb.  5,  2008  (AP Photo/David Karp)
DAVID KARP/Associated Press

The New York Giants twice beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, and one particularly disgruntled Patriots fan decided to take his revenge after the Super Bowl XLII loss by stealing a bunch of the Giants' championship rings.

According to Zeke Faux of Bloomberg, Pats' fan Sean Murphy and an accomplice broke into the E.A. Dion Inc. jewelry store in Attleboro, Massachusetts, and stole a safe containing 27 championship rings in 2008. Murphy, a lifetime cat burglar, was not only looking for a big score but to also stick it to the team that beat his beloved Patriots.

Per Faux, Murphy reportedly didn't believe the Giants deserved the rings. 

Selling the 1.72-carat, diamond-encrusted rings proved impossible, however, after news of the heist became major national news. With that much heat on the missing rings, Murphy had to stash them.

But when an ex-girlfriend revealed that Murphy had given one of the rings to another girlfriend, Rikkile Brown—and when Murphy was arrested—the jig was up. Police found 27 rings in a safe deposit in a Saugus bank, and once police discovered he had also robbed Brink's armored car depot, Murphy was ultimately convicted to a 20-year prison sentence.

"We got caught because he gave a f--king 20-year-old girl a Super Bowl ring," said David Nassor, who was arrested for some of the other gold stolen from the E.A. Dion heist for Murphy. "F--k him."

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Prosecutors had offered him a shorter prison duration after he confessed to his crimes while holding temporary immunity to negotiate a plea deal, but he declined that deal, instead representing himself in court.

Murphy told Faux he still has one of the rings hidden away and might wear it once he's out of prison.