The Titan Games 2020 Results: Ex-Browns OL Joe Thomas Wins Mt. Olympus Showdown

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistMay 26, 2020

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 04: Former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas looks on during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium on November 4, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Jason Miller/Getty Images

If the Cleveland Browns need any help along the offensive line, they should consider giving Joe Thomas a call based on his performance in The Titan Games on Monday night.

Thomas stole the show as the series opened its second season.

Dwayne Johnson @TheRock

Joe Thomas is the @NFL’s true IRON MAN. Over 10,000 consecutive snaps without missing a game. 10X PRO BOWLER. I’ll say that one again, 10X pro bowler and never missed a snap as an offensive lineman. A real inspiration to everyone around him. Myself included. #TITANGAMES https://t.co/LG3iw7bBGA

Mike Golic Jr @mikegolicjr

even in retirement, Joe Thomas remains built different. #TitanGames

As this was the premiere, Johnson revealed the six stars tasked with playing the role of the Titans. They were broken up into three regions:


East: Tyron Woodley, UFC fighter; Hannah Teter, snowboarder

Central: Claressa Shields, boxer; Joe Thomas, former NFL player

West: Victor Cruz, former NFL player; Jessie Graff, stuntwoman


The spotlight was on the central region, and Thomas was the first Titan put to the test as he faced off with Matt Chan, a firefighter from Denver.

Simply reaching the show continued what has been a remarkable journey for Chan. While cycling with his wife in 2014, he suffered a bad accident that severely injured his leg to the point where amputation looked like a possibility.

Chan eventually made a full recovery.

He pushed Thomas to the brink in the Titan Games as the six-time All-Pro offensive tackle was seconds away from defeat. For the final test, the competitors had to lock the Titan Relic into a stationary podium and turn it clockwise.

Chan got to the podium first, but his momentary stumble allowed Thomas to come back and steal a late victory.

The Titan Games @nbctitangames

.@Matt1Chan is giving it his all, but @joethomas73 won't be giving up that easily! #TitanGames https://t.co/LJrY1LHgdD

Chantae McMillan, on the other hand, made quick work of boxing star Claressa Shields.

McMillan competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics and placed 27th in the women's heptathlon. Shields made the trip to London as well and earned gold in the women's middleweight division. She returned for the 2016 Summer Olympics and successfully defended her title.

Whereas Shields has the obvious edge in Olympic results, her dominance didn't extend to the Titan Games.

Being a heptathlete came in handy for McMillan as she flew past every obstacle in front of her.

The Titan Games @nbctitangames

.@chan_taemac only has one goal in mind - to claim her spot on Mt. Olympus! #TitanGames https://t.co/drRBRN6aC1

Shields was gracious in defeat:

ClaressaT-rexShields @Claressashields

Man Mount Olympus was way different than boxing 🥊! Congrats to Chantae McMillan! #TitanGames @nbctitangames

Dwayne Johnson @TheRock

Huge respect for you both, Champ!! Much different than boxing, but it’s the competition that’s the fuel. You’re the 🐐 🥊 #TITANGAMES https://t.co/ICQGrYwLiy

McMillan didn't wait long before she was challenged in her new role as a Titan.

Jaime Seeman earned a spot on Mount Olympus after taking out Jess Weatherby in dominant fashion. Seeman perhaps expended too much energy, though, as she struggled mightily on the Iron Ascent.

That allowed McMillan to open a sizable lead and coast to victory:

The Titan Games @nbctitangames

That Olympian mentality is burning bright in @chan_taemac's eyes! 🔥 #TitanGames https://t.co/lAQ0zNcM7Q

Thomas closed out the show against Steven Shelby, a deputy sheriff from Delaware, Ohio, who models his look in The Rock's likeness. Unfortunately, Shelby couldn't lay the smack down on Thomas.

The two were running neck and neck for the most part heading into the final major obstacle, which entailed pulling a 300-pound ball and chain to a slab of concrete that housed the Titan Relic.

Pushing around NFL defensive linemen for 11 seasons was the perfect training, as Thomas held a clear advantage on Shelby, who ran out of steam near the finish line.

The Titan Games @nbctitangames

Tonight @joethomas73 said: https://t.co/uJ5rvTWJCw

When The Titan Games return to the central region, Thomas and McMillan will be an imposing set of foes waiting at Mount Olympus.