Overwatch League 2020 Week 16: Shanghai Dragons Top Plays, May Melee Prize Money

Theo SalaunContributor IIIMay 25, 2020

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

There have only been eight best-of-seven reverse sweeps in professional sports history. Four in the NHL and one apiece in the MLB, Finnish Elite League, Kontinental Hockey League and Philippine Basketball Association.

If you're willing to count esports, there have now been nine, as the Shanghai Dragons pulled off the seemingly impossible task after going down 0-3 to the Seoul Dynasty in the Grand Finals of the Overwatch League's May Melee Asian bracket.

Shanghai Dragons @ShanghaiDragons

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The OWL decided to replace its traditional Week 16 schedule and put tens of thousands of dollars on the line in a spicy, single-elimination, regionally split tournament that allowed higher seeds to choose their opponents from the lower-seeded qualifiers.

With hero bans removed, the tournaments resulted in a diverse meta, huge upsets and riveting gameplay. While the league found out how captivating a midseason tournament format could be, the underdog Florida Mayhem found themselves on the precipice of a Cinderella story and the Dragons, clutch as can be, found themselves $65,000 richer.


May Melee Regional Tournament

North American Knockout Stage

Friday, May 22

Vancouver Titans 2-3 Toronto Defiant

Houston Outlaws 1-3 Dallas Fuel

Washington Justice 0-3 Los Angeles Gladiators

Toronto Defiant 0-3 Atlanta Reign

Boston Uprising 2-3 Paris Eternal


Saturday, May 23

Dallas Fuel 1-3 San Francisco Shock

Atlanta Reign 1-3 Florida Mayhem

Los Angeles Gladiators 1-3 Philadelphia Fusion

Paris Eternal 2-3 Los Angeles Valiant


North American Finals Bracket

Sunday, May 24

Los Angeles Valiant 0-3 San Francisco Shock

Philadelphia Fusion 1-3 Florida Mayhem

Florida Mayhem 2-4 San Francisco Shock


Asian Quarterfinals

Saturday, May 23

Seoul Dynasty 3-0 Hangzhou Spark

Chengdu Hunters 2-3 New York Excelsior

London Spitfire 2-3 Shanghai Dragons


Asian Finals Bracket

Sunday, May 24

Seoul Dynasty 3-2 Guangzhou Charge

New York Excelsior 0-3 Shanghai Dragons

Seoul Dynasty 3-4 Shanghai Dragons

Full schedule and standings available here.


While a deep Shanghai team trotted out numerous lineups, its best six were certainly Fearless, Void, Fleta, LIP, Izayaki and LeeJaeGon. All had tremendous moments, but Fleta started off the weekend with a powerful performance as Echo against the Spitfire, and that form never dropped.

Overwatch League @overwatchleague

The @ow_fleta and @LeeJaeGon_OW tag team quickly cracks open Volskaya! #ShanghaiDragons #OWL2020 📺 https://t.co/tbTGBrUfiE https://t.co/PgESS2aTbr

Faced with a top-tier New York team in the semifinals, Fleta's dominance on Echo continued—embodied in his casual duplication of New York's McCree directly into a 180-degree shutdown of the Excelsior's Reaper.

Overwatch League @overwatchleague

Does that count as a 180 noscope if revolvers don't have scopes? 🤔 @ow_fleta #ShanghaiDragons #OWL2020 🔭 https://t.co/tbTGBrUfiE https://t.co/7o6NpQQmCG

Finally, Fleta and the Dragons made it to the finals for a matchup with Seoul, the team that gave Fleta his chance in the OWL—before sending him off at the start of 2020 in a move that many believed was an indication of the former star now being "washed."

But as the popular saying goes, Fleta is meta, and the iconic carry proved that he still gets dirty with a filthy performance against the Dynasty. Fittingly, he shifted momentum entirely in Shanghai's favor by swapping to his trademark Widowmaker and landing four consecutive headshots to seal a third straight map win and the chance at a Map 7.

Overwatch League @overwatchleague

.@ow_fleta's Widowmaker cracks open the door to a potential full reversal! #ShanghaiDragons #OWL2020 🐲 https://t.co/tbTGBrUfiE https://t.co/tPaCoOYxTy

The Dragons won $40,000 for the finals victory and another $5,000 for each tournament victory. Now they leave Week 16 with less to prove but more to gain as the brunt of the OWL's $5 million prize purse is still up for grabs.