Blake Snell Dominates En Route to 4-0 Performance in MLB The Show Players League

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2020

This is a 2020 photo of Blake Snell of the Tampa Rays baseball team. This image reflects the 2020 active roster as of Feb. 17, 2020 when this image was taken. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
John Bazemore/Associated Press

It appears as if Joey Gallo will have some serious competition in the race for the MLB The Show Players League title.

While the Texas Rangers outfielder was the only one to go 4-0 through the first three days of action, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell impressed Monday by going 4-0 after he was just 2-2 in his first session.

His effort highlighted the busiest slate of games to date in the league with 13 players in action and 11 players—all but Snell and Minnesota Twins pitcher Trevor May—making their debut.

Here is a look at the full Monday results for the competition that is raising $175,000 for Boys & Girls Clubs across the country.


Blake Snell, Tampa Bay Rays (4-0 Monday, 6-2 overall)

at Happ (CHC), 18-1 win

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vs. Kahnle (NYY), 5-1 win

vs. Smith Jr. (BAL), 5-4 win

at Phillips (KC), 13-4 win


Trevor May, Minnesota Twins (3-0 Monday, 4-3 overall)

vs. Hader (MIL), 1-0 win

at Dahl (COL), 1-0 win

vs. Lux (LAD), 3-1 win


Gavin Lux, Los Angeles Dodgers (3-1)

vs. Soto (WSH), 2-1 win

at Hader (MIL), 3-1 win

at May (MIN), 3-1 loss

vs. Dahl (COL), 1-0 win


Josh Hader, Milwaukee Brewers (0-3)

at May (MIN), 1-0 loss

vs. Lux (LAD), 3-1 loss

at Soto (WSH), 2-0 loss


David Dahl, Colorado Rockies (1-2)

vs. May (MIN), 1-0 loss

vs. Soto (WSH), 3-2 win

at Lux (LAD), 1-0 loss


Juan Soto, Washington Nationals (1-2)

at Lux (LAD), 2-1 loss

at Dahl (COL), 3-2 loss

vs. Hader (MIL), 2-0 win


Ian Happ, Chicago Cubs (3-1)

vs. Snell (TB), 18-1 loss

at Tucker (PIT), 3-2 win

vs. Carpenter (STL), 2-0 win

at Kahnle (NYY), 4-1 win


Tommy Kahnle, New York Yankees (0-4)

vs. Smith Jr. (BAL), 6-5 loss

at Snell (TB), 5-1 loss

at Phillips (KC), 2-1 loss

vs. Happ (CHC), 4-1 loss


Cole Tucker, Pittsburgh Pirates (1-3)

at Carpenter (STL), 2-1 loss

vs. Happ (CHC), 3-2 loss

vs. Pence (SF), 2-0 win

at Smith Jr. (BAL), 1-0 loss


Dwight Smith Jr., Baltimore Orioles (3-1)

at Kahnle (NYY), 6-5 win

vs. Pence (SF), 2-0 win

at Snell (TB), 5-4 loss

vs. Tucker (PIT), 1-0 win


Matt Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals (2-2)

vs. Tucker (PIT), 2-1 win

vs. Phillips (KC), 6-2 loss

at Happ (CHC), 2-0 loss

at Pence (SF), 2-1 win


Brett Phillips, Kansas City Royals (2-2)

at Pence (SF), 3-2 loss

at Carpenter (STL), 6-2 win

vs. Kahnle (NYY), 2-1 win

vs. Snell (TB), 13-4 loss


Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giants (1-3)

vs. Phillips (KC), 3-2 win

at Smith Jr. (BAL), 2-0 loss

at Tucker (PIT), 2-0 loss

vs. Carpenter (STL), 2-1 loss


While Major League Baseball players are accustomed to having plenty of time to turn around a slow start during a 162-game season, each individual contest takes on far more weight in this competition.

Each player has just 29 three-inning games—one against every other team—to establish their position in the standings before the eight-team postseason begins.

An emphasis on quick starts is welcome news for Snell after his dominant effort Monday.

He beat Ian Happ of the Chicago Cubs, Tommy Kahnle of the New York Yankees, Dwight Smith Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles and Brett Phillips of the Kansas City Royals by a combined score of 41-10.

The victory over Happ, who went 3-0 in his other games, was perhaps the most impressive, as he unleashed for 18 runs against an opponent who looked more than just formidable when he was facing the rest of the competition.

Snell's day was not without drama, as Smith took him to extra innings before the Rays pitcher won with a walk-off homer off the bat of virtual Mike Zunino.

Experience clearly helped, as May went 3-0 in Monday's games after a lackluster 1-3 start in his first set of games. His victories were much closer than Snell's by a combined score of 5-1, but it was an encouraging turnaround after he stumbled out of the gates.

That Snell and May were both notably better during their second slate of games than their first is also a positive sign for those players who struggled in Monday's action.