John Daly Hits Golf Ball off Beer Can, Proceeds to Chug Beer

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistApril 12, 2017
Myrtle Beach Golf @MyrtleBeachGolf

WATCH @PGA_JohnDaly smash a ball off a beer can and then chug it. All while barefoot. #MAM2017 #myrtlebeachgolf #bossstatus https://t.co/QIIik19C1S

John Daly is a one of a kind.

That much was clear when he recently showed off his talents to fans at a fundraiser in Myrtle Beach. While many use cans to drink beverages, the 50-year-old golfer uses them as tees.

And yes, also as a way to enjoy a drink.

A barefoot Daly hit a golf ball off a beer can...and then proceeded to chug the beer. The man knows how to please a crowd.

[Twitter, h/t Golf.com]

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