NFL Players Are Jealous of Huge (Guaranteed) Contracts NBA Players Are Getting

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2015

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 17:  Duke Ihenacho #33 of the Denver Broncos prepares for their game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on November 17, 2013 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
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The first day of NBA free agency saw about $1.4 billion in contracts handed out to players. While NFL players are happy to see fellow professional athletes get paid, some football players are wondering when their league will start distributing those types of contracts.

Sure, quarterbacks get paid a handsome amount of money. However, outside of veteran quarterbacks, money in professional football may not be what it is in other sports.

The NFL is the most popular sport in the United States, but it's also arguably the most dangerous. Contracts in the NFL aren't guaranteed like they are in MLB and the NBA, but football players would like them to be because of the risk of injury.

Seeing this year's NBA free-agent class getting paid has caught the attention of many football players.

Washington Redskins safety Duke Ihenacho used the NBA's spending spree as a chance to vent his frustration with his league's contracts:

Duke @NachoLyfe

All this guaranteed money NBA throwing. Meanwhile the NFL, which generates the most money wont even make the league minimum $1M

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Duke @NachoLyfe

Yes $1M minimum. That means every single player's salary in the NFL should start there. Highest risk of injury..brain trauma, richest league

Duke @NachoLyfe

No security in football. Obviously unless you hit the lick.

Duke @NachoLyfe

The whole "there are too many players in the NFL to pay that much" argument doesn't hold up

Duke @NachoLyfe

The league is more than capable.

Duke @NachoLyfe

We players don't even speak our opinion on this because we don't wanna be fined or punished or whatever. But most of us feel this way.

Duke @NachoLyfe

"If you don't like it, find a new job".......I hate when people say that. Quit, instead of fighting for change...that solves nothing.

Ihenacho was hardly the only NFL player to comment on the money NBA teams are handing out.

Brian Orakpo @rak98

These NBA contracts are crazy!!! Happy for the the players in that League #NBAFreeAgency

Tony Carter @tonycarter904

Dear NBA is it too late for me to live out my hoop dreams ?!!! Eww Lord these boys getting paid

Dominique Jones @DominiqueJones5

Man everyday getting paid today it's like Christmas in July can I go back and hoop again please?!?!?!?

T.J. Ward @BossWard43

Boy these NBA contracts! 💰👀

[Twitter, h/t Denver Post]

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