Warriors Players Celebrate NBA Title with 15-Liter, $12K Bottle of Champagne

Katie Richcreek@BookstoreKatieFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2015


For a few Golden State Warriors, the party didn't stop in Cleveland.

It continued upon their return to the Bay Area and featured a massive (and massively expensive) bottle of champagne.

Draymond Green, David Lee and Festus Ezeli brought the party to Infusion Lounge in San Francisco, where they were greeted with a 15-liter "Nebuchadnezzar" bottle of Luc Belaire champagne.

Yep, 15 liters.

That's 50 pounds of straight bubbly, which is "often listed on nightclub menus for upward of $10,000-$12,000," according to a Luc Belaire spokesperson, via Yahoo Sports' Dan Devine.

Diamond Leung @diamond83

Strength in Numbers (courtesy AndrewDH Photos) http://t.co/yrNfwKd8Ke

Diamond Leung @diamond83

David Lee, NBA Champion (courtesy Andrew DH Photos) http://t.co/CrRyW0SMOq

Diamond Leung @diamond83

Draymond Green taking a gulp (courtesy AndrewDH Photos) http://t.co/mjsM6UnEiF

Popping (giant) bottles is a pretty common staple of festivities when teams win championships.

As Devine pointed out, the Warriors' giant bottle was the same size as the one Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks celebrated with after defeating the Miami Heat to win the championship in 2011.

Then, of course, the Heat had their own in 2012, as did Golden Tate after the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014.

[h/t Yahoo Sports]