Why Hornswoggle Disgraced the WWE Cruiserweight Title: No Prestige?

Daniel DeRoccoContributor IAugust 21, 2009

Ever since the Cruiserweight title was retired, the cruiserweight division has been in scrambles. No title right, by giving it to that little bitch Hornswoggle, Michael Hayes and Johnny Ace hate that type of wrestling.

Just completely destroyed the prestige that belt held among the likes of Dean Malenko, Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and my favorite, Jamie Noble. So giving it to Hornswoggle really is a smart decision?

Let me tell you that by doing that Cruiserweights were just used to be in stupid comedic segments. For example, recently they have Chavo Guerrero, the Mexican warrior, job to Hornswoggle like 10 times and that is supposed to be entertainment.

No I don't think so that basically means that the third-generation talent and nephew of Eddie Guerrero is just flushed down the toilet to have a midget win for no reason.

Getting back to the reality, the cruiserweight title was the only thing the cruiserweights had for their own division. Unlike Rey Mysterio, who became the world champion because of his high flying ability.

Jamie Noble at best could be ECW champion and for midcard US or IC title. I would hope they push Noble if possible. I like the idea of them pushing Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd.

Hornswoggle won the title two years ago at the Great American Bash in 2007. He was never put in the open challenge but somehow wins by pinning Jamie Noble. Then one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE gets put into a ridiculous feud with the little troll.

First off jobbing to Hornswoggle by count-out then being trapped in a leprechaun trap and just complete an utter ugly ending the next week the title is vacated six months go by and the title is retired.

The reason why is because so the WWE Divas can have their own title to fight over with two women's titles now. If they brought back the cruiserweight title, which would be awesome.

Vince McMahon should think long and hard here; if you bring back the title, bring it to ECW, where all the cruiserweights could get some time to wrestle again. Hornswoggle isn't really a wrestler; he is just a clinging piece of trash that needs to be taken out.

All of the cruiserweights deserve a chance to prove themselves. Hornswoggle gets used more just for little kids wanted to see the leprechaun come out and play.

Hornswoggle is only used for the funny parts but it's not even that is just a waste of time. So Vince, I wonder why people stop watching the WWE after all that crap.

My prediction is that Hornswoggle will eventually be released and then finally we will have the prestigious comeback to the WWE Cruiserweight division. With him gone, the lost prestige can be planted to the legacy of the belt. Just imagine if it did. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Hornswoggle, you're the reason why the belt is gone, disgraced and given a bad reputation.

After feuding with Noble, the belt just went bye-bye and Noble had to job to you the rest of way there. The belt quietly retires; Chavo is made into a joke by you, while Brian Kendrick jobs to it as well.

People, I highly recommend you comment and rate this article and vote too! Tell me then, is Hornswoggle really worth watching just embarrassing other wrestlers?

Jamie Noble and Chavo Guerrero: I hope they use them in the right way! Especially Noble he has all the talent in the world. I just hope they don't make a joke out of Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd. Noble needs to be US champ.

Remember Lie, Cheat, Steal! LOL. As Eddie Guerrero says, Viva La Raza! RIP Eddie!


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