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Dan Severn is a UFC hall of famer and a living legend. MMA owes its today popularity to the guys like him. Former UFC champion is one of the stars from the first generation of Mixed Martial Arts. An educated gentleman outside of the octagon was a “Beast” inside the battlefield. Dan is a demanded instructor who travels all around the world and does seminars. Here is my exclusive interview with the “Beast”:

Alireza Fadaie: Dan! Tell us about your early martial arts background?

Dan Severn: I was a two time state wrestling champion in HS and a college all American
and was inducted into the AZ state universities hall of fame. I competed
internationally in freestyle and Greco roman wrestling. I was a two time
Olympic alternate. I then go into the sport of pro wrestling and then onto
the ultimate fighting championships.
I was the first wrestler to compete in the octagon and the rest is history.

Alireza Fadaie: What titles have you won and what achievements do
 you have?

Dan Severn:I have won numerous titles for small fight promotions. Most recognized would
be super fight champion, tournament champion, and ultimate ultimate champion
for the UFC. I also held NWA belt for four years.

Alireza Fadaie: When, why and how did you start training martial arts and how
 and why did you join the UFC?

Dan Severn: I started judo incollege and once I got into the UFC, I started different types of training.
Sambo, combat jiu-jitsu, and etc.

Alireza Fadaie: Many people still think the competitions like UFC, raise
 the violence and eliminates the sportsmanship from
 martial arts, what is your opinion?

Dan Severn: I don't believe that at all. I have been involved in the sport for as long
as anybody here in the states. We run a fight company and we spend alot of
the time educating fans, commissions and politicians.

  Alireza Fadaie: People always think about the champions as
 "lucky", they see the pictures and interviews in the
 magazines and think ((this guy is very lucky, he has
 fame, money, popularity and...)) but they are not aware
 of what it takes to reach this point, can you explain
 about it yourself?

Dan Severn: I have trained in the sport of wrestling for 29 yrs. It took a lot of
dedication and sacrifice for many years.
I also obtained my degree and work very hard to pay the bills. I thank God
for my talents but, it took many years to achieve some of my goals. I work
hard on a daily basis trying to maintain a certain fitness level, run two
businesses, and teach classes in the fight game and pro wrestling.

  Alireza Fadaie: Can I ask you to talk about the ruthless professional
 world and "behind the scenes" for the men who want to
 come to this world?

Dan Severn: It is not what you see on TV. I really would not feel right talking about
it. It is not very pretty.

Alireza Fadaie: How do you spare your time and what do you do for living now?

Dan Severn: We run a 10,000 sq. ft. training facility. Teaching mixed martial arts,
amateur wrestling, kickboxing, and professional wrestling. I run a fight promotion called The Danger Zone. It is a mixed martial
arts fight company and we also run a small indy pro wrestling promotion
Universal Wrestling Alliance.
I also do seminars, appearances, and speaking engagements.

Alireza Fadaie: Todays world of martial arts is very competitive, who
 will survive in this world?

Dan Severn: The people who are honest and treat the fighters, sponsors and fans with

Alireza Fadaie is a Vancouver-based FightTicker.com blogger who has competed successfully as an amateur competitor in Full Contact Kickboxing, Continuous Sparring and Japanese Forms in North America and Europe with team Canada. His years of dedication to martial arts as an instructor, judge, referee, promoter and writer have brought him the 2008 World Karate Union Hall of Fame award for "Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts." Alireza teaches Kickboxing on a part-time basis and continues competing and training in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. To learn more about him, visit his website at www.warriorsclub.net


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