Meet David Beaty: Kevin Sumlin's Ace Recruiter Locking Up Lone Star State Talent

Sanjay Kirpalani@@SanjayKirpalaniNational Recruiting AnalystSeptember 2, 2014

Credit: 247Sports

David Beaty doesn’t have a key to the city of Dallas.

However, to fans and rivals of Texas A&M—where Beaty currently serves as wide receivers coach—it certainly seems that way.

As a former head coach on the prep level in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, Beaty’s ties in the area have helped him reel in multiple blue-chip athletes to College Station over the last three seasons.

Those connections are part of the reason he’s currently atop the 247Sports Recruiter Rankings for the 2015 cycle.

Adding Beaty to his staff paid immediate dividends for Kevin Sumlin, as he helped the Aggies land stud recruits and Dallas-metro products such as defensive tackle Justin Manning and defensive end Myles Garrett in the last two classes.

This year, five of the six Aggies commitments for whom Beaty has been the primary or secondary recruiter of record are from Dallas-area schools.

Joey McGuire, who is the head coach at DFW juggernaut Cedar Hill High School, has two players—4-star receiver Demarkus Lodge and 3-star linebacker Richard Moore—who are a part of the Aggies' current class.

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McGuire said that Beaty is easy to work with because of his attention to detail.

“He’s extremely organized,” McGuire said. Whenever he comes into a building, he knows what he’s looking for. He knows who he wants to see, film-wise.” 

McGuire has known Beaty dating back to his days coaching in the prep ranks. It’s that experience, McGuire said, that has allowed him to transition into Sumlin’s ace recruiter.

“I think that’s one thing that makes him an effective recruiter,” McGuire said. “He’s been a coach on this level, so he relates to the kids on this level very well.”

Beaty was the primary recruiter of record on both Lodge and Moore, as well as 5-star quarterback Kyler Murray, 4-star defensive end James Lockhart and 4-star offensive tackle Trevor Elbert.

Claude Mathis, who is the head coach of another Dallas-area power, DeSoto High School, notes that the Aggies have enjoyed a strong history with his school pulling in the likes of Von Miller, Cyrus Gray and Tony-Jerod Eddie.

However, he praises Beaty’s willingness to trust the high school coaches in the area and factor their opinions into his evaluations. As Mathis points out, it doesn’t hurt that Sumlin and his staff have shown a willingness to play freshmen.

“I think the thing that is happening, why A&M is getting so many players from this area, they are letting the kids play,” Mathis said. “They are giving them a chance to play early and have success early.”

Beaty’s success in Dallas is a big part of why Texas A&M has risen to prominence at home and nationally.

Top-100 Prospects David Beaty Has Recruited to Texas A&M
ClassPlayerStar RankingRecruiter of Record
2013Ricky Seals-Jones5-starSecondary
2013Justin Manning4-starPrimary
2014Myles Garrett5-starSecondary
2014Speedy Noil5-starSecondary
2014Nick Harvey4-starPrimary
2014Frank Iheanacho4-starSecondary
2015Kyler Murray5-starPrimary
2015Demarkus Lodge4-starPrimary
2016Gregory Little5-starPrimary
Data courtesy of 247Sports, B/R research

The Aggies currently have the No. 2 class in the country. Also, Beaty has already landed a pledge from Allen 5-star offensive lineman Gregory Little—the No. 1 overall prospect in the 2016 class. 

“A bonus with him is that most of the coaches in the metroplex know him," McGuire said of Beaty. "They know what kind of reputation he has, and that kind of bleeds over with the kids whenever they see him interact with their coaches. I think that kind of gives him a leg up on some of the other coaches.” 

While his familiarity with the territory, both geographically and as a former prep coach, helps his recruiting efforts, Beaty has built his reputation as a straight shooter and an effective communicator.

“He’s just a genuine guy,” McGuire said. “I think he’s a guy that when he says something, he means what he says and he sticks by it. I think the parents see that, and I think the kids see that. He’s one of these guys that has an infectious passion for the game and for what he’s doing. People really seem to gravitate toward him.”

Sanjay Kirpalani is a National Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes obtained firsthand and all recruiting information courtesy of 247Sports.