Forget Los Angeles and Boston, Orlando Has Made The Biggest Moves

Brandon Ribak@reebokforthreeSenior Writer IJuly 13, 2009

Nothing is better for the average NBA fan than a few trade offers, signings, and successful transactions (except for the start of an NBA season, ofcourse).

Throughout the offseason, the Raptors managed to rake in Turkish Hedo Turkoglu, the Cavaliers traded for the Legend Shaquille O'Neal, the Spurs dealt away a few veterans for Richard Jefferson in return...

The Los Angeles Lakers signed Ron Artest and the Boston Celtics offered Rasheed Wallace a MLE contract, in which he undoubtedly accepted, but the one organization that has already generated three different trade/signings/exceptions that have ultimately made the biggest impact amongst every team in the league during this offseason has been no other than the Orlando Magic.

Take it easy Lakers fans/Celtics fans/Cavaliers fans/whoever else thinks there team is good enough to win a title.

Let's get down to business.

The trade that sent C-Lee away

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When I first looked at ESPN.com and saw on the top headline, "Vince Carter to Orlando" I literally jumped out of my squeaky computer chair. I called up my friend who loves the Magic more than I do, and we both agreed that this trade was clearly in our favor.

Later that day I lurked around B/R, only to see that people were making more of a big deal about rookie Courtney Lee departing from Orlando, rather than VC actually becoming an Orlando Magic player.

I laughed, posted a few comments with my opinion, and thought none of it.

I mean come on, yes C-Lee had an incredible rookie campaign with Orlando, he played stellar in the playoffs and at the end of the day, you know the Magic will miss him on their court. But the truth of the matter is that the NBA is a business, and GM Otis Smith did it because he wants his organization to win a ring, and the time to win one is now.

If those who believed getting rid of C-Lee was a bigger loss than actually obtaining the players that Orlando did, you are dead wrong.

Yes, the team got a player nearing the end of his prime in Vince Carter, but the dude still is a superstar and he still has got game.

But to be honest, he is not the guy I am talking about.

In order for the Nets/Magic trade to go through, Orlando insisted on rookie power-forward Ryan Anderson to be included in the deal.

For those of you who do not know much about Anderson, he averaged 21.4 PPG (second best), 9.4 RPG (a league best) and knocked down 12 three-pointers (second best) during the Orlando Summer League.

Standing 6'10", Anderson is an exceptional rebounder with a nose for the ball, as well as an outstanding three-point shooter, capable of knocking down jumper after jumper from point-blank range.

The $8 million trade exception

Recently a four team transaction was accepted in which the Magic literally gave up nothing, for an $8-9 million trade exception in return.

Instead of Toronto signing Turkoglu straight up, the Magic initiated a sign-and-trade in which both organizations benefited greatly. Toronto kept their MLE and Orlando received their trade exception.

What does that exactly mean?

Well now during the regular season and when the trade deadline approaches, (in which many teams will begin to dump players that will be leaving after the season ends regardless of the matter) the Magic have the opportunity to pair up their MLE with their trade exception and offer a big named player a contract anywhere from $8-$13 million.

Just think about that, some players cannot even get their $10 million signing this offseason, imagine how many players will be running for that $13 million contract with Orlando come trade deadline time.

With great potential emerges the "Bass-man"

Brandon Bass has been on the Magic's radar all offseason long. Once Rasheed Wallace was signed by the Boston Celtics, many Magic fans knew that it would not be long until Bass would be in an Orlando uniform.

With the powerful 6'8" rebounding machine on Dwight Howard's side, the Magic obtain a true power-forward that can be placed into the starting five, allowing Rashard Lewis to go back to his true position at the three spot.

Bass is another exceptional shooter who can knock down the open jumper from anywhere along the perimeter, and at the young age of 24 (already being in the league for four seasons), he still has all the time in the world to emerge as a top tier power-forward in the NBA.

Still think YOUR team has had a better offseason so far, I think not!


Orlando is not done just yet! Expect them to re-sign Gortat and possibly sign a player of Matt Barnes caliber.

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