Packers Linebacker AJ Hawk Tackles Fan at Celebrity Golf Tournament

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 18, 2014


Happy Gilmore would've smiled on A.J. Hawk this week.

The Green Bay Packers linebacker was in a rather giving mood Thursday, obliging a fan at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship tournament in a hit-stick moment.

The official American Century Instagram account (h/t PackersNews.com) captured video of Hawk granting the man's wish of being forcefully slammed to the earth by a professional person-tackler.

This is the new selfie.

Extending your arm and taking awkward pictures with athletes doesn't hold a candle to having them exercise their art upon you.

This man, instead of owning a goofy picture with a celebrity, now gets to go to the doctor and explain how a pro athlete separated his shoulder. Pain is his proof of purchase.

The best part of Hawk's tackle is that it's the second time he's jacked someone up at a charity golf event. Hawk threw a man into a pond at the Inspiring Minds Celebrity Golf Outing in 2012.

NFL.com's Ian Rapoport spoke to Hawk about the 2012 tackle. Hawk said the hit was part of the tournament's silent auction, and his only regret was not wrapping up:

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It was a charity golf event up in Youngstown and at the end, they have a dinner and auction and stuff. The guy that was running the auction, I knew him, and he wanted to raise some more money. So that was his auction item [the touch football game]. He paid good money to have [it]. ... Troy Smith threw the ball to him. Then I tackled him into the water. The dude paid — the guy's name is Bill — he paid good money to have that happen. ... The only thing I regret is...I wish I would've wrapped him up and tackled him into the water. That would've been awesome.

It would've been awesome. Hawk also would've slammed him into water about two feet deep and pulped the man's clavicle into mill grist.

This recent hit was a sturdier one than the lake push, and Packers execs are going to hate it.

That said, do your thing, A.J. It is, after all, for a good cause.

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