Graphic Designer Uses 'The Simpsons' to Redesign NHL Logos

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJune 4, 2014

via @ak47_studios

Turning The Simpsons into professional sports logos isn't an easy task, but one graphic designer has managed to pull off the feat.

The designer used many different characters to put an interesting twist on NHL logos. The redesigns were tastefully done, as he kept them fairly simple.

Not every team received a makeover, but below are the logos that have a new look.

Boston Bruins + Homer

Chicago Blackhawks + Ralph

Dallas Stars + Disco Stu

Detroit Red Wings + Snake

Edmonton Oilers + Moe

Los Angeles Kings + Fat Tony

New York Rangers + Lisa

Pittsburgh Penguins + Bart

Philadelphia Flyers + Kearney, Jimbo, Dolph (The Bullies)

Phoenix Coyotes + Santa's Little Helper

San Jose Sharks + Abe (Grandpa)

St. Louis Blues + Marge

Toronto Maple Leafs + Groundskeeper Willie

[Instagram, h/t Next Impulse Sports]