MMA Fighter Cathal Pendred Saved a Beached Baby Dolphin

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistApril 28, 2014

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Even on his days off, The Ultimate Fighter 19 competitor Cathal Pendred finds a way to stay busy.

While taking a walk on the beach on Sunday morning, the Irish mixed martial artist noticed a crowd of concerned people. 

Pendred described the situation to Fox Sports' Damon Martin:

We saw a big crowd of people down by the water and we walked down to see what was happening. We were told by the other people looking on that there was a baby dolphin that was quite injured and kept getting pushed back to shore by the waves. There was a man in the water trying to help the dolphin and I went in to help. The man told me he had been there for a wile trying to push him back out but the dolphin kept getting washed back in. The man said he was now exhausted so I told him I would take over trying to help.

Pendred then sprung into action. Up against ocean currents and rocky terrain, the fighter did his best to get the beached dolphin back into the water.

He shared additional details about his adventure, via Martin:

I continued trying to push the dolphin out past the waves but he continued to get washed back in. He was bleeding and had a lot of cuts so I think it was due to these injuries that he wasn't strong enough to swim past the break.

At one point the current dragged him into a very rocky, shallow area of the beach and the dolphin became stuck. I couldn't push him as his underside was scratching off the rocks and cutting him. So that's when I picked up the dolphin and brought him to a deeper, less rocky area. I eventually was able to push him out past the waves and into the deeper part of the water. I stayed around for a while to make sure he wasn't brought back in. And when I realized he wasn't going to getting washed back, I headed for the hotel because I was wet and freezing.

It was a struggle, but Pendred was able to get the job done in about an hour. 

Whether or not he goes on to win this season of TUF, Pendred undoubtedly gained some fans with this selfless act. 

[Cathal Pendred on Twitter]


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